2005-2015 | Tomaž Furlan: WEAR XVIII
Installation, wood, metal, 250 x 300 x 14 cm, 2014

Tomaž Furlan: WEAR XVIII

Installation, wood, metal, 250 x 300 x 14 cm, 2014



The Wear series was started in 2005. Currently, it comprises 15 parts, with each new part added chronologically to the earlier ones. Works, gadgets, and even sculptures function as extensions of the body in some forced process. The process, which visitors to the exhibition can try out themselves, is continuous and unfinished. It is an attempt to fight banality with stupidity. Naturally, it is unsuccessful, possibly amusing, or just cynically mundane. The gadgets are used in videos. In Wear videos they are used as props, serving as equipment or outfits for the simple function of performing some act. They are functional objects, made for a specific production or ritual act. They catch a person caught in the sphere of democratic labor, rights, suppressed freedom of choice, and individual need for physical activity devoid of any pragmatic or production reasons.


Photo: Matevž Paternoster



Tomaž Furlan was born on 3rd of February 1978 in Kranj. After finishing secondary school I signed Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana Where I studied sculpture. I’m mostly interested in video and performance but like not to exclude any art technique witch has the possibility to carry the wanted message. I live in and work in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Project Wear was presented on solo and group exhibition in Slovenia and abroad. Such as: solo exhibitions in gallery P74 and Alcatraz in Slovenia and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad such as: Book of artist, Sloveniji 1966–2010, Gallery Kresija, Videospotting in Videodokument in Gallery 3,14, Bergen Norway 2008Parallelni worlds, AKC Metelkova Mesto, 2009, Limited acces II, Parkingallery in collaroboration with Azad Gallery, Tehran 2009, In the loop: Contemporary EU video art, Washington USA (2010), Word for Word, without WordsCity Art Museum, Ljubljana 2010, Manifesta 9, Genk Belgija 2012, Biennal Exhibition Multimeridian '12, Pula, Croatia, U3, MSUM Ljubljana 2013, The Present and Presence, MSUM, Ljubljana 2014, Port Izmir 14, Izmir Turkey 2014, Technical Unconscious, Porto Portugal 2014, Tomaž Furlan 2005 – 2015, Museum of contemporari art Rochechouart, France.


For my work I was awarded with Group OHO award for young artists.


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