Tanja Ostojić: Looking for a Husband with EU Passport, 2000-2005


Tanja Ostojić​

1972, Titovo Užice, Yugoslavia, now Serbia; lives in Berlin, Germany


Looking for a Husband with EU Passport, 2000-2005

participatory web project, combined media installation

Courtesy of the artist


In August 2000 I started the project: After publishing an ad with this title, I exchanged over 500 letters with numerous applicants from around the world. After a correspondence of six months with a German man Klemens G. I arranged our first meeting as a public performance in the field in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, 2001. One month later we officially married in New Belgrade. With the international marriage certificate and other required documents I applied for a visa. After two months I got one entrance family unification visa for Germany, limited to three months, so I moved to Düsseldorf where I was officially living for three and a half years. In spring 2005 my three-year permit expired, and instead of granting me a permanent residence permit, the authorities granted me only a two-year visa. After that K. G. and I got divorced, and on the occasion of my “Integration Project Office” installation opening in Gallery 35 in Berlin (July 1, 2005), I organized the “Divorce Party.”