KWIEKULIK (Przemysław Kwiek, Zofia Kulik): Activities with the Head, 1978


Przemysław Kwiek, Zofia Kulik

1971-1987, Poland


Activities with the Head, 1978

Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, photographs of the performance


Before coming into the room audience members are asked to put a small red flag behind their left ear /like a cigarette). SHE and HE are lying on the floor with their heads coming out of chair seats facing the audience.

A brown paper curtain opens up the second scene. SHE is sitting on the floor with her head in a bowl. HE pours water into the bowl and washes his feet, hands and face.

Afterward HE pours in more water so that SHE can breathe only through her nose. HE starts to shout: say something you whore, come on, say something!

The next brown paper curtain opens up the third and final scene. SHE and HE  are sitting on chairs. Buckets (with holes in the bottom) are put on their heads. Assistants fill the buckets with rubbish.

Przemyslaw Kwiek and Zofia Kulik

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