FILM SCREENINGS | Sinners: Maca's and Anka's Fate & Sinner without Sin
Thursday, 18 May 2019 | 6 p.m. | auditorium Moderna galerija

Museum of Modern Art presents a film screening of two silent films with musical accompaniment by Gašper Torkar. The films on the topic of sin in the 1930s is presenting heavy drinking in Croatian villages, and the fate of a country girl in the big city of Belgrade, promiscuity, unprotected sex, sexual harassment, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and suicide. The two films are a part of the film program of the international survey exhibition On the Brink.


At 6 p.m.: Sinners: Maca's and Anka's Fate (1930, 50', Croatian State Archive, Zagreb), directed by Joza Ivakić and filmed by Russian emigrants Anatoly Bazarov and Alexander Gerasimov. Leading actors: Mato Grković, Zora Marković and Zlata Lanović. This health education film was extremely successful in its time. It was produced by the School of Public Health, led by Dr. Andrija Štampar, who was much admired by Louis Adamič (see his The Native's Return).


At 7 p.m.: Sinner without Sin (1930, 54', Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade), directed by the pioneer of Serbian film Kosta Novaković. Leading actors: Sonja Stanisavljević, Persa Pavlović, Nikola Gošić, Ilija Dragić, Viktor Starčić, Žanka Stokić, Milivoje Krstić, etc. The film shows the dangers of the big city, which prey upon naive country girls.


The film program of the exhibition On the Brink will includes more than 20 films from the Slovene Film Archives (Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana), Croatian State Archives in Zagreb and Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade. The documentary footages are on-view on the exhibition and the screenings of featured films will take place in June, July and September at the Museum of Modern Art auditorium. Entrance is free. Films will be subtitled in Slovenian. Some silent films will be accompanied by music.

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