EXHIBITION | Autography, Uncanniness, Rebellion: the Photography of Božidar Dolenc

23 February 2021 — 06 June 2021
This first large-scale and comprehensive posthumous exhibition of the work of Božidar Dolenc, one of the most prominent and acclaimed photographers of the second half of the 20th century in Slovenia, is conceived around his legacy, acquired in 2016. A free, nonconformist spirit, Dolenc was drawn to street scenes, formulating a recognizable poetic of almost painful veracity and semantic bitterness, as well as to the visual aesthetic of the alternative culture events of the late 1970s, whose main photographic witness he is now considered to be.

EXHIBITION | REALIZE! RESIST! REACT! Performance and Politics in the 1990s in the Post-Yugoslav Context

24 June 2021 — 03 October 2021
In the post-Yugoslav context of the 1990s, political performance was, in most cases, a direct consequence of the wars in Yugoslavia and the radical political, social, economic, and cultural changes that affected every aspect of society in the previously common state.