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This year, Moderna galerija is celebrating its 70th anniversary and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, a part of Moderna galerija, its 7th anniversary.


On this day 30 December 2005 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Migjen Kelmendi and Marjetica Potrč Interrupted Histories, The River Archives.

On this day 28 December 2006 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of 5th Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art – U3.

On this day 27 December 1974 Moderna galerija presented an retrospective exhibition of Miha Maleš.

On this day 25 December 1979 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Matjaž Vipotnik.

On this day 23 December 1998 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Tank! Slovenian Historical Avantgarde.

On this day 22 December 2010 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition This Is All Film! Experimental Film In Yugoslavia 1951-1991.

On this day 21 December 1971 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Andrej Jemec.

On this day 20 December 2004 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition 7 Sins: Ljubljana-Moscow.

On this day 19 December 1989 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Jan Fabre, Drawings, Models & Objects.

On this day 18 December 2003 Moderna galerija opened the 4th Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art – U3, Here and There.

On this day 17 December 2015 Moderna galerija presented an retrospective exhibition of Bogoslav Kalaš, The Painting Machine.

On this day 16 December 2004 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Marko Pogačnik, Turning the Space Around.

On this day 15 December 1995 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Mirosław Bałka.

On this day 14 December 2000 Moderna galerija presented the third Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art U3: Vulgata. 

On this day 13 December 2013 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Seeker (Lj4).

On this day 12 December 1996 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Uri Tzaig, Two Balls.

On this day 11 December 2014 Nataša Muševič - Dot presented her Trees exhibition at Moderna galerija.

On this day 10 December 1968 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Slovenian Impressionists.

On this day 9 December 1993 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Offset and Proximity.

On this day 8 December 1988 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Duba Sambolec, Discomfort in the Space.

On this day 7 December 1982 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Tinca Stegovec.

On this day 6 December 1984 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Franc Curk, Kinetic Graphics.

On this day 5 December 1995 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Vadim Fiškin, One-Man Show X-101098.61 Y-461956.99 H-29807.

On this day 2 December 1992 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Gojmir Anton Kos, Retrospective.

On this day 1 December 2006 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Selection of Works from the Collection of Moderna galerija.

On this day 29 November 2012 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition tytled Dear Art.

On this day 27 November 1997 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Ita Rina (1907-1979).

On this day 26 November 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova presented an exhibition of The Present And Presence. Arteast 2000+ Collection & Selection Of  Works From The National Collection.

On this day 24 November 2009 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Zoran Mušič in public and private collections.

On this day 23 November 1971 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Vladimir Veličković.

On this day 21 November 1959 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Catalan painter Antoni Clavé

On this day 18 November 1999 Moderna galerija presented an retrospective exhibition of France Mihelič (1907–1998).

On this day 17 November 1976 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Herman Hebler.

On this day 16 November 1964 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Janez Bernik.

On this day 15 November 1990 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Bojan Gorenec, Pain-tings 1982-1990.

On this day 14 November 1997 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of 2nd U3. Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art.

On this day 12 November 1958 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Ivan Grohar 1867–1911.

On this day 11 November 1976 Moderna galerija presented an monografic exhibition of Dušan Džamonja.

On this day 10 November 1961 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Ida Barbarigo.

On this day 9 November 1982 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Marika Danč Roth.

On this day 8 November 2004 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition named Security and Peace, Order and Freedom! An Overview of Contemporary Dutch Art.

On this day 7 November 1997 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Roza El-Hassan.

On this day 6 November 1997 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition named Tree, presenting works of local artists from all generations.

On this day 5 November 1973 Moderna Galerija presented an exhibition of Primo Minervino.

On this day 4 November 2004 Moderna Galerija presented an exhibition of Veno Pilon:"Among Returning Emigrants".

On this day 2 November 1999 Moderna Galerija presented an exhibition named New Media Art and Theory from the East of Tokyo–Ljubljana.

On this day 30 October 1979 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Lucijan Bratuš.

On this day 29 October 2003 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Marjetica Potrč, Next Station Kiosk.

On this day 27 October 1993 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition From the Artist's Studio. Dušan Fišer: (De)Mystification of the Space.

On this day 26 October 1972 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Presences. Bogdan BorčićEmir DraguljZdenka GolobVladimir Makuc.

On this day 24 October 1995 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Jean-Marc Bustamante.

On this day 23 October 1975 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Studio '75. Emerik Bernard, Bogoslav KalašMilena Usenik.

On this day 22 October 1953 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Alenka Gerlovič.

On this day 21 October 1976 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Presence by Bogdan Borčić.

On this day 19 October 2006 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Irwin: Like To Like.

On this day 17 October 2013 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Stopover 1 : 1.

On this day 16 October 1990 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented a solo show by Richard Deacon.

On this day 15 October 2007 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented a show Triglav. Oho, Irwin, Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša.

On this day 14 October 1993 Moderna galerija presented a solo show by Jane Štravs.

On this day 13 October 1995 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of France Kralj.

On this day 12 October 1976 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Tone Lapajne.

On this day 10 October 1986 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Expressionism and New Reality in Slovenia from 1920 to 1930.

On this day 9 October 1956 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of France Kralj, A Retrospective.

On this day 8 October 1987 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Expressive Figurative Art.

On this day 7 October 1993 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Jože Spacal, Television Scenography.

On this day 6 October 1981 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Herman Gvardjančič.

On this day 5 October 2007 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of City of Women, Myriam Laplante, Tejal Shah: Me? You? No! It!.

On this day 4 October 1988 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Dragan Arrigler and Radovan Jenko.

On this day 3 October 2002 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of The Geometry of Loneliness.

On this day 2 October 1984 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Bard Iucundus.

On this day 1 October 1985 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented the Red Districts exhibition by IRWIN.

On this day 30 September 1976 Moderna galerija presented an Exhibition of New British Art.

On this day 29 September 1988 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Eugene Ionesco.

On this day 28 September 2017 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Dušan Tršar. A Retrospective (Selected Works 1966 - 1984).

On this day 26 September 1996 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Haralampi G. Oroschakoff. Instant Archaeology, Part II.

On this day 25 September 1990 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Jože Kološa-Kološ.

On this day 24 September 1996 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition For the Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo 2000.

On this day 23 September 1994 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Local Time. The Vienna Material in the Mirror of Discomfort.

On this day 22 September 2006 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Arteast collection 2000+23.

On this day 21 September 1978 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Ivan Generalić.

On this day 20 September 1996 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Veno Pilon. 100. anniversary of birth (1896-1996).

On this day 19 September 2010 Moderna galerija initiated JAŠA. The Lovest project.

On this day 18 September 2003 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Miha Maleš. 100. anniversary of birth (1903-2003).

On this day 17 September 2003 Mala galerija presented a British sound artist Irris Garrelfs aka Bit.Tonic in the context of Foo bar project.

On this day 16 September 1996 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of New acquisitions of Moderna galerija of Zdenko Huzjan.

On this day 15 September 1987 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of World masters of modern art from Yugoslav collections.

On this day 14 September 1992 Moderna galerija presented the Three Egorithms. Project Atol.

On this day 13 September 1994 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Jakob Savinšek 1922–1961.

On this day 12 September 1998 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Annie Leibovitz.

On this day 11 September 1953 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Fifty Years of Yugoslav Paintings 1900– 1950.

On this day 10 September 1968 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Maksim Sedej, Jr

On this day 3 September 1970 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Studio of '70. Expressive Figure Sculptors.

On this day 2 September 1986 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Nancy in Slobodan Pajić.

On this day 1 September 1981 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Bogdan Borčić.

On this day 29 August 1961 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Getulio Alviani.

On this day 28 August 1953 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of France Godec.

On this day 27 August 1974 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Štefan Planinc.

On this day 26 August 1975 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Rudi Španzel.

On this day 25 August 2006 Moderna galerija presented a performance by Marko Bulc Study for the Last Egoistic Show in the context of Young Lions Festival.

On this day 24 August 1977 Mala galerija presented an exhibition of Nils Burwitz.

On this day 22 August 1972 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented Đżevad Hozo exhibition.

On this day 21 August 1990 Moderna galerijia presented Views of Minimal, Minimalism in Slovenian Art 1968–1980 exhibition.
On this day 18 August 1953 Moderna galerijia presented Hundred colorful reproductions of world masters exhibition.

On this day 16 August 2015 the exhibition NSK from Kapital to Capital: Neue Slowenische Kunst - an Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia ended. The exhibition presented on 11 May 2015, accompanied by a catalogue and an extensive monograph
On this day 14 August 1953 Moderna galerijia presented Slovenian Mountains in an Image exhibition.
On this day 13 August 1992 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented Milivoj Bijelić exhibition.
On this day 12 August 1969 Mala galerijia of Moderna galerija presented Janez Boljka exhibition.
On this day 11 August 1966 Mala galerijia of Moderna galerija presented Jiri John exhibition.

On this day 9 August 2005 Moderna galerija presented Territories, Identities, Webs. Art in Slovenia 1995–2005 exhibition.

On this day 8 August 1953 Mala galerijia presented Ljubo Ravnikar exhibition. 

On this day 7 August 1979 Mala galerijia presented Bojan Bem exhibition.
On this day 6 August 1992 Moderna galerijia presented a Selection from Ribnica Collection.
On this day 5 August 1960 Moderna galerijia presented Albert Marquet exhibition.

On this day 4 August 1970 Moderna galerijia presented Janez Pirnat exhibition.

On this day 3 August 1976 Moderna galerijia presented an exhibition named Four Canadian Artists.

On this day 2 August 1983 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented a solo show of Franc Mesarič

On this day 31 July 1956 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of graphics and drawings of Frankish artists.

On this day 30 July 1974 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Silvester Komel

On this day 29 July 2011 Moderna galerija presented a selection of artworks from Moderna galerija's national collection entitled 20th century. Continuities and Ruptures presenting works between 1906 and 1991. 

On this day 28 July 1981 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Serbian painter Ružica Beba Pavlović

On this day 26 July 1984 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition by German painter Max Beckmann.

On this day 24 July 1975 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Bosnian painter and graphic artist Safet Zec

On this day 20 July 1972 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Metke Krašovec entitled Silence.

On this day 16 July 1973 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Rudolf Kotnik

On this day 15 July 1960 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Belgium Taevernier collection.

On this day 13 July 1971 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented an exhibition of Croatian sculptor of Macedonian descent Dušan Džamonja

On this day 12 July 1966 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented Bosnian&Hercegovina graphic artist Dževada Hoza

On this day 10 July 1963 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented Hideo Hagiwara exhibition.

On this day 9 July 1992 Moderna galerija presented New acquisitions of Moderna Galerija Jože Slak Đoka exhibition.

On this day 8 July 1970 Mala galerija of Moderna galerija presented Marjan Vojska exhibition.

On this day 7 July 1998 Moderna galerija presented Body and the East. From the 1960s to the present exhibition.

On this day 5 July 1983 Marija Rus solo show presented at Mala galerija of the Moderna galerija. 

On this day 3 July 1955 First international graphic exhibition presented at Moderna Galerija.

On this day 2 July 1958 Moderna galerija onened an exhibition Contemporary Dutch Painting presenting artists Karel AppelGerrit BennerW. L. BouthoornCorneilleJef Diederen, Jaap NanningaPieter OuborgHolt Friso TenHeel Jan VanH. M. van der Spoel and H. N. Werkman.

On this day 1 July 2014 an exhibition Politization of friendship presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova.

On this day 30. junija 1956 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition Paintings from Koroška from the last 30 years.

On this day 29 June 1976 Moderna galerija presented an exhibition by Tomo Podgornik, Andraž Šalamun and Tugo Šušnik. 

On this day 26 June 1958 Moderna galerija presented a Masters of Soviet Graphic exhibition. 

On this day 24 June 1986 Moderna galerija presented a traveling exhibition Yugoslav Graphics 1950–1980

On this day 23 June 2000 Moderna galerija hosted Manifesta 3. Borderline Syndrome: Energies of Defense exhibition and events.

On this day 22 June 1978 Moderna galerija presented Scholarship holders of the Ljubljana Cultural Community and the Local Union Council on the exhibition Atelje '78

On this day 21 June 1994 the first U3. Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia presented at Moderna galerija. 

On this day 20 June 2013 the U3. 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia – Resilience, +MSUM presented for public. 

On this day 16 June 2007, opening of Jeder Mensch ist ein Kurator / Every Man is a Curator at Moderna galerija.

On this day 15 June 2010, opening of 6th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia: An Idea for Living. Realism and Reality in Contemporary Art in Slovenia – U3.

On this day 12 June 2014, opening of the exhibition Božidar Jakac and Photography, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana.

On this day 5 June 2012 Moderna Galerija presented Marko Pogačnik solo-show The Art of Life the Life of Art.

On this day 4 June 1950 Moderna galerija presented a painting and graphic art exhibition of Trieste artists Jože CesarAvgust ČernigojBogdan GromRobert HlavatyAvrelij LukežičRudolf Saksida and Lojze Spacal.

On this day 3 June 2016 Beyond the Globe, 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3 curated by Boris Groys presented at Moderna galerija, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, and other venues.

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