EXHIBITION | Constellations of Multiple Wishes: Along the Eastern Horizont

23 May 2024 — 24 November 2024
Constellations of Multiple Wishes: Along the Eastern Horizon is the latest iteration in the Constellations series. It focuses on deliberations on other Easts, beyond past colonial divisions, historical narratives and political alliances.

EXHIBITION | Manca Juvan: Istanbul - Faces of Freedom

26 April 2024 — 26 May 2024
You are invited to attend the opening of the exhibition on Friday, 26 April, at 7 p.m. At the opening, the lute player Boris Šinigoj will play music in which the East and West meet, and you will also be able to enjoy delicious Turkish baklava.

60th VENICE BIENNALE | Nika Špan: Garden Secret For You

20 April 2024 — 24 November 2024
At the 60th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Slovenia is presenting Garden Secret for You, a project by the conceptual artist Nika Špan, curated by Vladimir Vidmar.

EXHIBITION | SONICA | MARC VILANOVA: CASCADE + whitegirlstudyplaylist (DJ set)

29 March 2024 — 28 April 2024
SONICA in co-production with the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova +MSUM presents an exhibition by Spanish-Catalan sound and visual artist Marco Vilanova entitled Cascade.

COMMENTARY | Sliman Mansour: The Sea is Mine

The entrance hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM, houses Commentary, a series of mini exhibitions that allow artists to comment in a variety of media, formats, and ways of expression, on certain crucial moments and developments in the contemporary political landscape worldwide. This year, the series is dedicated entirely to Palestine.

EXHIBITION | How to Go On?

20 February 2024 — 20 February 2025
A selection of works from Moderna galerija's Arteast 2000+ and national collections plus special projects
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