Moderna galerija
Cankarjeva 15, Ljubljana
OPEN: Tuesday — Sunday 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.
Muzej sodobne umetnosti Metelkova
Maistrova 3, Ljubljana
OPEN: Tuesday — Sunday 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE | What Art History? | In memoriam Piotr Piotrowski

08 December 2016 | 10:00
The international conference is organized by the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, in collaboration with the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory and ERSTE Foundation. It takes place at the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, one day before the Igor Zabel Award Ceremony.

DRAUGHT | Saša Spačal in Mirjan Švagelj | Symbiome – Economy of Symbiosis

01 December 2016 — 01 January 2017
Symbiome – the Economy of Symbiosis is a biological prototype of a complex system of social relations between different species that enter into symbiotic relationships under favorable conditions to reciprocally satisfy a need.

EXHIBITION | David Maljković | Again and Again

25 October 2016 — 11 December 2016
The Again and Again exhibition problematizes its own relation to the context and infrastructure by reusing and repurposing elements of previous exhibitions’ furniture and displays, thus probing institutional protocols and history.

EXHIBITION | New Spaces, New Images

14 October 2016 — 01 January 2017
New Spaces, New Images. The 1980s through the Prism of Events, Exhibitions, and Discourses – Part 1. The exhibition is based on a selection of events that shaped developments in Slovene art in the final decade of Yugoslavia.

EXHIBITION FROM THE COLLECTIONS | Low Budget Utopias – First Recycling

25 October 2016 — 22 January 2017
The exhibition Low-Budget Utopias presents works that come largely from the Moderna galerija’s Arteast 2000+ Collection. This is the eighth installation of the collection in which we develop the notion of the collection as a tool. In the present exhibition we explain the collection and the museum as tools that help to sustain a utopian consciousness.