A Punk Museum???, 1977


Slovenia 1977 →


And in a “museum of contemporary art” to boot!? “What the hell is going on”*? Is punk “art”? Hey, why not; but – haven’t we heard: “We’re not going to be (museum) history?” That’s right! And it won’t be. The “Punk Museum” in the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova will be autonomous, a work of the protagonist-punkers of 77-87 themselves: the bands, the audience, the graffiti writers … It won’t be an analogously static collection of oldies, but a digitally, changeably, interactively do-it-yourself/in-progress happening of the idea/s of punk here and now. Also retroactively. Welcome! “Up museum, up yours!”** (Igor Vidmar)


* Pankrti 77

** X-Ray Specs 77

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