2005-2015 | IRWIN: Words from Afrika / NSK Passport Holders (London, Lagos) / State in Time
Project, 2007 and 2010

IRWIN & NSKSTATE.COM: Words from Afrika

Project, 2007


During the last couple of years, more than 2000 of people from Africa, (mainly from Nigeria) have tried to contact NSKSTATE.COM by email. Words from Africa is a collection of emails organized according to the most frequently used words in these messages.



IRWIN: NSK passport holders 

London, maj, 2007 / London, May, 2007 

Film maker and visual anthropologist: Esben Hansen

Collaborator: Julie Boticello, anthropologist

Non-edited material



IRWIN: NSK Passport Holders

Filmed in Lagos in July 2010

Edited by Irwin



IRWIN: State in Time

Colour photo, newspaper, Lagos, Nigeria, July 2010



Photo: Haris Hararis



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online exhibition