E-FLUX VIDEO RENTAL | Video screenings on ground floor at +MSUM | 2011
26 November 2011 — 14 February 2012

EVR (e-flux video rental) is a project by artists Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda. It is conceived as a video archive, a projection space, and a free video rental. The video archive is comprised of VHS cassettes - a recently obsolescent format. Through the choice of this technology to present and store works EVR broaches topical questions of the musealization, presentation, circulation and marketing of video art. The project was conceived in 2004 and first presented at 53, Ludlow Street in New York. In the years that followed, it was presented at various locations all over the world, with the inventory of videos continuously increasing with selections made by local curators, artists, and critics.


In 2010 the artists donated the entire video archive to Moderna galerija in Ljubljana. Currently, the project archive comprises over 950 videos. The list of all videos may be viewed in EVR (e-flux video rental) booklet, published by Moderna galerija on the occasion of the opening of Museum of Contmporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM in 2011. The project is presented in the ground-floor.







13.12.2011 ob 16:00


Ponovitev otvoritvene projekcije / opening screening


1. "Returning a sound", Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, selected by Hans Ulrich Obrist (5:36')

2. "Guarana Power", Superflex selected by e-flux staff (11')

3. "Los Rebeldes del Sur", Wilson Diaz (10') selected by Pablo Leon de la Barra

4. "An Artist Who Cannot Speak English is No Artist", Jakup Ferri, selected by Natasa Petresin (5')

5. "From my Window", by Jozef Robakowski (9' 20") selected by Adam Klimzac

6. "Casual Shopper", Judith Barry (6') selected by Gilbert Vicario

7. "Polaroid Cocaine", by Michel Auder (5') selected by e-flux staff

8. "La Pasion de Juana de Arco", by Jorge Macchi (10') selected by Gabriel Perez Barreiro

9. "Living a Beautiful Life", by Corinna Schnitt (13') selected by Christoph Keller

10. "I Verdi Giorni", by Diego Perrone (2'30") selected by Massimiliano Gioni


Ca 80 min



20.12.2011 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Anton Vidokle 
1. khiam_joana hadjithomas and khalil joreige



27.12.2011 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Anton Vidokle & Julieta Aranda
1. returning a sound_jennifer allora & guillermo calzadilla
2. guaraná power_superflex
3. los rebeldes del sur_wilson diaz
4. an artist who cannot speak english is no artist (mladen stillinovic)_jakup ferri
5. from my window_józef robakowski
6. casual shopper_judith barry
7. polaroid cocaine_michel auder
8. la pasion de juana de arco_jorge macchi
9. living a beautiful life_corinna schnitt
10. i verdi giorni_diego perrone




3.1.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection:Ariane Beyn
1. gala_laura stasiulyte
2. i'm with you in rockland_karl holmqvist



10.1.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Heejin Kim (2 discs)

disc 1
1. somewhere in prishtina_driton hajredini
2. do you know anything about polish art?_hubert czerepok
3. an artist who cannot speak english is no artist (mladen stillinovic)_jakup ferri
4. jakup, come back_jakup ferri
5. symbionese liberation army(sla)screed #16_sharon hayes
6. westwood los angeles_tova mozard

disc 2
7. occupation_clemens von wedemeyer
8. the landscape is changing_mircea cantor
9. a bunch of assholes_a.l. steiner
10. demonstration_dmitry gutov & radek group
11. trial and error-all you need is love_love nordberg
12. two against the russian mafia_viatcheslav (slava) mizin / alexander (sasha) shaburov



17.1.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Kim Sung Won

1. eclipsed_matias faldbakken
2. you don't love me yet_johanna billing
3. secret strike_alicia framis
4. stock exchange_sislej xhafa
5. hostage-the bachar tapes(17&31)_the atlas group/walid raad
6. a history of unmanned flight_melissa dubbin & aaron s. davidson




 24.1.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Natasa Petserin

1. three virgins_jakup ferri
2. don't tell anybody_jakup ferri
3. save me, help me_jakup ferri
4. selfinspired_jakup ferri
5. an artist who cannot speak english is no artist (mladen stillinovic)_jakup ferri
6. jakup, come back_jakup ferri



31.1.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Christine Tolme & Mai Abu Eldahab

1. hostage-the bachar tapes(17&31)_the atlas group/walid raad
2. miraculous beginnings-no, illness is neither here nor there_the atlas group
3. i only wish that I could weep_the atlas groupž



7.2.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: Adam Klimczak

1. from my window_józef robakowski
2. i was a boy in new york_józef robakowski
3. my videomasochisms_józef robakowski
4. mechanical cameraman_józef robakowski
5. mechanical cameraman and marta_józef robakowski



14.2.2012 ob 16:00

Izbor / Selection: November Paynter

1. minibar_can altay

2. papermen_can altay

3. autopark_osman bozkurt

4. clustered in_christian grou & tapio snellman

5. excerpts from tehran 1380_solmaz shahbazi & tirdad zolghadr


Esra Sarigedik

1. run_nasan tur

2. everything is ok_tintin wulia

3. morcegos-bats_camila rocha


Osman Boskurt

1. still life_ cynthia madansky

2. the psa project no.1-15_cynthia madansky

3. voice over_nevin aladag



EVR (e-flux video rental) is a work by Julieta Aranda & Anton Vidokle, New York 2004, donated to Moderna galerija by e-flux.

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