Azra Akšamija: Digesting Dayton, interactive installation, 2012/2017

Azra Akšamija: Digesting Dayton

interactive installation, 2012/2017


This interactive installation in the form of a buffet was set up as a part of the event “[Boston] Intercultural Mixer: Discover Bosnia” at American Islamic Congress (AIC) in Boston, USA. All attendees were invited to participate. A map of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been sown onto the tablecloth. The food was arranged along the internal political borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is: the border of the Serb Republic and the cantons of the Bosniak-Croat Federation, as they were settled in the Dayton Peace Agreement in 1995. 


In Ljubljana, women of migrant origin spanning generations will take part in a series of workshops in which they will be embroidering patterns typical of their various cultures into a common tablecloth.  


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