DRAUGHT | Neja Zorzut
24 October 2019 — 08 December 2019


Neja Zorzut



Thursday, 24 October 2019, at 8 p.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova.

24 October – 8 December 2019


In her work, Neja Zorzut explores the links between objecthood and corporeality. She understands objecthood as perceiving an object in its adaptation and relation to the body. Her aim is to represent an appearance based on bodiless objecthood, where materiality results from the adaptation to the body. The objects suggested in her paintings are artificially constructed or modified through biocenosis with everyday objects. While apparently recognizable and familiar at first glance, they can quickly turn radically alien, while the boundary between the object and the body disappears with adaptation. There is a mark-like structure in all of Zorzut’s works, questioning the duality and vagueness of objecthood. She is particularly interested in topics related to the pictorial field, especially in deviations from and differences between the medium and the surroundings.


In Adhesive, Zorzut presents a new painting and object, focusing on the issue of the relation between two incompatible entities, and expressed in terms of their adherence, fusion, protrusions, and their inability to separate. Here, alienation is connected with radical intimacy, since the outer form is always already the structure of the interior. The concept is based on the need for a critical turn of ecological thought, a turn in which nature does not exist as humanity’s Other.



Neja Zorzut (1992) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2015, and is now completing her master’s degree in painting there. In the academic year 2013/14 she received the Academy Commendation, and in 2015/16, the Academy’s Student Prešeren Award.



Draught is a series of solo exhibitions presenting fresh ideas in contemporary art at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition is curated by Igor Španjol.