BOOK PRESENTATION | James Bridle: New Dark Age. Technology and the End of the Future

Wednesday, 20 January 2019 | 17:00 | Moderna galerija Auditorium
In his brilliant new work, James Bridle offers us a warning against the future in which the contemporary promise of a new technologically assisted Enlightenment may just deliver its opposite: an age of complex uncertainty, predictive algorithms, surveillance and the hollowing out of empathy.

EXHIBITION | On the Brink: The Visual Arts in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929–1941)

25 April 2019 — 15 September 2019
This international exhibition of the visual arts in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia will provide an overview of painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography and film from the time the dictatorship was set up to the beginning of World War II.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE | The non-aligned contemporaneity?

Tuesday, 28 May 2019
A one-day conference will be dedicated to the question how to harness the historical visions of the non-alignment in the light of the current global geopolitical situation. Another important question will tackle the legacy of culture in the spirit of NAM's internationalism and its potentials for the present day.