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BIENALE slovenskega oblikovanja (8 ; 2017 ; Ljubljana)
        Brumen 8 / 8. bienale slovenskega oblikovanja = 8th Biennial of Slovenian Design, [3. 10.-26. 11. 2017, Ljubljana ; urednik Ajda Schmidt ; besedila Ajdin Bašić ... [et al.] ; prevodi Hana Cirman, Ajda Schmidt ; portreti žirantov Robert Ilovar]. - Ljubljana : Fundacija Brumen, 2017 ([Izlake] : Grafex). - 405 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

Dostopno tudi na: - Vzpor. slov. in angl. besedilo. - 300 izv. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-94106-2-2
a) Narodna galerija (Ljubljana) - 3. 10.-26. 11. 2017 b) Bienale vidnih sporočil Slovenije (8 ; 2017 ; Ljubljana) c) Grafično oblikovanje - Slovenija - - Razstavni katalogi d) slovensko grafično oblikovanje e) bienale f) 2017 g) nagrade h) intervjuji i) besedila oblikovalcev j) skupinske razstave

COBISS.SI-ID 292572672

        BOREDOM / [edited by Tom McDonough]. - Cambridge (Mass.) ; London : The MIT Press ; London : Whitechapel Gallery, 2017. - 236 str. ; 21 cm. - (Documents of contemporary art)

Urednik naveden na vzpor. nasl. str. - "Artists surveyed include: Chantal Akerman, Francis Alys, John Baldessari, Vanessa Beecroft, Bernadette Corporation, John Cage, Critical Art Ensemble, Merce Cunningham, Marcel Duchamp, Fischli & Weiss, Claire Fontaine, Dick Higgins, Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, Ilya Kabakov, Boris Mikhailov, Robert Morris, John Pilson, Sigmar Polke, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, Gerhard Richter, Situationist International, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Andy Warhol, Faith Wilding, Janet Zweig." --> z ov. - "Writers include: Ina Blom, Nicolas Bourriaud, Jennifer Doyle, Alla Efimova, Jonathan Flatley, Julian Jason Haladyn, The Invisible Committee, Jonathan D. Katz, Chris Kraus, Tan Lin, Sven Lutticken, John Miller, Agne Narusyte, Sianne Ngai, Peter Osborne, Patrice Petro, Christine Ross, Moira Roth, David Foster Wallace, Aleksandr Zinovyev." --> z ov. - "Without boredom, arguably there is no modernity: the current sense of the word emerged simultaneously with industrialisation, mass politics and consumerism. From Manet onwards, when art represents the everyday within modern life, encounters with tedium are inevitable. And from modernism's retreat into abstraction to subsequent demands placed on audiences, from the late 1960s to the present, the viewer's endurance of repetition, slowness or other forms of monotony has become an anticipated feature of gallery-going. In contemporary art, boredom is no longer viewed as a singular experience; rather, it is contingent on diverse social identifications and cultural positions, and extends from a malign condition to be struggled against, to an experience to be embraced, or explored as a site of resistance.In this anthology, the range of boredoms associated with our neoliberal moment is contextualized in a long view which encompasses the political critique of boredom in 1960s France; the simultaneous aesthetic embrace in the USA of silence, repetition or indifference in Fluxus, Pop, Minimalism and conceptual art; the development of feminist diagnoses of malaise in art, performance and film; Punk's social critique and its influence on theories of the postmodern; and the recognition from the end of the 1980s of a specific form of ennui experienced in former communist states. Today, with the emergence of new forms of labour alienation and personal intrusion, deadening forces extend even further into subjective experience, making the divide between a critical and an aesthetic use of boredom ever more tenuous." --z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 228-231. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-85488-252-6 (Whitechapel Gallery)
ISBN 978-0-262-53344-7 (The MIT Press)
a) sodobna umetnost b) dolgčas c) čustva v likovni umetnosti d) besedila umetnikov


        Performance art in Eastern Europe since 1960 / Amy Bryzgel. - Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017 . - XVII, 366 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Rethinking art's histories)

"This volume presents the first comprehensive academic study of the history and development of performance art in the former communist countries of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe since the 1960s. Covering 21 countries and more than 250 artists, this text demonstrates the manner in which performance art in the region developed concurrently with the genre in the West, highlighting the unique contributions of Eastern European artists. The discussions are based on primary source material-interviews with the artists themselves. It offers a comparative study of the genre of performance art in countries and cities across the region, examining the manner in which artists addressed issues such as the body, gender, politics and identity, and institutional critique." --> z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 340-345. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-7849-9422-8 (broš.)
ISBN 978-1-7849-9421-1 (trda vezava)
a) Janša, Janez b) Janša, Janez c) Janša, Janez d) OHO (umetniška skupina) e) Irwin (umetniška skupina) f) Laibach (glasbena skupina) g) vzhodnoevropska umetnost h) srednjeevropska umetnost i) performance art j) konceptualizem k) land art l) body art m) študije spolov n) od 1960 dalje o) p)

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EGENHOFER, Sebastian
        Towards an aesthetics of production / Sebastian Egenhofer ; [translated by James Gussen]. - Zurich ; Berlin : Diaphanes, cop. 2017. - 299 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

"Throughout the twentieth century, art history has been too narrowly focused on formalism. As a result, analyses regularly reduced works of art to their materials, texture, and composition. By contrast, art historian Sebastian Egenhofer takes Gilles Deleuze's readings of Spinoza, Nietzsche, and Bergson as the basis for a new resistance to the overly reductive account of art history. After laying out his argument for a new aesthetics of production in introductory chapters that discuss the work of Spinoza, Nietzsche, and Bergson, as well as Heidegger and Kant, Egenhofer applies this theoretical framework to case studies on Michael Asher, Marcel Duchamp, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Piet Mondrian. An aesthetics of production does not, he argues, imply a nostalgia for the artisanal or for a work of art's singularity, but a way to bring together elements of critical materialism with a thorough reevaluation of the modern art and abstraction." --> z ov. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-3-03734-885-7
a) Asher, Michael b) Duchamp, Marcel c) Hirschhorn, Thomas d) Mondrian, Piet e) teorija umetnosti f) filozofski vidik g) abstraktna umetnost h) postabstraktna umetnost i) od 1960 dalje j) neoplasticizem k) ready made l) site-specific art m) intervencije v prostor


        This is not art : activism and other 'not-art' / Alana Jelinek. - Ponatis. - London ; New York : I. B. Tauris, 2014. - 184 str. ; 22 cm

"Art is not political action. Art is not education. Art does not exist to make society stronger, or the world a better place. Art disrupts and resists the comfortable, the stiflingly familiar and the status quo, or it only serves to deaden a disenfranchised society further. So argues This Is Not Art, a radical and vigorous critique that debunks myths about art in order to celebrate its real and unique importance. With the postmodern deconstruction of now-outdated shibboleths such as 'genius', 'authenticity' and 'beauty', new and neoliberal myths about art have arisen to take their place: that art's value is primarily monetary as a prized and marketable commodity, or that art is important because it ameliorates social problems. These ideas are not only the province of art-dealers and power-brokers, but pervade the part of the artworld that defines itself as radical, political or ethical too. Highlighting the social mechanisms of legitimisation and dissemination that exclude the genuinely disruptive or defiant, This Is Not Art draws on Foucault and Marx to uncover an artworld obsessed with profit and from which diversity, individuality and freedom have been erased. In the search for a new way to understand art's urgent importance, Alana Jelinek returns to the question of 'what is art?', retelling the history of art practice for our contemporary moment and exposing the ways in which neoliberal norms and values have seeped into every aspect of our lives. From the author's unique perspective as a practicing artist and theoretician, This Is Not Art offers not just a searing criticism of the artworld as it is, but a vision of a new way of understanding and practicing art - as the embodiment of power and agency within us, the possibility of thinking and acting differently, of finding new stories to tell." --> z ov. - Bibliografija z opombami: str. 163-181. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-84885-857-2 (broš.)
ISBN 978-1-84885-856-5 (trda vezava)
a) sodobna umetnost b) politični vidik c) filozofski vidik d) umetniški aktivizem e) umetniške prakse f) neoliberalizem


        Rei Kawakubo : Comme des Garçons : art of the in-between / [text] Andrew Bolton ; [photography by Nicholas Alan Cope ... et al.]. - New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, cop. 2017. - 244 str. : ilustr. ; 37 cm + 1 plakat (68 x 98 cm)

"Catalog of an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 4-September 4, 2017." --> v kolofonu. - Bibliografija: str. 240-241. - Vsebina: Introduction : Art of the in-between ; Kawakubo/Bolton: a conversation ; Fashion, antifashion ; Design, not design ; Model, multiple ; Then, now : Past, present, future ; Birth, marriage, death ; High, low : Elite culture, popular culture ; Good taste, bad taste ; Self, other : East, west ; Male, female ; Child, adult ; Object, subject ; Clothes, not clothes : Form, function ; Beautiful, grotesque ; War, peace ; Life, loss ; Fact, fiction ; Order, chaos ; Abstraction, representation ; Quote, unquote ; Chronology ; Collection titles

ISBN 978-1-58839-620-4
a) Kawakubo, Rei (1942-) - Razstavni katalogi b) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) - 4. 5.-4. 9. 2017 c) modni oblikovalci d) japonska moda e) oblikovanje tekstila f) modna fotografija g) Comme des Garcons h) besedila umetnikov i) intervjuji j) osebne razstave k) kronologija

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        MIHA Maleš, slikajoči pesnik / zasnovala, zbrala eseje in slikovno gradivo Breda Ilich Klančnik ; [uredila Nela Malečkar ; slikovno gradivo Galerija Miha Maleš Kamnik ... et al.]. - 1. izd. - Ljubljana : Mladinska knjiga ; Kamnik : Medobčinski muzej, 2017 ([Maribor] : Ma-tisk). - 278 str. : ilustr. ; 27 cm. - (Zbirka Album / Mladinska knjiga)

Ilustr. na spojnih listih. - 1.000 izv. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. pri večini prispevkov. - Izbrana bibliografija Miha Maleša / pripravila Breda Ilich Klančnik: str. 271-277

ISBN 978-961-01-4573-8
a) Maleš, Miha (1903-1987) - Likovne monografije b) slovensko slikarstvo c) slovenska grafika d) poezija in likovna umetnost e) portretna fotografija f) umetniške revije g) besedila umetnikov h) umetniki in njihovi sodobniki i) dokumentarno gradivo j) Četrta generacija k) intervjuji

75(497.4):929Maleš M.
COBISS.SI-ID 291886080

        Lydia Okumura : situations : [UB Art Gallery, Buffalo, September 8 - December 17, 2016, UB Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, September 8, 2016 - January 8, 2017] / [[texts] Rachel Adams, Mari Rodriguez Binnie ; translation Justin Read ... et al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press ; Buffalo : University at Buffalo Art Galleries, cop. 2016. - 110 str. : ilustr. ; 30 cm

Vzpor. por. in angl. besedilo. - "For almost fifty years, Lydia Okumura has explored the realm of geometric abstraction. She challenges our perception of space through sculptures, installations, and works on paper that blur distinctions between dimensions. In the 1970s, a young artist in her native Sao Paulo, she studied the Japanese art magazine Bijutsu Techou, which introduced her to Conceptual art, Minimalism, Land art, and Arte Povera. These movements, along with Brazilian Concretism and Neoconcretism, influenced Okumura's work. Using simple materials such as string, glass, and paint, her dynamic work balances line, plane, and shadow. Okumura's oeuvre-although reminiscent of the work of Latin American artists such as Lygia Pape and Carmen Herrera, as well as contemporaries such as Dorothea Rockburne and Robert Irwin-has remained under-recognized. She has exhibited widely in Sao Paulo and is part of multiple museum collections, but she is much less known in her adopted country, the United States. 'Lydia Okumura: Situations' (September 8, 2016 January 8, 2017) is the artist's first solo exhibition in the United States. Through the exhibition and catalogue, the UB Art Galleries seek to encourage a critical reassessment of Okumura's oeuvre within art history. The catalogue includes an essay on Okumura and her work, by curator Rachel Adams; an account of vanguardism in Brazilian art from 1960 to 1975, by art historian Mari Rodriguez Binnie; a conversation between Adams and Okumura; and extensive photo documentation of Okumura's work from the 1970s until today." --> iz uv.

ISBN 978-3-95679-291-5
a) Okumura, Lydia (1948-) - Razstavni katalogi b) UB Art Gallery (Buffalo) - 8. 9.-17. 12. 2016 c) UB Anderson Gallery (Buffalo) - 8. 9. 2016-8. 1. 2017 d) brazilska umetnost e) latinskoameriška umetnost f) geometrijska abstrakcija g) prostor h) prostorske postavitve i) instalacije j) neokonstruktivizem k) neokonkretna umetnost l) sedemdeseta leta m) osemdeseta leta n) intervjuji o) osebne razstave

7(1/9)(81):929Okumura L.

        Matjaž Počivavšek : sine cera. cum cera : [Muzej za umjetnost i obrt, Zagreb, 12. listopada 2017 - 19. studenog 2017 = Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, October 12th, 2017 - November 19th, 2017] / [tekstovi Miroslav Gašparović, Jure Mikuž ; prijevod sa slovenskog jezika Milena Bekić Milinović ; prijevod na engleski Graham McMaster ; fotografi Boris Gaberščik, Dejan Habicht, Matija Pavlovec]. - Zagreb : Muzej za umjetnost i obrt, cop. 2017. - 46 str. : ilustr. ; 29 cm

Vzpor. hrv. in angl. besedilo. - Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Biografija: str. 43

ISBN 978-953-7641-67-2
a) Počivavšek, Matjaž (1955-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Muzej za umjetnost i obrt (Zagreb) - 12. 10.-19.11. 2017 c) slovensko kiparstvo d) kiparske postavitve e) vosek f) postavitve razstav g) 2007-2017 h) osebne razstave

730.071(437.6)(929):Počivavšek M.
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