International conference "NSK from Kapital to Capital" - Video documentation

Video documentation of lectures at International conference NSK from Kapital to Capital: Neue Slowenische Kunst - an Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia., Museum of Modern Art, MG+, Ljubljana, 19 July 2015 — 21 July 2015 


NSK Conference: Programme and Contributors


The remobilisation of the signs of early avant-garde as well as totalitarian art was used by IRWIN to give more energy to their project of re-constructing the Slovenian national and cultural identity. In this context, the term retroavantgarde means not only the re-enactment of certain avant-garde attitudes and gestures, but also – and perhaps foremost – the influx of avant-garde energies into IRWIN’s artistic practices. The general mood of post-modernity was a certain melancholy after the end of the love affair with Utopia. However, the project to re-construct the Slovenian national identity required some Utopian energy – energy that IRWIN obtained from the sources of radical modernity. 

— Boris Groys



Boris Groys: Keynote lecture



Zdenka Badovinac Welcoming addresses



Eda Čufer: Welcoming address



Igor Vidmar : What is the Alternative? - Alternative Culture of the 1980s and NSK



Alexei Yurchak: Monstration: the absurd as political critique



Daniel Ricardo Quiles: Nadidentifikacija: Latinskoameriški primer



Tomaž Mastnak: An Event of the Final Decade of the Cold War



Lev Kreft: Avantgarde and Neue Slowenische Kunst



Former artist known as Adrian Kovacs: Moscow Portraits 1989-1991



Marina Gržinić & Jasmina Založnik: From Capital to Nation-State and Back



Anthony Gardner: Critiquing Institutions, Pursuing Independence



Mladen Dolar: State and Art from Plato to NSK



Barbara Borčić: Alternative Culture, ŠKUC Gallery and Neue Slowenische Kunst in the 1980s

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