2005-2015 | Maruša Sagadin: Extra Extra Elle (Bergisel) / 0-Two-Shoe
Wood, paint, 2014 / Cardboard tube, adhesive filler, wood, paint, 2015

Maruša Sagadin: Extra Extra Elle (Bergisel)

Wood, paint, 2014



The installation Extra Extra Elle was realised in Innsbruck/Austria. This is where Zaha Hadid, the only woman so far to receive the renowned Pritzker Architecture Prize, built visionary buildings like the ski jump on the Bergisel. The appearance of her buildings exists somewhere between architecture, sculpture and design.


My sculptures echo an architectural vocabulary. Materials like wood, metal, styrofoam are exhibited in the raw or are cladded in pastel colors. Surfaces created with basic construction materials mimick concrete and stone. Paired wooden shoes placed on pedestals could be seen either as abstract objects, wearable platform shoes or fashion assessories to serve as self-empowerment tools informed by issues in architecture and gender.


The titles ”Bergisel‟ or „O - Two- Shoe “ also emphasize a reference to scaleless architectural models. Inserting the verbal aspect into the work through the title I interrogate the progressive redesign of urban space as well as politics competing for attention with trendy star-architecture targeting mostly tourists.



Maruša Sagadin: 0-Two-Shoe

Cardboard tube, adhesive filler, wood, paint, 2015



Maruša Sagadin (1978) studied architecture at Graz University of Technology, graduating in 2004, and went on to study  performative art and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, graduating in 2010.


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