Politicization of Friendship

Zoran Popović: Pretty Good Edinburgh and Surrounding Area, 1973 (film 8 mm, color, silent, 11'20)
Courtesy: Zoran Popović

1 July - 28 September 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3

Roberto Barandalla & Darío Schvarzstein, Jože Barši, The Beehive Design Collective, Ivan Cardoso, Juan Downey, La Escuela de Valparaíso, Galeria Chilena, Group Material, Group of Six Artists, Minna Henriksson, Roberto Jacoby, KURS (Miloš Miletić & Mirjana Radovanović), Madness in the Eighties: Anti-Psychiatry Movement in Slovenia, Manga Rosa, Roberto Mardones, Tina Modotti: Farewell to Photography, Andrei Monastirsky (Collective Actions), Museo de la Solidaridad / Museum of Solidarity, Santiago, Chile, The OHO Group, THE PLAY, Zoran Popović, The Real Estate Show, Benet Rossell, Škart, Josip Vaništa (Gorgona), Yugoslav Surrealists: Politics of the Impossible

Curator: Bojana Piškur
Co-curators: Isabel García Pérez de Arce, André Mesquita
Special projects curated by: Miklavž Komelj, Branka Stipančić

In the history of philosophy as well as theory of art there exists a variety of works based on the idea of friendship. The core of present interest in friendship goes beyond friendship as mere closeness, affinity, affection or some consensus of opinion. It implies a broader political dimension and consequently a certain tension and malaise.


Driton Hajredini, Somewhere in Prishtina, 2003 (E-Flux Video Rental)

EVR (e-flux video rental) is a project by artists Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda. It is conceived as a video archive, a projection space, and a free video rental. The video archive is comprised of VHS cassettes, a recently obsolescent format. Through the choice of this technology to present and store works EVR broaches topical questions of the musealization, presentation, circulation and marketing of video art.

Božidar Jakac and Photography

Božidar Jakac, New York from the 17th Floor of Hotel Manger, May 1931
owner of copyright Primož Pablo Miklavc Turnher.

12 June - 19 October 2014
Moderna galerija, Cankarjeva 15

Exhibition curator: Lara Štrumej, MA

This exhibition provides the first comprehensive overview of Božidar Jakac's photography ever. Renowned as a printmaker, the artist sought creative outlets in new media even as a student. Giving prominence to the newly discovered photographs of his from before World War II, the exhibition follows the chronology of the photographs the artist took at significant stages in his life: in Prague (1922-23), Novo mesto (around 1923), Paris (1925), Tunisia (1925), America (1929-1931), and while with the partisan forces (1943-1945).

Guided tours in English: Wednesdays 23 and 30 July at 7.30; admission free!

The Present and Presence

Yuri Albert, Letters to Brother Theo, 1992-1994, photo: Dejan Habicht, Matija Pavlovec (© Moderna galerija, Ljubljana)

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3, Ljubljana
A selection of works from the Arteast 2000+ Collection and the national collection of Moderna galerija

Gabrijel Stupica Under Close Scrutiny

Flora,1962 (detail), NLB Collection
photo: Dejan Habicht, Matija Pavlovec

17 April - 31 August 2014
Moderna galerija, Cankarjeva 15

The Technology of Making and Preserving Works of Art

This project is the result of collaboration between Moderna galerija's Restoration-Conservation Department, the Restoration Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana, the Restoration Center of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, and the National Gallery of Slovenia.


The 20th Century / Continuities and Ruptures exhibition breaks with traditional linearity by introducing the topics of the 20th century avant-gardes and of the art of the Partisan resistance, bringing them into the national history of art on an equal footing with more familiar trends and, as a consequence, casting new light on the latter.


Architecture - Art A series of lectures and discussions, May - June and autumn 2014

Architecture can hardly be defined as a purely artistic or a purely technical practice. The point of departure of our architecture ≠ art programme is the question of whether architecture is or is not art. By posing this question, we enter the very core of the problem of architectural creation - that is, we question the very definition of architecture. How should we think of architecture today? How (if at all) does architecture enter the field of art, and how (if at all) does art enter the field of architecture?


We are announcing: Marjetica Potrč & Rado Riha, autumn 2014

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