EXHIBITION | Momental–mente | Vivid Paintings

29. September – 27. November 2022
Momental–mente presents recent paintings of artists who work primarily in Slovenia, as selected by the curator Dr Andrej Medved.

EXHIBITION | Art at Work | At the Crossroads Between Utopianism and (In)Dependence

22 September 2022 – 29 January 2023
The Art at Work exhibition looks at three different segments of the genealogy of the concept of (artistic) work in the region of the former Yugoslavia: first, the way work was conceived by the avant-garde artists of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s; next, the transformations of the concept of artistic work and art spaces in the 1990s; and lastly, the labor-related political art practices since 2000.

Exhibition in the making | Art at work

20 September 2022

DRAUGHT | Ana Likar: Figure 1.1 (other forms of unrest)

9. June – 18. September 2022
Video installation (video length: 8 hours) In collaboration with Benjamin Nelson (Aviary, 2018, 6-channel sound installation)

EXHIBITION | Marko Batista: Vitreous Sky

05 May 2022 — 29 May 2022
Interactive sound installation

SLOVENIAN PAVILION | Painter Marko Jakše

24 April 2022 — 27 November 2022
Representing Slovenia at one of the most prestigious global exhibitions of contemporary art this year is the painter Marko Jakše.

EXHIBITION | The Otolith Group: Xenogenesis

17 March – 3 September 2022
The Otolith Group’s work weaves together many strands of imagination and speculation about the past and the future, including science fiction, postcolonial history, music, and scientific discovery.

EXHIBITION | Nika Autor in collaboration with Newsreel Front: If the Forests Could Talk, They Would Dry Up with Sadness

08 March — 20 June 2022
“Nika Autor shot three short documentaries around the razor-wire gates to create a shameful monument to the shameful times that will, at some point in the future, remind the embarrassed children of the barbarians to carefully remove the rusted razor-wire from the wounded wood and wounded flesh, to apologize profoundly, and to proceed with the reparations.” Jurij Meden, curator at the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna

Oleksandr Rojtburd (Alexander Roitburd)

The Battleship Potemkin's Psychedelic Invasion of Sergei Eisenstein's Tautological Hallucinosis, b/w video, 54’ 14’’, 1998

DRAUGHT | Matjaž Ivanišin: Unfinished Stories about Encounters

18 January 2022 — 17 April 2022
In Unfinished Stories about Encounters, Matjaž Ivanišin is exhibiting his films Karpopotnik (2013), Playing Men (2017), and Oroslan (2019) in the form of three video installations. The films are a blend of documentary and fiction, with the lines dividing the real and fictional blurred in a way characteristic of and specific to the filmmaker.
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