2005-2015 | Izar Lunaček: Acorn (Slovenian classics) / Death in the Savannah / A Paradise misplaced / Metamorphose anthropomorphice
Page from a comic book, 2007

Acorn (Slovenian classics)

Brush and ink, 2009


Death in the Savannah



A Paradise misplaced

Web comics, 2009 / 10


Metamorphose anthropomorphice

Brush and ink, 2013



Publisher: Forum, Ljubljana



Izar Lunaček is an illustrator and comics artist of the younger generation, a graduate of visual arts at the Academy with a PHd in philosophy. He's illustrated many magazine and newspapers since 1995 and drawn several comics for many domestic periodicals. He's also created several comics books and received some rewards for them as well. Since 2012 his team organized a series of comics events titled Stripolis, while he also opened a small bookstore sporting a boutique selection of comics.

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