NIKA AUTOR | The News Belongs to Us! | Among Top Five Pavilions

The Guardian ranks the Slovene Pavilion among top five pavilions at the 57th Venice Biennale


The Guardian has ranked the Pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia among the five best national pavilions of this year’s Venice Biennale. This year, Slovenia is represented by artist Nika Autor and curator Andreja Hribernik with the project The News Belongs to Us!. The project consists of Nika Autor’s film Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows and a reader edited by Nika Autor, Andreja Hribernik, Ciril Oberstar and Andrej Šprah.


Journalist and art critic Laura Cumming wrote for The Guardian: “Nika Autor’s superbly original film, centring on trains as symbols of hope and despair, collages undercarriages from Buster Keaton to today’s stowaway immigrants, footage of the old Belgrade–Ljubljana line and contemporary images of people scavenging railway planks for fuel in winter. Autor is the new John Grierson.”


In addition to The Guardian, also a-n, the largest artists’ organization in the UK with over 21,000 members, listed the Slovene Pavilion as one of the ten must-see pavilions.


In her article about the highlight of the national pavilions in the Arsenale, Jennifer Higgies, journalist and co-editor of Frieze, described Newsreel 63 as “profoundly compelling”. Frieze is one of the most important international contemporary art journals published in London since 1991.


The film Newsreel 63 – The Train of Shadows will tour Slovenia in the summer, visiting several institutions across the country. The schedule of screenings, which will be followed by talks with the authors, will be posted shortly.



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