EXHIBITION | 20th Century. Continuities and Ruptures

A selection of works from the national collection of Moderna galerija.
The 20th Century. Continuities and Ruptures exhibition breaks with traditional linearity by introducing the topics of the 20th century avant-gardes and of the art of the Partisan resistance, bringing them into the national history of art on an equal footing with more familiar trends and, as a consequence, casting new light on the latter.

EXHIBITION FROM THE COLLECTIONS | Points in time 1889–1991

On display from 16 December 2016
In the Museum of Modern Art (MG+), a new exhibition is now on view: a circular timeline with a selection of works that are an addition to and continuation of the permanent exhibition 20th Century. Continuities and Ruptures and a guide to same.


25 April 2017 — 03 June 2018
Unquestionably one of the main and most prolific representatives of modernism in Slovenia, Drago Tršar is celebrating his 90th birthday on 27 April this year. In collaboration with six other public institutions, Moderna galerija has conceived a project in the form of a series of retrospective and themed survey exhibitions across Slovenia, between April 2017 and mid-2018.

EXHIBITION | The Lives of Monuments

17 June 2017 — 31 December 2018
The documentary exhibition about monuments related to World War II and erected in Slovenia at the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was developed at the seminar “Art for Community Use” at the Department of Art History of the University of Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Moderna galerija. The title of the seminar should be indicative – it should guide students towards the art placed in public space, intended for the broader public and common use, and created in complex co-authorship.

SELECTION FROM THE COLLECTIONS | Arteast 2000+ and National Collections

On view from 5 February 2018
The current exhibition gives prominence to works showing how artists drew attention to their repressive environments by torturing or disciplining their bodies, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. The other section explores the topic of living conditions, more specifically, dwellings. A part of the exhibition is also the special project The Lives of Monuments.

EXHIBITION | Waves: 50 years of Milenko Matanovič art

29 March 2018 — 24 June 2018
Following the survey exhibitions of Marko Pogačnik in 2012 and Andraž Šalamun in 2017, both held in the Moderna galerija, we are now presenting the third founding member of the OHO group, one of the most outstanding art phenomena in Slovenia. The exhibition is dedicated to the year 1968.

The Temporary Slovenian Dance Archives, Rok Vevar

17 April 2018 — 31 December 2018
Rok Vevar, the founder of the Temporary Slovene Dance Archive (2012) has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to creating an historical overview of the development of dance in Slovenia, in the process compiling his own documentary and audiovisual archive. Most of the material concerns contemporary scenic arts, dance and theater of the non-institutional scene over the past 20 years.

DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITION | 70+7: What's in a Number? A Chronicle of Exhibitions at Moderna galerija

On view from 24 April 2018
This year, Moderna galerija is celebrating its 70th anniversary and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, a part of Moderna galerija, its 7th anniversary.


25 April 2018 — 11 June 2018
The exhibition prepared by the Department for Restoration of the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (UL ALUO) and the Department for Conservation-Restoration of the Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MG+MSUM) entitled Marij Pregelj Up Close is the final part of a several-year-long project, the aim of which was to investigate the methods of creating and conserving-restoring the works of art of this great Slovenian painter.

EXHIBITION | Sites of Sustainability: Pavilions, Manifestos and Crypts

27 April 2018 — 26 August 2018
On April 27, the exhibition Hello World is opening at the Hamburger Bahnhof- Museum für Gegenwart, part of the Berlin Nationalgalerie. It runs until August 26, 2018. Moderna galerija is participating in this exhibition (mostly) with works from its Arteast 2000+ collection.

COMMENTARY #9 | Matej Stupica | You Are Here

25 May 2018 — 25 August 2018