2005-2015 | TEMP

The group gathered in October 2004 with the objective to actualise the problem of disappearing public space in Ljubljana. Its first action was to occupy the parking lot near the Faculty of Architecture where a temporary student gallery was established. Actions in public space continued in different forms until March 2006, when the former factory Rog was occupied.


The main goal of the group was to create an ambient conflict through constructing an event in which a debate about specific abandoned space would develop and would possibly trigger ideas about the manner to use this space in an evolutionary way. This idea was tested through several experiments in Ljubljana but it was never entirely confirmed.


Actions in public space did not manage to stimulate the townspeople into a different use of this space and did not create direct politics. The only intervention with longterm effects was the occupation of the Rog factory. This act attempted to establish a public space inside the building in which closed spaces would represent daily city space or townspeople’s political space. This idea soon gave rise to creating art and a cultural centre for artists. Art as a neutral field of criticism and creation that does not represent a real threat to the existing political system has shown to be a compromising form of activity. The very moment the TEMP group was about artistic meaning instead of political it stopped to exist.


Two years later Ljubljana is experiencing the greatest privatisation wave in its existence. Current megalomaniacal projects, which are being built through public-private partnership, threaten to entirely transform the city into a market for products or goods. Now there is less public space than at the time when TEMP was still active. Every day the closing of the Rog factory seems imminent. Architects who publicly supported TEMP activities are today among the main performers of Ljubljana’s ‘capitalistic bloom’. From that failed in its concrete objections or as a short-term adventure of individuals.