+MSUM | 2016



01 January 2016 — 20 January 2017
Exhibition programme announcement for 2016 at MG+MSUM, Museum of Modern Art plus Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova.

EXHIBITION | Srečo Dragan: Space is Out of Joint

22 December 2016 — 05 March 2017
The exhibition covers the fifty-year long history of Dragan’s artistic production in the new media as it evolved in the Slovene cultural space: original, archival, and television works.

DRAUGHT | Saša Spačal and Mirjan Švagelj | Symbiome – Economy of Symbiosis

01 December 2016 — 01 January 2017
Symbiome – the Economy of Symbiosis is a biological prototype of a complex system of social relations between different species that enter into symbiotic relationships under favorable conditions to reciprocally satisfy a need.

EXHIBITION | Gal Kirn and Niloufar Tajeri | Thinking Monument to (Sub)Urban Riot

03 November 2016 — 27 November 2016
Photo: "Work in progress: monument to riots"; Petrova Gora, Vojin Bakić, 1981; Conical Intersect, Gordon Matta-Clark, 1975   »T...

EXHIBITION | David Maljković | Again and Again

25 October 2016 — 11 December 2016
The Again and Again exhibition problematizes its own relation to the context and infrastructure by reusing and repurposing elements of previous exhibitions’ furniture and displays, thus probing institutional protocols and history.

EXHIBITION | Pioneers of Computer Art

25 October 2016 — 29 January 2017
Pioneers of Computer Art presents artistic approaches at the intersections of different fields (programmed art, electronic music, and multimedia theater) that augured the use of computers before they came into general use.

EXHIBITION | Tomaž Grom | Imstrument

25 October 2016 — 30 October 2016
Imstrument consists of recorded sound and video sequences performed by different musicians developing their individual musical language. The user can make music by selecting the source, defining volume and randomness, which generates a continuous and unrepeatable composition.

COMMENTARY #5 | Milan Erič | A utopian monument to people...

11 October 2016 — 10 January 2017
A utopian monument to people driven by political and economic circumstances to escape to major Western cities, where they have a hard time adjusting or assimilating.

EXHIBITION | City of Women | Chantal Akerman: La Chambre / The Room

04 October 2016 — 16 October 2016
A long and slow panoramic shot describes continuously the space in a room. Chantal Akerman sits on a bed, at first motionless and then, when the camera captures her again, eating an apple. This film is a mysterious self-portrait of the filmmaker at her favourite spot as well as a sort of cinematic still-life, repetitively describing elements in a space.

Neue Slowenische Kunst – An Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia in Moscow

30 September — 9 December 2016 | Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Starting on 30 September 2016, the NSK from Kapital to Capital. Neue Slowenische Kunst – An Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia exhibition, the first major survey show in Russia of the Slovenian art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) will be on view at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

COMMENTARY #4 | Vladan Jeremić and Rena Raedle | This is not a fence

18 June 2016 — 11 September 2016
A collective visual answer on fences and men.


03 June 2016 — 18 September 2016
The main topic of the U3 Triennial 2016 is the Cosmos. In our cultural imagination Cosmos functions as a code word for the danger of the final extinction of all life on Earth, and at the same time for the most radical Utopian aspiration of universal harmony.


26 April — 25 Oktober 2016
The exhibition Low-Budget Utopias presents works that come largely from the Moderna galerija’s Arteast 2000+ Collection. This is the eighth installation of the collection in which we develop the notion of the collection as a tool. In the present exhibition we explain the collection and the museum as tools that help to sustain a utopian consciousness.

NSK – an Event in the Final Decade of Yugoslavia on view in Eindhoven

16 April 2016 — 26 June 2016 | Van Abbemuseum | NL
The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is opening the exhibition The 1980s. Today's Beginnings?. The exhibition project will include, and thus place in the international context, an abridged version of the NSK from Kapital to Capital. Neue Slowenische Kunst – an Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia exhibition, staged last summer at the Moderna galerija.

Chto Delat? | The Excluded. In a Moment of Danger

15 April 2016 — 22 May 2016
NEW AQUISITION FOR THE COLLECTION | The film The Excluded. In a Moment of Danger is based on a theater performance by members of the School of Engaged Art. Thematically the work is connected with the recent social situation in Russia—the failure of citizen-led initiatives, government repression, and the overall sense of depression that has overcome people.


12 April 2016 — 12 June 2016
You’re invited to take part in the VIA NEGATIVA project in the vestibule of +MSUM, starting 12 April, as the third in a series of artistic commentaries.

COMMENTARY #2 | Arjan Pregl | Precarious Day

08 February 2016 — 08 April 2016
The second in the series of artists’ commentaries displayed on the wall of +MSUM’s entrance hall.

E-FLUX VIDEO RENTAL | Art in Slovenia 2005-2015

03 February 2016 — 03 April 2016
Screenings of ten video projects by Sašo Sedlaček, Marko Batista, Robertina Šebjanič, Neven Korda, son:DA & Erinç Seymen, Lenka Djorojević & Neža Jurman & Matej Stupica, Maja Smrekar, Tanja Vujinović, Luka Prinčič, Andrej Škufca as a part of e-flux video rental (EVR) project.
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