U3 | Maja Hodošček: If You Remember, I Always Talked About the Future!

Maja Hodošček

If You Remember, I Always Talked About the Future!

video, 2013


The artists initial interest in this work was how a certain historical era or political idea is perceived in the absence of an experience, vicariously through images, reminiscences, archives, etc. that help one produce meaning through mental images. The protagonist of the film is truly fascinated by the socialist era, but never experienced it himself. This proximity and distance of a historical era are both the point of departure of the film and the source of a certain discomfort that is difficult to put into words. In the film, this discomfort takes the form of a utopian attempt to imitate the former and only President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. Thus rather than an escape into the past this can be understood in terms of the impossibility of articulating a position in the present.



Excerpt from the interview conducted by curator Irena Borić from Zagreb: "If You Remember, I Always Talked about the Future".


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