HEGEL’S BEGRIFF | Bara Kolenc, Mirt Komel, Atej Tutta
11 January 2018 — 28 January 2018

Bara Kolenc, Mirt Komel, Atej Tutta

Hegel's Begriff

Interactive installation


Hegel’s Begriff is an installation that questions the possibility of a multisensory (visible-tactile-aural) and at the same time intellectual experience of Hegel’s concept of Begriff. Hegel’s Begriff refers both to an abstract concept and a quite concrete grip; the meaning of Begriff includes a duality that traverses conceptuality as such: on the one hand, there is the tendency towards mental abstraction and, on the other, the tendency towards sensuous concretisation. In this sense, the installation examines how the lines of our experience intertwine, how the material inhabits the concept and where the phenomenal limits of our conception of reality break. What does it mean to grip, grab, encompass, grasp?


Designed by: Atej Tutta

Realization: RPS Ljubljana - Branko Filipič

Audio programming: Andrej Kobal


Exhibition duration: 11 January 2018 — 28 January 2018

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