THE EIGHTIES through the Prism of Events, Exhibitions, and Discourses

14 October 2016 — 17 September 2017
Moderna galerija in Ljubljana is launching a trilogy of exhibitions focusing on the 1980s and their legacy.

EXHIBITION FROM THE COLLECTIONS | Low Budget Utopias – First Recycling

08 February 2017 — 04 June 2017
The exhibition Low-Budget Utopias presents works that come largely from the Moderna galerija’s Arteast 2000+ Collection. This is the eighth installation of the collection in which we develop the notion of the collection as a tool. In the present exhibition we explain the collection and the museum as tools that help to sustain a utopian consciousness.

EXHIBITION | From The Studio of ... ALEN OŽBOLT: Entartete Kunst

Opening: Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 5 p.m.
In 2017, the exhibition series From the Studio of… continues with a presentation of the current production of Alen Ožbolt, an artist who first made his mark in Slovenia in the 1980s as part of the art tandem V.S.S.D. (Veš slikar svoj dolg / Painter, Do You Know Your Duty?).

COMMENTARY #6 | Vesna Bukovec | Safety for Whom?

08 February 2017 — 09 April 2017
Overall, security is becoming the universal excuse given by the authorities for consolidating their power and increasing their repression, while human lives and destinies are once again being divided into more and less valuable ones.

Chto Delat? | The Excluded. In a Moment of Danger

Wednesday, 8 February 2017 - 12 March 2017
NEW AQUISITION FOR THE COLLECTION | The film The Excluded. In a Moment of Danger is based on a theater performance by members of the School of Engaged Art. Thematically the work is connected with the recent social situation in Russia—the failure of citizen-led initiatives, government repression, and the overall sense of depression that has overcome people.


20 January 2017 — 09 April 2017
Andraž Šalamun’s retrospective exhibition presents the artist’s oeuvre spanning five decades of uninterrupted work.
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