Restoration-conservation Department

The RESTORATION-CONSERVATION Department was founded in 1991 when the need arose for the systematic restoration of works from Moderna Galerija/Museum of Modern Art's 20th century art collections. The founding of a new department, the "Studio for Preventive Conservation and Restoration", was the logical next step and its work contributes to maintaining modern and contemporary national heritage all over Slovenia.



The department's main tasks are the preservation, renovation, documentation, conservation, restoration, research, maintenance and preventive storage of national art collections. These tasks are achieved by maintaining stable climatic conditions (monitoring the levels of moisture, temperature and light) in line with international standards. Creating better storage conditions and optimum climatic conditions in storage facilities and exhibition areas slows down the process of aging in art works. Occasionally, we conserve and restore modern and contemporary art works from the collections of other Slovene galleries. The most recent MG collection, Arteast 2000+, has already undergone the conservation and restoration procedure.


A vital component in preparing an exhibition is the cooperation between the artist, curator and conservationist/restorer; prior to the exhibition, works need to be examined and prepared for the process of conservation or restoration.


In international exhibitions, standards are observed that require the examination and documentation of the condition of exhibits prior and after the show. These projects include the exhibitions of Marina Abramović, John Baldessari and Andy Warhol.



Head of department: Nada Madžarac MA, academy painter, conservation advisor and specialist and restorer of modern and contemporary paintings


T: +386 1 24 16 836


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