2005-2015 | KSEVT – Cultural Center of European Space Technologies
Vitanje, 2012

KSEVT – Cultural Center of European Space Technologies,

Vitanje, 2012


Miha Turšič, Dragan Živadinov, Dunja Zupančič

Design: Architectural Association for Vitanje (Bevk Perović arhitekti, Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti, Ofis arhitekti, Sadar+Vuga arhitekti)


Photo: Tomaž Gregorič


KSEVT (Cultural Center of European Space Technologies) is an institute established in 2010. Its main purpose is to develop a cultural space program within the framework of arts and science, a parallel space program to the existing national and commercial ones. Furthermore it wishes to generate a unique composite of arts and science for the theoretical manifestation of thought in outer space, instead of merely focusing on our technological presence in space. Historical foundations of KSEVT lie in the work of the Slovenian engeneer and space travel pioneer, Herman Potočnik Noordung, as well as the avant-garde constructivist movement. Moreover, the institute had established a research centre which opened its doors in 2012 in Vitanje, Slovenia, and has won the Plečnik Award 2013, the national award for architecture. 



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