U3 | Femkanje (Katarina Petrović in Bojana Knežević): Radio Mapping the Independent Scene

Photo: Nada Zgank / Archive: City of Women

Femkanje (Katarina Petrović in Bojana Knežević)

Radio Mapping the Independent Scene

Installation, 2015


Radio Mapping the Independent Scene is an audio-visual installation presenting the first season of the radio show / podcast Femkanje. Total of 64 shows, broadcasted on NOFM radio from March 2013 to June 2014, are mapped onto 16 separate speakers and distributed by months of production. All of the radio shows are played simultaneously, giving rise for more then 70 independent authors, of disunited and poorly organized independent cultural scene, to finally be heard in one voice.


Radio show / podcast Femkanje is an independent (art and media) project initiated in March 2013 by two artists from Belgrade, Bojana S. Knezevic and Katarina Petrovic. Dissatisfied with insufficient and inadequate media space available for arts and culture, Femkanje set out to present and promote primarily female, but as well male authors, focusing on young and/or independent artists from both Serbia and ex-Yugoslavian region. Without any restrictions and outside of the discriminatory and over-aestheticized visual media communication, the show represents a free dialogue zone, where artistic interventions and connections between authors and audience are easily made.


With the idea to open up the media space while promoting gender equality, Femkanje aims to improve and strengthen the cultural and independent scene in Serbia, that is - to network and educate young authors from the country and further. The shows are designed to present a comprehensive overview of one author or collective, through an intimate hour-long conversation. Our guests come from many different areas including visual arts, sound art, (experimental) music, drama and applied arts, activism, education and science among others. Additionally, what became apparent after three years of work is a profiled curatorial approach resulting in an alternative mapping of the independent regional art scene.


The installation Radio Mapping the Independent Scene has been previously presented at and co-produced by the 21st City of Women festival, exhibition titled Zig-Zag and curated by Lenka Djorojevic in Ljubljana, 2015.


Website: Femkanje