U3 | Vadim Fishkin: Choose Your Day

Vadim Fishkin

Choose Your Day

armchair, buttons, reflectors, data projector, video player, audio, ventilator, hair dryer, 2005


A comfortable armchair is placed in a room (the room does not have natural light). Next to the armchair stands an electronic display with the following buttons: *sunny day, *sunset, *rainy day, *winter evening, *full moon night, *stormy night, *on Mars. When the visitor presses one of the buttons the corresponding "environment" appears in the room (the projection of a window, the appropriate lighting, and sound, etc.). The installation offers the viewer both a comforting, homey intimacy (a cozy armchair with a reading lamp) and a feeling of detachment from the outside world, a sense of being sealed off.


Courtesy: Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin
Production: Association DUM / Ljubljana


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