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Bogoslav Kalaš : the painting machine : a survey exhibition


Type   katalog
Languge   slovenski, angleški
Year ....... 2016




Ljubljana : Moderna galerija, 2016






Marko Jenko, Ksenya Gurshtein, Tevž Logar, Igor Zabel, Nadja Zgonik, Milan Golob, Robert Lozar, Bojana Rogina, Dejan Habicht





304 str. : ilustr. ; 27 cm












The Slovene-English catalogue accompanying Bogoslav Kalaš’s overview exhibition is 312 pages long and comprises five studies of Kalaš’s oeuvre (four of them new) written by Ksenya Gurshtein, PhD, Nadja Zgonik, PhD, Tevž Logar, Igor Zabel and Marko Jenko, PhD; Jenko is also the catalogue editor. The publication further brings a reprint of the interview with Bogoslav Kalaš that was published in the Likovne beside / Art Words magazine in 1997. The bio-bibliography was compiled by Bojana Rogina, MA. The catalogue of works covers virtually entire Kalaš’s oeuvre to date and comprises, together with visual presentations of his life, work, and the exhibition itself, 224 reproductions, 101 of which are full-page. Designed by New Collectivism, the catalogue was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.


Copies   800
Price   30 EUR

ISBN 978-961-206-117-3

COBISS.SI-ID 282019072 



The catalogue is available from 8 February 2016.