VN20 | Nataša Živković: The Article
Thursday, 25 April 2024 | 5 p.m.

Solo performance, 30 min


I invent, I recycle, high is low and low is high. I produce affects, thoughts, emotions, associations, disgust, pleasure, sweat, urine. I rework articles to increase their value. Every day, every hour, I produce trash. Plastic, organic waste, paper. I burn electricity, my own energy and the energy of others. My head is foggy, I have too much information. I leave relationships, relationships leave me, I create new relations. I recycle, I save, I spend. For some I produce rubbish, for others beauty. For some it’s memory, for others it’s oblivion. It’s rubbish, it’s waste, it’s trash. It is nothing. It is everything.