Nataša Muševič - Dot: Trees

11 December 2014 — 18 January 2015
Sound installation. Trees is an experiment aiming to extend human perceptual faculties. The project's author Nataša Muševič showcases the electrical and acoustic frequencies inherent to trees.

DRAUGHT | Arjan Pregl: The Five-Minute Revolution

11 November 2014 — 04 January 2015
Arjan Pregl's artistic practice expands into social space, making use of and critically reflecting (on) various available media. Taking into consideration his own role in society, Pregl develops critical, political, and resistance strategies.

Tadej Pogačar & the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art: Hills and Valleys and Mineral Resources

04 November 2014 — 08 February 2015
The exhibition presents a comprehensive survey of Tadej Pogačar's creative output over the past few decades and his P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art, with special emphasis on selected projects that have left a lasting mark on contemporary art production in Slovenia.


23 October 2014 — 2015
The concept of contemporaneity and the related concentration of specific artistic interests cannot be treated only chronologically. For this reason the exhibition of the collection at the +MSUM problematizes time and focuses on its liberating potential.


17 October 2014 — 11 January 2015
The exhibition represents a part of Delimar's retrospective staged at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, covering 35 years of the artist's creative work.

BIO 50: 3, 2, 1 ... TEST

18 September 2014 — 07 December 2014
Photo: Lucijan in Vladimir   On 18 September 2014, the results of an unprecedented collaborative effort took the stage at the Museum of Architec...

DRAUGHT | Suzana Brborović: Triple Section

10 September 2014 — 02 November 2014
Suzana Brborović (b. 1988) is an insightful young artist, winning two prestigious awards while still just a student: the ESSL Award for young artists from Central and South-East Europe in 2011 and the Student Prešeren Award in 2012.

Matej Andraž Vogrinčič: Sports and Chess

04 September 2014 — 05 October 2014
Curator: Igor Španjol   You are kindly invited to attend the opening of Matej Andraž Vogrinčič's project Sports and Chess&nbs...

Handle with Care - Rachele Maistrello: The History Within

30 July 2014 — 31 August 2014
Rachele Maistrello: The History Within   30 July - 31 August 2014 Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (+MSUM)    You are kindly...

Politicization of Friendship

01 July 2014 — 05 October 2014
In the history of philosophy as well as theory of art there exists a variety of works based on the idea of friendship. The core of present interest in friendship goes beyond friendship as mere closeness, affinity, affection or some consensus of opinion. It implies a broader political dimension and consequently a certain tension and malaise.

PREPIH | Uroš Potočnik: Grid

13 June 2014 — 31 August 2014
Potočnik's banal direct realism attempts to present something spectacular or overlooked for the viewer to re-evaluate it. The choice of motives is dictated by everyday life events and the environment, and the painter is not particular or demanding.

Božidar Jakac and Photography

12 June 2014 — 19 October 2014
Božidar Jakac, New York from the 17th Floor of Hotel Manger, May 1931. Owner of copyright Primož Pablo Miklavc Turnher. Exhibition curator: Lara &Sc...

Gabrijel Stupica up Close: The Technology of Making and Preserving Works of Art

17 April 2014 — 31 August 2014
Stupica composed his paintings slowly, with a great deal of deliberation, constantly exploring the limits of materials in terms of durability. There is fascinating variety in the ways he applied the different grounds, which he subsequently modeled, scraped, engraved, painted or drew on, later adding other materials and creating textures with sand, gravel, pieces of string and other objects.

DRAUGHT | Meta Grgurevič: Dream to Recall Forgotten Thoughts

08 April 2014 — 01 June 2014
The video Dream to Recall Forgotten Thoughts is a part of a more complex project Lucid Dream, in which Meta Grgurevič contemplated the tension between ideas, i.e., a brilliant conception, and reality, which often opposes the former.

PREPIH | Newsreel 55

28 February 2014 — 30 March 2014
Newsreel 55 is a composition of quotes, archive footage and recordings of current events, spatially linked to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugo...

THE PRESENT AND PRESENCE | Repetition 6: Install Yourself!

11 February 2014 — 08 June 2014
Repetition 6 presents a selection of works from Moderna galerija's Arteast 2000+ and national collections that brings the rhythm of space into focus; more specifically, installations in which the dimension of time is coupled with the experience of abstract space.

THE PRESENT AND PRESENCE | Repetition 5: Doubles

07 January 2014 — 09 February 2014
The repetition centers on the concept of the double. The works from The Present and Presence featuring the Arteast 2000+ collection that have been brought into focus are Kazimir Malevich's The Last Futurist Show, Belgrade (1985-86); Ion Grigorescu's films Ame-Animus (1977), Masculine/Feminine (1976), and Dialogue with Ceausescu (1978); and Yuri Albert's Letters to brother Theo (1992-94).
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