The education and mediation programmes at MG+MSUM are based on the belief that the experience of art and its context is not self-evident and that an art museum can be an important space for forming the view of the art and the society as well as for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge.


The purpose of education programmes is to broaden the narrative created by our exhibitions and the works from our collections. The programmes promote the development of critical thought in conjunction with modern and contemporary art, society and self-reflection of museum as an institution. 


Education programmes are designed so as to encourage discussion and participation. Preschool children become acquainted with visual arts as well as the institution involved in arts through physical activities and games. The programmes for school groups and young people already foster critical thinking and an active attitude towards art, and supplement compulsory school curricula. Intergenerational and family programmes that are also organised in the framework of the Minimalists' Club and [FOR]UM promote interaction among users and provide for a quality free time activity; in addition, a strong emphasis is placed on the work with vulnerable groups that frequently takes place outside the museum itself.