+MSUM | B3 BEN AWARD 2020 to Jasmina Cibic



Best Immersive and Time Based Art Award to Jasmina Cibic

Biennial of the Moving Image 2020 Frankfurt


Jasmina Cibic is an artist-filmmaker whose practice spans film, sculpture, performance and installation. Cibic’s work explores ‘soft power’ - how political rhetoric is deployed through art and architecture, particularly examining how cultural production is used by the state to communicate certain principles and aspirations. Through unfolding the complex entanglements of art, gender and state power, Cibic encourages viewers to consider the strategies employed in the construction of national culture.


Cibic was shortlisted for the 2018 Film London Jarman Award and also received a commission through FLAMIN Productions 2019, the development programme supporting mid-career, London-based artists whose projects have the potential for national and international exhibition and distribution.


The Pleasure of Expense forms part of her FLAMIN Productions commission The Gift, a long-form research, exhibition and film project which Cibic is presenting across a variety of platforms during 2019-2021. The Gift currently features in Cibic’s major solo exhibition The Foundation of Endeavour, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Slovenia running until 29 November 2020.


The Pleasure of Expense presents a timely dissection of statecraft and culture’s role within it. Filmed inside the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the film presents a monologue from a character representing Cultural Diplomacy. As he wanders through the gilded palatial halls of antiquated patriarchy, he communicates his idea for the perfect gift of culture that could heal a divided nation.


"We – once again - live in a time of a rise of world absurdities, where populism and cancelled culture are driving many artists to survival’s edge. We know what is at stake, and I want to celebrate some of the art institutions that understand how close to the edge critical thought is walking. So a huge thank you to all the partners of this project, who continue with their ethical and constructive approach to art and its makers. Per aspera ad astra! I am raising a glass to you all and the new forms of solidarity!"

— Jasmina Cibic


Running as a hybrid festival from 9-18th October, 12 Film London alumni are represented at the B3 Biennial, showcasing work under the theme TRUTHS, including all six 2020 Film London Jarman Award shortlisted artists; Michelle Williams Gamaker; Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings; Jenn Nkiru; Project Art Works; Larissa Sansour; Andrea Luka Zimmerman.

Other alumni and works include Brad Butler and Noor Afshan Mirzan's Ruptures, Jennifer Martin's TEETH, Roz Mortimer's The Deathless Woman and two works from Suki Chan - HALLUCINATIONS and MEMORY.

Film London CEO Adrian Wootton will be taking part in online industry discussion In the Mood for Change? Film and Media Funding Now and in the Future. Should We Push the Reset Button? exploring industry changes caused by technology, politics and the pandemic, as well as what will and must change in the future, in order to support creativity.

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