U3 | Nina Koželj: Flow Job

Nina Koželj


Inflatable sculpture, 2015


Flow Job is a humorous inflatable installation that breathes. Four gigantic bare heads inflate and deflate from the ground in an interval of four minutes. Air is exhaled from the pouting mouth, creating a draft in the room. During this process their faces are subject to uncontrolled changes, which are transformed into a different grotesque each time. Since they are transparent, one can see how the space and the people in it also take on a grotesque image.


The Easter Island statues are our giant ancestors carved in stone and buried firmly into the substance of Mother Earth. All ancestors came from their ancestors, and they in turn from their ancestors, and so on, since the beginning of time. But on the threshold of time (or timelessness), stands ancestry itself. The transparent plastic sculptures are the Origin of every flow and the Flow itself – the cause and effect. They are (almost) invisible but in front of the human mind they take an anthropomorphic form because in this way human observers can easily understand their existence on the wave of the never-ending breath, feel the Aeon and the incapability of grasping its limits. Beyond the expression of Chronos devouring his children, one simply has to laugh. COSMIC = COMIC