EVENING LECTURES | Charles Esche & Viktor Misiano
Tuesday, 27 August 2019 | 6 p.m. & 8 p.m. | auditorium MG+

18:00 Charles Esche, Places for Art to Happen, lecture

20:00 Viktor Misiano, The Russian 1990s: Dialectics of the Transitional Period from Nowhere to Nowhere, lecture



Charles Esche

Places for Art to Happen

The claim to artistic autonomy in the early modern period was never absolute. Different frames – from architecture to ideology – have always surrounded artists and shaped the idea of “free expression”. The lecture will look at the last 30 years of experimental institutionalism in Europe with some reference back to institutional critique. It will explore how conditions for the production and presentation of art might have changed, largely through the lecturer's own curatorial work. It will also relate these developments to more theoretical shifts from criticality to decoloniality as key terms that shaped institutional and artistic thinking.


Viktor Misiano

The Russian 1990s: Dialectics of the transitional period from nowhere to nowhere

The most common definition of the 1990s is the “transitional period”, which means that it was a time between times. In the realms of politics and art, that time was fertile for flamboyant and megalomaniac projects, which quickly collapsed unrealized and were substituted by new projects, equally flamboyant and megalomaniac. There were endless projects and changes without clear ends, and ends were missing because those projects and changes were endless. The 1990s were a decade of transition which endlessly prolonged the transitionary phase, avoiding reaching the point of destination; that was a timeless time, permanently enjoying the present moment.

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