U3 | Sergej Kapus: Futur antérieur | No – Yes

Sergej Kapus

Futur antérieur II

acrylic on canvas, 145 x 200 cm, 2015

No – Yes

acrylic on canvas, 200 x 145 cm, 2015


Futur antérieur series is a juxtaposition of the Russian avant garde (Rodchenko, Malevich’s painting or drawing) with spacecraft includes a time loop, it activates a retroactive reading where something becomes what it is only in retrospect, where by advancing forward we return back to where we have always been. The pictorial event is thereby not substantiated in advance, but will be substantiated. The double dimension of the futur anterieur tense, the dimension of its anteriority and posteriority, includes a temporality that rebuts the linear time frame. It includes incompleteness, a split, a lack where the direct approach necessarily fails. The event of the painting is an occurrence temporalized subsequently, in the mode of past future. The pictorial space is activated between anticipation (e.g. references to cosmic dimensions in the Russian avant garde) and retroactive reading, between not yet and have always been. This is also how the series Futur Anterieur exposes asymmetry in symmetry. Where heterogeneous pictorial data merge are the exact same places that incessantly evoke discontinuity, distance, absence. The event of a painting dissolves the homogeneous medium of chronological time. The rules of painting themselves are also constantly in the making; they do not represent a cause or a final reference of a (work of) painting, but are in reality only being constructed, or in the words of Hegel: “[T]he examination is not only an examination of knowledge, but also of the criterion used in the process.”



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