U3 | Marko in Marika Pogačnik: Transforming Chaos into Cosmos

Marko and Marika Pogačnik

Transforming Chaos into Cosmos

Sculptural installation, linen, stone, felt, sand, wires, 2016


Marko and Marika Pogačnik

Transforming Chaos into Cosmos and Vice Versa



The ancient Greek concept of Cosmos cannot be properly understood without its complementary part, Chaos. Chaos represents the primeval powers of Gaia, the all-embracing Earth consciousness. The powers of Chaos are Gaia’s archetypal powers that work beyond the limits of the manifested world to make the creation of the Earthly Universe as a tangible reality possible. Identifying Chaos with universal disorder is a human projection that works to humiliate Gaia as the Goddess of the Earthly Universe and to make her dependent on the hierarchy of masculine powers that identify themselves as “cosmic.”



Cosmos represents the universal matrix of creation. The purpose of the universal matrix of creation is to open diverse paths for all possible creative processes to take place in the universe with the aim of enriching its living abundance. The patterns of creation called “cosmic” pulsate throughout the universe to inspire creative processes. The cosmic matrix, updated at each moment by the angelic consciousness of the universe, represents the possibility for any creative process to develop to its full potential.



The powers of Chaos are known to human culture as “dragon powers.” Dragon powers in effect represent the mighty angels of the Earth capable of translating the creative ideas of Gaia into living, even tangible reality. Secondly, dragon powers know another phase when they appear in the form of atomic power. Atomic power safely enveloped in the structure of an atom represents the building unit of the manifested universe.



Human beings are not meant to be mere observers of the cosmic creative process. The human consciousness has the ability to attune to the creative ideas of Gaia and the inspirations of the cosmic creative matrix. Within the multidimensional human body all the creative tools are coded that enable a human being to become a co-creator in the permanent process of Cosmos transforming into Chaos, and Chaos transmitting its living powers towards Cosmos.


Šempas, 31 March 2016