U3 | IRWIN: Corpse of Art


Corpse of Art 
mixed media, 2003 


The work is a response to the commentary of one critic who declared a series of Malevich's recordings, reinterpretations, and appropriations a corpse of art (as opposed to the live artistic value of the original). Irwin took this declaration literally and reconstructed the body of Kazimir Malevich in his coffin according to the photograph taken in the House of the Artist Union in Leningrad in 1935. The artist is laid out in a coffin designed by Suetin according to Malevich's architectons and planits (which are models of his utopian architecture). The lid of the coffin is decorated with a circle and a square, the frontal view of the coffin reveals his famous cross. Above the corpse, Malevich's painting Black Square is displayed, and next to the corpse there stands a vase of lilies.


Courtesy of: Gallery Gregor Podnar, Berlin

Photo: Jesko Hirschfeld. Courtesy: Galerija Gregor Podnar



Irwin – Ljubljana
mixed media, 2016


The new production by the IRWIN group for 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3. Beyond the Globe is referring to the architecture of the famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik and its universalist perspective. Plečnik signaled a desire to relate not only to the world history but also with the mystical and mythical components of cosmic life – and at the same time to do so in an absolutely modern way.


Photography: Jaka Babnik

Matte painting: Miran Bratuš