VN20 | Series of performances and installations
09 December 2023 — 21 November 2024

Foto: Marcandrea


With the project VN20 Via Negativa performs a gesture of re-inscribing memory in its own record of the past. The artists who have co-created the VN platform's past will install and archive themselves anew each month in this space of institutionalised memory. The cycle of performances and installations will end on 21 November 2024 with the launch of the online archive VN20 - a collection of Via Negativa documents from the period 2002-2021.

Via Negativa thus juxtaposes two strategies of memory. The first is the memory of the creators of the past - a subjective projection of the past that manipulates its own memory through strategies of repetition, recreation, reenactment, reflection, transcription, inscription, rewriting, forgetting, compiling, distancing, ironising, mythicising, or demystifying all that has been and all that has not been.

The second is the memory of archival documents - petrified traces of what once was alive, fragments of what the camera has or has not seen, what the photographer has or has not captured, what the critic has or has not written. The archive as a catalogue of the imprints of an event or an era is an arbitrary formalisation of the past that completely misses the point of what VN really is: a live performance gesture.

We, the makers of this past, claim today and in advance, still in sound mind and in spite of our broken bodies, that this has nothing to do with what really happened and what we really did. VN20 is not the truth, it is a construct, it is a montage, it is a fabrication, it is a photoshop, it is a fake.



Grega Zorc: All that you came for


Anita Wach: No No No, No No No


Marko Mandić: MandićBaptism


Kristina Aleksova: For all pigs in my heart


Barbara Kukovec: Now


Nataša Živković: Artikel


Katarina Stegnar: No One Should Have Seen This


Špela Trošt: The second view


Loup Abramovici: Everything we have dumped


Tomaž Grom: Fearsome ass


Olja Grubić: Hope


Bojan Jablanovec: Skeptomai - darkroom of artistic scepticism



VN20 curator Bojan Jablanovec

Space design Matej Stupica

Video mapping and synchronization Stella Ivšek

Sound design Eduardo Raon

Producers Špela Trošt (VN), Tomaž Kučer (MG+MSUM)

Coordinator Adela Železnik

Production Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; represented by Acting Director Martina Vovk

Coproduction Via Negativa


Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana