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        ANOTHER minimalism : art after California light and space : [The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 14 November 2015 - 21 February 2016] / [text] Melissa E. Feldman. - Edinburgh : The Fruitmarket Gallery, 2015. - 96 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Further reading: str. 90-91

ISBN 978-1-908612-34-2
a) Barth, Uta b) Bell, Larry c) Bove, Carol d) Braman, Sarah e) Dean, Tacita f) Eliasson, Olafur g) Falls, Sam h) Finch, Spencer i) Hein, Jeppe j) Irwin, Robert k) Janssens, Ann Veronica l) Welling, James m) The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh) - 14. 11. 2015-21. 2. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi n) minimalizem o) Light and Space Movement p) vpliv na mlajše umetnike q) vpliv na sodobno umetnost r) site-specific art s) instalacije t) kiparske postavitve u) svetlobni objekti v) w) x) skupinske razstave


        ARHITEKTURA duše, telesa in srca : Mestna galerija Nova Gorica, 4.-25. marec 2016 / Suzana Brborović, Ira Niero Marušič, Nika Zupančič, Joni Zakonjšek ; [besedilo Andrej Medved ; prevod Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi ; fotografije avtorji]. - Nova Gorica : Kulturni dom : Mestna galerija, [2016?] ([Ljubljana] : Present). - 27 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm

Vzpor. slov. besedilo in prevod v angl. - Biografije: str. [28]. - 300 izv.
a) Brborović, Suzana (1988-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Niero Marušič, Ira (1989-) - Razstavni katalogi c) Zupančič, Nika (1978-) - Razstavni katalogi d) Zakonjšek, Joni (1974-) - Razstavni katalogi e) Mestna galerija (Nova Gorica) - 4.-25. 3. 2016 f) slovensko slikarstvo g) sodobno slikarstvo h) slovenske slikarke i) ženske umetnice j) k) skupinske razstave

COBISS.SI-ID 59904610

        ART and contemporaneity / edited by Frank Ruda and Jan Voelker. - Zürich ; Berlin : Diaphanes, cop. 2015. - 176 str. ; 21 cm

"Although art always takes place in time, its manifestations - actual works of art - can be characterized by the specific and close connection they maintain between contemporaneity and timelessness. Their relation to time must be differentiated in a twofold manner: on the one hand, there is the relation to the time in which they are embedded, and, on the other, the relation to the time that they themselves create. In particular historical conditions a specific temporality of the artwork emerges. Both temporalities are superimposed on by one another, namely as a timelessness of artworks as such. The book assembles a variety of thinkers that confront one of the most crucial questions when dealing with the very definition, concept and operativity of art: How to link art to the concept of the contemporary?" --> na ov. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-3-03734-209-1 (broš.)
a) sodobna umetnost b) sodobnost c) filozofski vidik d) teorija sodobne umetnosti e) čas v umetnosti f) performativno gledališče g) estetika h) zborniki


        ART in the periphery of the center / Christoph Behnke, Cornelia Kastelan, Valérie Knoll, Ulf Wuggenig (eds.). - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2015. - 629 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm

Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-3-95679-077-5
a) sodobna umetnost b) pogovori c) okrogle mize d) umetniške prakse e) institucije umetnosti f) ekologija in likovna umetnost g) trajnostni razvoj h) likovni trg i) vrednotenje umetnosti j) k)


        The ARTIST as curator / edited by Celina Jeffery. - Bristol ; Chicago : Intellect, 2015. - VII, 202 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Bibliografija pri posameznih prispevkih. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78320-337-6
a) sodobna umetnost b) kustos in umetnik c) postavitve razstav d) umetniki kot kustosi e) kuratorske prakse f) študije primerov


        AT rejse sig i mørket : menneskeskildrerne i 1950'ernes danske grafik = Rising from darkness : portrayers of man in Danish 1950s prints : [Den Kongelige Kobberstiksamling, 17. september 2015-17. januar 2016] / [text] Liza Kaaring. - Copenhagen : Statens Museum for Kunst, cop. 2015. - 91 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

Vzpor. dan. in angl. besedilo. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-87-92023-78-0
a) Den Kongelige Kobberstiksamling (Copenhagen) - 17. 9. 2015-17. 1. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi b) danska grafika c) figuralna grafika d) petdeseta leta e) skupinske razstave


        Photography, narrative, time : imaging our forensic imagination / by Greg Battye. - Bristol ; Chicago : Intellect, 2014. - XV, 189 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (Critical photography series)

"Providing a wide-ranging account of the narrative properties of photographs, Greg Battye focuses on the storytelling power of a single image, rather than the sequence. Drawing on ideas from painting, drawing, film, video, and multimedia, he applies contemporary research and theories drawn from cognitive science and psychology to the analysis of photographs. Using genuine forensic photographs of crime scenes and accidents, the book mines human drama and historical and sociological authenticity to argue for the centrality of the perception and representation of time in photographic narrativity." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 175-182. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78320-177-8
a) fotografija b) teorija fotografije c) narativna fotografija d) čas v fotografiji


        BAUHAUS - networking ideas and practice : [Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 9 May - 26 July 2015] / [editor Jadranka Vinterhalter ; contributors Aida Abadžić Hodžić ... [et al.] ; translation Milena Baljak ... et al.]. - Zagreb : Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, cop. 2015. - 434 str. : ilustr. ; 22 x 24 cm

Nasl. raztegnjen čez dve str. - Dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Bibliografija z opombami ob besedilu. - Bibliography on the Bauhaus and its impact / Zrinka Ivković: str. 410-417

ISBN 978-953-7615-84-0 (broš.)
a) Černigoj, Avgust (1898-1985) b) Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (Zagreb) - 9. 5.-26. 7. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi c) Bauhaus d) vplivi in primerjave e) dvajseta leta f) trideseta leta g) avantgardna umetnost h) slovenska umetnost i) hrvaška umetnost j) bosanska umetnost k) kronologija 1918-1961 l) študij umetnosti m) umetniške šole

COBISS.SI-ID 4054363

BRAČUN Sova, Rajka
        Irwinov Kapital - zakaj ga ne razumemo / Rajka Bračun Sova in Metoda Kemperl. - Ilustr. - Povzetek ; Abstract: str. 174. - Bibliografija: str. 92-94.

V: Šolsko polje. - ISSN 1581-6036. - Letn. 26, št. 5/6 (2015), str. 79-94.


COBISS.SI-ID 10897481

BRANCUSI, Constantin
        Constantin Brancusi / [text] Sanda Miller. - London : Reaktion Books, 2010. - 173 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm. - (Critical lives)

"Acknowledged as one of the major sculptors and avant-garde artists of the twentieth century, Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) also remained one of the most elusive. His mysterious nature was not only due to his upbringing in Romania - which, at the time, was still regarded by much of Europe as a backward country haunted by vampires and werewolves - but also because Brancusi was aware that myth and an 'aura of otherness' appealed to the public. This self-mythology is embodied in his white atelier in Montparnasse, Paris. In "Constantin Brancusi", Sanda Miller looks beyond the mythology of the artist to show us Constantin the Romanian student, as well as Brancusi the celebrated artist. Using new material, including private correspondence from Brancusi's archive in Paris, works from Romania, and Brancusi's own photos of his studio, the author weaves together and interprets a wealth of information, bringing to life his early years in Romania, his move to Paris and his years at his studio. She relates how his art scandalized the Paris salon, yet also explores how his work connects with the folk art of his homeland. She also provides colourful evocations of Brancusi's relationships with colleagues, dealers, friends and lovers. An innovative reassessment of Brancusi's life and work, Sanda Miller's perceptive book allows Brancusi to take his rightful place among the most important of the intellectual personalities who shaped twentieth-century modernism." --> na ov. - Selected bibliography: str. 167-170

ISBN 978-1-86189-652-0
a) Brancusi, Constantin (1876-1957) b) romunsko kiparstvo c) figuralno kiparstvo d) abstraktno kiparstvo e) umetniški ateljeji f) Pariz g) h) umetniki in njihovi sodobniki i) biografije umetnikov j) dokumentarno gradivo

730.071(498):929Brancusi C.

BUCK, Louisa
        Commissioning contemporary art : a handbook for curators, collectors and artists / Louisa Buck, Daniel McClean ; consultant editor Vivien Lovell. - London : Thames & Hudson, 2012. - 320 str. ; 22 cm

"This handbook provides a definitive guide to commissioning contemporary art. Every step and stage is revealed and demystified from the initial invitation to an artist to the financing of a project, from the drafting of contracts to the final siting and installation of works, from the care and preservation of commissioned pieces to their interpretation and publicity. This handbook provides the definitive guide to commissioning contemporary art. Every step and stage is revealed and demystified from the initial invitation to an artist to the financing of a project, from the drafting of contracts to the final siting and installation of works, from the care and preservation of commissioned pieces to their interpretation and publicity. Combining theoretical and conceptual considerations with practical ones, Buck and McCleans lively and instructive text is supplemented with copious quotations and insights from some of the best-known artists, curators, commissioners and museum directors of today, including Nicholas Serota, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jeff Koons, Vito Acconci, Mark Wallinger, Anish Kapoor, RoseLee Goldberg, Thomas Krens, Anne Pasternak, Barbara Gladstone, Mera Rubell, and Olafur Eliasson, to provide a detailed and informed how-to guide to the commissioning process." --> na ov. - Bibliografija z opombami: str. 308-311. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-500-23898-1 (trda vezava)
a) sodobna umetnost b) naročniki c) meceni d) umetniki in naročniki e) zbiratelji f) zasebne zbirke g) galeristi h) javna umetniška dela i) site-specific art j) priročniki k) avtorske pravice l) avtorsko pravo


CAHUN, Claude
        Claude Cahun et ses doubles : [Nantes, Médiathèque Jacques Demy, du 3 juillet au 31 octobre 2015] / [commissaire d'exposition Marion Chaigne]. - Nantes : MeMo, 2015. - 109 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm

Biografija: str. 106-[110]

ISBN 978-2-352-89267-0 (trda vezava)
a) Cahun, Claude (1894-1954) - Razstavni katalogi b) Médiathèque Jacques Demy (Nantes) - 3. 7.-31. 10. 2015 c) francoska fotografija d) nadrealizem e) avtoportret f) besedila umetnikov g) poezija h) fotomontaža i) osebne razstave

77-051(44):929Cahun C.

        CLOSER : intimacies in art 1730-1930 : [Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, 11 February - 8 May 2016] / [text] Mikkel Bogh. - Copenhagen : Statens Museum for Kunst, cop. 2016. - 293 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Bibliografija: str. 271-274

ISBN 978-87-92023-94-0
a) Statens Museum for Kunst (Copenhagen) - 11. 2.-8. 5. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi b) intimnost v likovni umetnosti c) dom d) družina e) interier (motiv) f) vsakdanje življenje (motiv) g) tihožitje h) akt i) 1730-1930 j) skupinske razstave


        The debate : the legendary contest of two giants of graphic design / Wim Crouwel, Jan Van Toorn ; foreword by Rick Poynor ; essays by Frederike Huygen and Dingenus Van De Vrie ; [translation by Ton Brouwers]. - 1st American ed. - New York : The Monacelli Press, cop. 2015. - 174 str. : ilustr. ; 18 cm

Prevod dela: Crouwel - van Toorn : het Debat. - Biografiji umetnikov: str. 169-170. - Wim Crouwel and Jan van Toorn, a public clash of subjectivity versus objectivity at Amsterdam s Museum Fodor that helped set the stage for bold philosophical showdowns to come in design culture. Held in response to an exhibition of Van Toorn s work at Stedelijk Museum, including student posters protesting the Vietnam War in an era of youth culture and increasing resistance to authority, capitalism, and the power of media the stakes were aesthetic, ethical, and politically charged. Crouwel defended his approach of neutrality and austere rationalism, attention to typography and worksmanship, and professionalism in service of the client s message. Van Toorn argued for his use of chaos, collage, and photographs of everyday life; that a designer s ideas, personality, and political commitments are integral to the work. Dialogue on The Debate has reverberated in graphic design circles for the four decades since, and it is often referenced in modern design criticism as a key marker for the philosophical positions that continue to define the profession. The first English transcript of this key event in design history will allow a contemporary audience to discover the ongoing relevance of The Debate in an increasingly complex visual culture. Along with the transcript, this pocket-sized clothbound book contains a foreword by prominent design critic Rick Poynor, and essays from Dutch design historian Frederike Huygen, who discusses the historical context of the debate, and curator Dingenus van de Vrie, who looks more closely at these two giants different perspectives on graphic design. A color gallery juxtaposes a representative selection from the oeuvres of Crouwel and Van Toorn, including exhibition designs, calendars, posters, brochures, artist book designs, postal stamps, and fascinating works such as the script of a 1969 stage production based on a story by Jorge Luis Borges, sealed in a tin can, and a many-gatefolded catalog for Ed Ruscha s Dutch Details at Groninger Museum." --> na ov.

ISBN 978-1-58093-412-1 (trda vezava)
a) Crouwel, Wim (1928-) b) Toorn, Jan van (1932-) c) nizozemsko grafično oblikovanje d) diskusije e) grafični oblikovalci f) oblikovanje publikacij g) znamke h) koledarji i) plakati j) oblikovanje razstav


CVEJIĆ, Bojana
        Public sphere by performance / Bojana Cvejić and Ana Vujanović. - 2nd ed. - Berlin : b_books ; Aubervilliers : Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, 2015. - 181 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Bibliografija: str. 175-181

ISBN 978-3-942214-10-0
a) performance b) ples c) koreografija d) javni prostor e) politični vidik f) ideologija g) družbeni vidik h) Jugoslavija


ČOH, Zvonko
        Capriccio - vse, kar vidim, počečkam : pregledna razstava = Capriccio - I doodle over whatever I see : overview exhibition : Mestna galerija Ljubljana, 3. 12. 2015-8. 2. 2016 / Zvonko Čoh ; [uvodni esej Sarival Sosič ; angleški prevod Manca Gašperšič ; fotografije postavitve Matevž Paternoster ; dokumentacija arhiv umetnika]. - Ljubljana : Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Mestna galerija, 2016 (Ljubljana : Formatisk). - 141 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Vzpor. slov. besedilo in prevod v angl. - Biografija: str. 129. - 300 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 133-135

ISBN 978-961-6969-08-6
a) Čoh, Zvonko (1956-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Mestna galerija (Ljubljana) - 3. 12. 2015-8. 2. 2016 c) slovenska umetnost d) slovensko slikarstvo e) slovenska risba f) postavitve razstav g) h) i) osebne razstave

7.038.55(497.4):929Čoh Z.
COBISS.SI-ID 283093504

        FLAMANDS et Hollandais : la collection du musée des beaux-arts de Nantes : suivi du catalogue raisonné des peintures flamandes, hollandaises, allemandes et espagnoles du XVe au XVIIIe siècle : [Nantes, Château des Ducs de Bretagne, 30 mai - 30 août 2015] / sous la direction d'Adeline Collange-Perugi et de David Mandrella. - Milano : Silvana Editoriale, 2015. - 297 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Bibliografija: str. 279-297

ISBN 978-88-366-3095-0
a) Château des Ducs de Bretagne (Nanets) - 30. 5.-30. 8. 2015 b) flamsko slikarstvo c) holandsko slikarstvo d) špansko slikarstvo e) nemško slikarstvo f) francoski muzeji g) stalne zbirke h) izbor iz stalne zbirke i) opisi slik


        "Družbo je treba braniti" : predavanja na Collège de France (1975-1976) / Michel Foucault ; [prevod Ana Monika Habjan ; spremna študija Primož Krašovec]. - Ljubljana : Studia Humanitatis, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Studio print). - 319 str. ; 21 cm

Vrnitev neodpisanega : Foucault / Primož Krašovec: str. 293-319. - Prevod dela: "Il faut défendre la société". - 400 izv. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-961-6798-58-7
a) Foucault, Michel (1926-1984) - Predavanje b) Foucault, Michel (1926-1984) - Spremne besede c) Družba d) francoska filozofija e) filozofija kulture

1Foucault M.(081)
COBISS.SI-ID 282568192

GAMWELL, Lynn, 1943-
        Mathematics + art : a cultural history / Lynn Gamwell ; foreword by Neil deGrasse Tyson. - Princeton (N.J.) ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, cop. 2016. - XVIII, 556 str. : ilustr. ; 32 cm

Nasl. raztegnjen čez dve str. - "This is a cultural history of mathematics and art, from antiquity to the present. Mathematicians and artists have long been on a quest to understand the physical world they see before them and the abstract objects they know by thought alone. Taking readers on a tour of the practice of mathematics and the philosophical ideas that drive the discipline, Lynn Gamwell points out the important ways mathematical concepts have been expressed by artists. Sumptuous illustrations of artworks and cogent math diagrams are featured in Gamwell's comprehensive exploration. Gamwell begins by describing mathematics from antiquity to the Enlightenment, including Greek, Islamic, and Asian mathematics. Then focusing on modern culture, Gamwell traces mathematicians' search for the foundations of their science, such as David Hilbert's conception of mathematics as an arrangement of meaning-free signs, as well as artists' search for the essence of their craft, such as Aleksandr Rodchenko's monochrome paintings. She shows that self-reflection is inherent to the practice of both modern mathematics and art, and that this introspection points to a deep resonance between the two fields: Kurt Godel posed questions about the nature of mathematics in the language of mathematics and Jasper Johns asked "What is art?" in the vocabulary of art. Throughout, Gamwell describes the personalities and cultural environments of a multitude of mathematicians and artists, from Gottlob Frege and Benoit Mandelbrot to Max Bill and Xu Bing. Mathematics and Art demonstrates how mathematical ideas are embodied in the visual arts and will enlighten all who are interested in the complex intellectual pursuits, personalities, and cultural settings that connect these vast disciplines." --> na zavihku ščitnega ov. - Bibliografija z opombami: str. 512-545. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-691-16528-8 (trda vezava)
a) matematika in likovna umetnost b) kulturna zgodovina c) geometrija v likovni umetnosti d) znanost in likovna umetnost e) proporci f) geometrijska abstrakcija g) kozmos h) zlati rez i) simetrija j) računalniška umetnost k) konstruktivizem

COBISS.SI-ID 10894665

        Saudade : Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Kulturni center Tobačna 001, 26. 2.-27. 3. 2015 / Meta Grgurevič ; [teksta Iza Pevec, Alenka Trebušak ; prevod Manca Gašperšič ; fotografije Matevž Paternoster]. - Ljubljana : Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Mestna galerija, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Formatisk). - 15 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Ov. nasl. - Slov. besedilo in angl. prevod. - 200 izv.

ISBN 978-961-6969-03-1
a) Grgurevič, Meta (1979-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Kulturni center Tobačna 001 (Ljubljana) - 26. 2.-27. 3. 2015 c) slovenska umetnost d) osebne razstave

7.038.53(497.4):929Grgurevič M.
COBISS.SI-ID 278884864

GROYS, Boris
        In the flow / Boris Groys. - London ; New York : Verso, 2016. - 202 str. ; 22 cm

"In the early 20th century, art and its institutions came under critique from a new democratic and egalitarian spirit, as works of art as sacred object was decried and they would be understood as merely things. This meant an attack on realism, as well as the traditional preservative mission of the museum. Acclaimed art theorist Boris Gorys argues this led to the development of direct realism: an art that would not produce objects, but practices (from performance art to relational aesthetics) that would not survive. But for more than a century now, every advance in this direction has been quickly followed by new means of preserving arts distinction. In this major new work, Groys charts the paradoxes produced by this tension, and explores art in the age of the thingless medium, the internet. Groys claims that if the techniques of mechanical reproduction gave us objects without aura, digital production generates aura without objects, transforming all its materials into vanishing markers of the transitory present." --> na zavihku ščitnega ov. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78478-350-1 (trda vezava)
a) teorija sodobne umetnosti b) filozofija in likovna umetnost c) muzeji sodobne umetnosti d) arhivi umetnosti e) internet f) umetniški aktivizem


HARRIS, Jonathan P.
        The utopian globalists : artists of worldwide revolution, 1919-2009 / / Jonathan Harris. - Chichester ; Oxford ; Malden (MA) : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. - XII, 347 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Bibliografija in opombe pri posameznih poglavjih. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-4051-9301-6 (trda vezava)
a) utopija b) globalizacija in likovna umetnost c) politični vidik d) 1919-2009


        ICOMOV kodeks etike za naravoslovne muzeje / [prevod Generalni sekretariat vlade RS, sektor za prevajanje]. - Ljubljana : ICOM - Mednarodni muzejski svet, Slovenski odbor, Slovene National Commitee, Comité national slovène, 2015 (Žirovnica : Medium). - 32 str. ; 23 cm

300 izv.

ISBN 978-961-91506-4-1
a) International Council of Museums b) Naravoslovni muzeji - Poklicna etika c) muzeji d) muzeologija e) muzejski pravilniki f) muzejski standardi

COBISS.SI-ID 282554112

        Rob v središču : izbrana poglavja o eksperimentalnem gledališču v Sloveniji 1955-1967 / [[avtor], izbor fotografskega gradiva] Primož Jesenko ; [prevod povzetka Jana Renée Wilcoxen ; imensko kazalo Nataša Varušak]. - Ljubljana : Slovenski gledališki inštitut, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Littera picta). - 446 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Dokumenti slovenskega gledališkega inštituta, ISSN 2463-8277 ; letn. 51, št. 92)

250 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 407-426. - Kazalo. - Povzetek ; Abstract

ISBN 978-961-6860-09-3
a) Černigoj, Avgust b) Eksperimentalno gledališče - Slovenija - 1955-1967 c) slovensko gledališče d) zgodovinski pregledi e) avantgardno gledališče f) g) fotografsko dokumentarno gradivo h) intervjuji

COBISS.SI-ID 282386944

KARIŽ, Žiga, 1973-
        Slikar ʼ73 = Painter ʼ73 / Žiga Kariž ; [uvod Alenka Trebušak ; tekst Petja Grafenauer ; prevod teksta Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, prevod uvoda Manca Gašperšič ; dokumentacija Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Alenka Trebušak ; fotografije umetnikov arhiv]. - Ljubljana : Aksioma, zavod za sodobne umetnosti : Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Mestna galerija, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Formatisk). - 170 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Katalog razstave Freud, Marx in Jaz = Freud, Marx and Self, Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Kulturni center Tobačna 001, 15. 9.-16. 10. 2015 in Mestna galerija Nova Gorica, 8.-29. 1. 2016. - Besedilo v slov. in prevod v angl. - 300 izv.

ISBN 978-961-93930-2-4 (Aksioma)
a) Kariž, Žiga (1973-) - Razstavni katalogi b) slovensko slikarstvo c) osebne razstave

75(497.4):929Kariž Ž.
COBISS.SI-ID 282834944

LA Fosse, Charles de
        Charles de La Fosse (1636-1716) : le triomphe de la couleur : [Versailles, Château de Versailles, du 24 février au 24 mai 2015, Nantes, Musée des beaux-arts, Chapelle de l'Oratoire, du 19 juin au 20 septembre 2015] / sous la direction de Béatrice Sarrazin, Adeline Collange-Perugi et Clémentine Gustin-Gomez. - Paris : Somogy, 2015. - 239 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

"Quelque peu tombé dans l'oubli ces deux derniers siècles, Charles de La Fosse (1636-1716) est pourtant le grand introducteur des idées nouvelles sous le règne de Louis XIV dont il est l'exact contemporain. Son oeuvre témoigne de l'évolution de la création artistique, de Charles Le Brun, dont il fut l'élève, à celle d'Antoine Watteau, un ami proche. Considéré comme l'un des meilleurs peintres de son temps, Charles de La Fosse participe à tous les chantiers royaux des Tuileries, du château de Versailles et des Invalides, tout en consacrant une grande part de son activité aux commandes privées. Son oeuvre est aussi remarquable par ses nombreux dessins, notamment ceux à la technique des trois crayons (pierre noire, sanguine, rehauts de blanc). Publié à l'occasion de la première exposition monographique conjointement organisée par le château de Versailles et le musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, cet ouvrage met en lumière les différentes facettes du talent de l'artiste qui, puisant ses racines chez les maîtres de l'Académie (Nicolas Poussin et Charles Le Brun), sait se renouveler au contact de la peinture vénitienne (Titien et Paul Véronèse) et flamande (Pierre Paul Rubens et Antoine Van Dyck) pour créer une peinture séduisante et légère, aux coloris chatoyants. Favorisant la couleur plutôt que la ligne, l'oeuvre de La Fosse, extrêmement novatrice, fait de ce peintre l'un des grands précurseurs du XVIIIe siècle." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 232-236

ISBN 978-2-7572-0915-8
a) La Fosse, Charles de (1636-1716) - Razstavni katalogi b) Château de Versailles (Versailles) - 24. 2.-24. 5. 2015 c) Chapelle de l'Oratoire (Nantes) - 19. 6.-20. 9. 2015 d) francosko slikarstvo e) baročno slikarstvo f) g) h) kronologija i) opisi slik j) osebne razstave

75(44):929La Fosse C.

        Po vsem sodeč : gledališke kritike 1993-2013 / Blaž Lukan. - Ljubljana : Slovenski gledališki inštitut, 2015 (Begunje : Cicero). - 575 str. ; 24 cm. - (Dokumenti Slovenskega gledališkega inštituta, ISSN 2463-8277 ; letn. 52, št. 93)

O avtorju na zavihku ov. - 200 izv. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-6860-10-9
a) Gledališka kritika - Slovenija - 1993-2013 b) slovensko gledališče c) gledališki kritiki d) odzivi na predstave

COBISS.SI-ID 282785024

        The MAGAZINE / [edited by Gwen Allen]. - London : Whitechapel Gallery ; Cambridge (Mass.) ; London : The MIT Press, 2016. - 237 str. ; 21 cm. - (Documents of contemporary art)

Urednica navedena na vzpor. nasl. str. - "The multiple platforms of the digital era have not diminished the role of the magazine for artists as an alternative medium and experimental space. Intrinsically collaborative, including readers' active engagement, the magazine is an inherently 'open' form which generates constantly evolving relationships. It was integral to the emergence of art criticism in the Enlightenment period and the development of artistic dialogues around notions of culture, politics and the public from the modern era avant-gardes to the present. This anthology contextualises the current condition and potential of the artist's magazine, surveying the art worlds it has by turns created and superseded. In addition to surveying case studies of transformational magazines from the early 1960s onwards, this collection includes a wide-ranging archive of key editorial statements, from eighteenth-century Weimar to twenty-first century Bangkok, Cape Town and Delhi.Artists surveyed include Can Altay, Ei Arakawa, Julieta Aranda, Tania Bruguera, Maurizio Cattelan, Eduardo Costa, Dexter Sinister, Rimma Gerlovina, Valeriy Gerlovin, Robert Heinecken, John Holmstrom, John Knight, Silvia Kolbowski, Lee Lozano, Josephine Meckseper, Clemente Padin, Raymond Pettibon, Adrian Piper, Seth Price, Raqs Media Collective, Riot Grrrl, Martha Rosler, Sanaa Seif, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Scott Treleaven, Triple Canopy and Anton Vidokle. Writers include Saul Anton, Stuart Brand, Jack Burnham, Johanna Burton, Thomas Crow, Edit DeAk, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jurgen Habermas, Martina Koppel-Yang, Antje Krause-Wahl, Lucy Lippard, Caolan Madden, Valentina Parisi, Howardena Pindell, Georg Schollhammer, Nancy Spector, Sally Stein, Reiko Tomii, Jud Yalkut and Vivian Ziherl." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 228-231. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-85488-243-4 (Whitechapel Gallery)
ISBN 978-0-262-52866-5 (The MIT Press)
a) umetniške revije b) zgodovina umetniških revij c) založniška dejavnost d) besedila umetnikov e) intervjuji f) antologije g) 1960-2015


        Liberalizem, fašizem, neoliberalizem / Tomaž Mastnak. - Ljubljana : Založba /*cf., 2015 ([Maribor] : Darima). - 185 str. ; 20 cm + 1 razglednica. - (Oranžna zbirka)

400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 161-183

ISBN 978-961-257-071-2
a) Liberalizem b) Fašizem c) politične teorije d) politična gibanja e) politična zgodovina f) neoliberalizem

COBISS.SI-ID 282843648

MCKEE, Yates
        Strike art : contemporary art and the post-occupy condition / Yates McKee. - London ; New York : Verso, 2016. - 296 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

Bibliografija z opombami: str. 253-286. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78478-188-0 (trda vezava)
a) sodobna umetnost b) umetniški aktivizem c) politični vidik d) umetniški radikalizem e) neoliberalizem f) družbena angažiranost g) protestna gibanja h) demonstracije i) podnebne spremembe


MEDVED, Andrej, 1947-
        Politični in drugi spisi : eseji / Andrej Medved. - Koper : Hyperion, 2012 (Izola : Reprostudio). - 191 str. : ilustr. ; 19 cm

500 izv. - Vsebina na nasl. str.: Moja in njihova morala : (vaje v upornosti - Pisma v nebesa) ; Brdarjev Križani : (Corpus hermeticum artificis kot corpus Christi) ; De Sadova Ž - d - m : (Ženska - devica - monstrum) ; Pregljev Diptihon : (kot Oznanjenje in Žrtvena daritev: Izak, Ojdip, Kristus)

ISBN 978-961-6382-79-3
a) Brdar, Jakov (1949-) b) Pregelj, Marij (1913-1967) c) slovenska umetnost d) eseji e) politični vidik

COBISS.SI-ID 262407168

        MODA v gibanju : italijanski slog 1951-1990 : utrinki slovenske mode = Fashion in motion : Italian style 1951-1990 : glimpses of Slovenian fashion / [avtorji besedil Nina Zdravič Polič ... [et al.] ; uredila Nina Zdravič Polič ; prevodi David Limon, Franc Smrke, Mateja Kralj ; fotografije arhiv Federico Garrolla ... et al.]. - Ljubljana : Slovenski etnografski muzej, 2015 (Žirovnica : Medium). - 124 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm + popravki

Besedilo v slov. in angl. - 500 izv. - Bibliografija pri večini prispevkov

ISBN 978-961-6388-44-3
a) Slovenski etnografski muzej (Ljubljana) - 16. 6.-8. 11. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi b) Modno oblikovanje - Italija - 1951-1990 - Razstavni katalogi c) Modno oblikovanje - Slovenija - - Razstavni katalogi d) Slovenski igrani film - Moda - 1950-1999 - Razstavni katalogi e) slovenska moda f) italiajnska moda g) vplivi h) 1951-1990 i) oblačila j) modni oblikovalci k) modna fotografija l) filmska kostumografija

COBISS.SI-ID 279886080

        MOJ atelje v noči : atelje v o [sic] očeh umetnikov = Il mio atelier nella notte : l'atelier visto con gli occhi degli artisti = My atelier in the night : atelier trought [sic] the artist's eyes : [Galerija Herman Pečarič, Piran, 16. 12. 2015 - 28. 2. 2016] / [urednica kataloga Majda Božeglav Japelj ; besedila Tina Ponebšek ... [et al.] ; prevodi Ivan Marković ... et al.]. - Piran = Pirano : Obalne galerije = Gallerie Costiere, [2015?] (Izola : Repro point). - 71 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Vzpor. slov. besedilo in prevod v angl. in it. - 300 izv.
a) Pečarič, Herman b) Pilon, Veno c) Dovjak, Marjan d) Borčić, Bogdan e) Jeraj, Zmago f) Didek, Zoran g) Galerija Herman Pečarič (Piran) - 16. 12. 2015-28. 2. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi h) slovensko slikarstvo i) atelje (motiv) j) umetniški ateljeji k) l) skupinske razstave


MOUFFE, Chantal
        Agonistika : misliti svet politično / Chantal Mouffe ; prevedla Aleksandra Rekar ; [spremna beseda Peter Klepec ; imensko kazalo Amelia Kraigher, Nika Leskovšek]. - Ljubljana : Maska, 2015 ([Begunje] : Cicero). - 169 str. ; 20 cm. - (Zbirka Mediakcije ; knj. št. 14)

Prevod dela: Agonistics. - 400 izv. - Delovati, delovati politično, zato smo tu! / Peter Klepec: str. 153-165. - O avtorici na sprednjem zavihku ov. - Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-6572-42-2
a) Mouffe, Chantal (1943-) - Intervjuji b) Politične vede - Filozofija c) Demokracija d) Radikalizem e) filozofija politike f) umetniški aktivizem g) muzeji

COBISS.SI-ID 283217152

        PATRIAE et orbi : essays on Central European art and architecture : festschrift in honour of Damjan Prelovšek = študije o srednjeevropski umetnosti : jubilejni zbornik za Damjana Prelovška / edited by, uredili Ana Lavrič, Franci Lazarini, Barbara Murovec ; [bibliography compilation Simona Kermavnar, Andreja Rakovec] ; [published by] Umetnostnozgodovinski inštitut Franceta Steleta ZRC SAZU. - 1. izd., 1. natis = 1st ed., 1st print run. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC = ZRC Publishing, 2015 (Begunje : Cicero). - 804 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm. - (Opera Instituti Artis Historiae)

Besedilo v slov., angl. ali nem., en prispevek v it. - 400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 709-763 in v opombah na dnu str. - Povzetek v slov., angl. ali it. pri večini prispevkov, izvlečki v slov. in angl. na koncu knjige

ISBN 978-961-254-873-5
a) Prelovšek, Damjan (1945-) - Jubilejni zborniki b) Plečnik, Jože (1872-1957) c) srednjeevropska umetnost d) srednjeevropska arhitektura

012Prelovšek D.
COBISS.SI-ID 283453440

POLKE, Sigmar
        Alibis : Sigmar Polke 1963-2010 : [The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 19 April - 3 August 2014, Tate Modern, London, 9 October 2014 - 8 February 2015, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 14 March - 5 July 2015] / edited by Kathy Halbreich ; with Mark Godfrey, Lanka Tattersall, and Magnus Schaefer. - London : Tate Publishing, 2014. - 317 str. : ilustr. ; 32 cm

Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Bibliografija: str. 301-309. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-84976-255-7 (trda vezava)
a) Polke, Sigmar (1941-2010) - Razstavni katalogi b) The Museum of Modern Art (New York) - 19. 4.-3. 8. 2014 c) Tate Modern (London) - 9. 10. 2014-8. 2. 2015 d) Museum Ludwig (Cologne) - 14. 3.-5. 7. 2015 e) nemško slikarstvo f) nemška fotografija g) fotografija in slikarstvo h) 1963-2010 i) osebne razstave j) kronologija k) intervjuji

75(430):929Polke S.

PREMK, Janez, 1973-
        Mariborska sinagoga / Janez in Anja Premk. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, 2015 (Ljubljana : Collegium graphicum). - 91 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm. - (Umetnine v žepu, ISSN 2232-3775 ; 12)

Potiskana zadnja notr. str. ov. - Spremna beseda Barbare Murovec na zadnji str. ov. - 400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 89-91

ISBN 978-961-254-867-4
a) Maribor - Sinagoga - Umetnostni vodniki b) Maribor - Judovska četrt - Zgodovina c) Judje d) arhitekturna dediščina e) kulturna zgodovina f) sakralna arhitektura g) sakralna umetnost h) sinagoge i) arheološke raziskave j) obnove stavb

COBISS.SI-ID 283094016

        PRENOVA Narodnega doma : uresničene sanje Narodne galerije / [avtorji besedil Anka Batič ... [et al.] ; uredila Dušan Benko, Mateja Krapež ; predgovor Barbara Jaki ... et al.]. - Ljubljana : Narodna galerija, 2016 ([Kranj] : Gorenjski tisk storitve). - 60 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

600 izv.

ISBN 978-961-6743-50-1
a) Narodna galerija (Ljubljana) - Prenova - Razstavni katalogi - 27. 1.-17. 4. 2016 b) Umetnostne galerije - Zgodovina - Ljubljana c) slovenske galerije d) zgodovina galerij e) konservatorski posegi f) restavratorski posegi g) prenove muzejev h) 2009-2015 i) muzejska arhitektura

COBISS.SI-ID 282986752

        Nelagodje v estetiki / Jacques Rancière ; prevod Marko Jenko, Rok Benčin ; [predgovor Rok Benčin]. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2012 ([Ljubljana] : Littera picta). - 171 str. ; 22 cm. - (Philosophica. Series Prizma / Filozofski inštitut ZRC SAZU, ISSN 2232-3015)

Prevod dela: Malaise dans l'esthétique. - 380 izv. - Videz in delitev / Rok Benčin: str. 7-26. - Bibliografija knjižnih del Jacquesa Rancièra: str. 163-164. - Kazali

ISBN 978-961-254-362-4
a) Badiou, Alain b) Lyotard, François c) Estetika d) filozofija umetnosti e) umetnost in politika f) sublimno g) modernizem

COBISS.SI-ID 260816384

        The composition of movements to come : aesthetics and cultural labour after the avant-garde / Stevphen Shukaitis. - London ; New York : Rowman & Littlefield International, cop. 2016. - XX, 176 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (New politics of autonomy)

"How does the avant-garde create spaces in everyday life that subvert regimes of economic and political control? How do art, aesthetics and activism inform one another? And how do strategic spaces of creativity become the basis for new forms of production and governance? The Composition of Movements to Come reconsiders the history and the practices of the avant-garde, from the Situationists to the Art Strike, revolutionary Constructivism to Laibach and Neue Slowenische Kunst, through an autonomist Marxist framework. Moving the framework beyond an overly narrow class analysis, the book explores broader questions of the changing nature of cultural labor and forms of resistance around this labor. It examines a doubly articulated process of refusal: the refusal of separating art from daily life and the re-fusing of these antagonistic energies by capitalist production and governance. This relationship opens up a new terrain for strategic thought in relation to everyday politics, where the history of the avant-garde is no longer separated from broader questions of political economy or movement, but becomes a point around which to reorient these considerations." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 153-169. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-7834-8173-6 (broš.)
ISBN 978-1-7834-8172-9 (trda vezava)
a) Neue Slowenische Kunst (umetniška skupina) b) avantgardna umetnost c) politika in kultura d) umetniške prakse e) umetniški aktivizem f) politični vidik g) situacionistična internacionala h)


        Priročnik za varovanje premične kulturne dediščine v muzejih na prostem / Polona Sketelj. - 2. izd. - Ljubljana : Slovenski etnografski muzej, 2011 ([Ljubljana] : Para). - 42 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (Zbirka Priročniki SEM)

300 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 38-42

ISBN 978-961-6388-30-6
a) Kulturna dediščina - Varovanje gradiva - Priročniki b) Muzeji na prostem - Varovanje gradiva - Priročniki c) muzejski standardi d) Slovenija e) muzejska zakonodaja f) muzejska dokumentacija g) znanstvenoraziskovalno delo v muzejih h) pedagoško delo v muzejih

COBISS.SI-ID 259156992

SPRETNAK, Charlene
        The spiritual dynamic in modern art : art history reconsidered, 1800 to the present / Charlene Spretnak. - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. - VI, 251 str., [20] str. pril. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

"The history of modern art has generally been understood as a grand leap away from tradition, religion, and conventional norms, yielding decidedly secular art. Yet a majority of the prominent modern artists in every period had strong interests in the spiritual dimension of life, which they expressed in the new art forms they created. The Spiritual Dynamic in Modern Art draws on direct statements by scores of leading artists - cited from little known historical documentation as well as contemporary interviews - to demonstrate that spirituality, far from being inconsequential in the terrain of modern art, is generative. This magisterial overview insightfully presents, for the first time, a chronological survey of the major art movements that weaves together spiritual profiles of numerous leading artists and situates their stories within the cultural context of each period. The result is a significantly expanded understanding of the cultural history of modern art." --> na ov. - Opombe z bibliografijo: str. 215-239. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-137-56969-1 (broš.)
a) duhovno v likovni umetnosti b) sodobna umetnost c) moderna umetnost d) e) f) g) stilna obdobja h) teozofija i) zen j) religija in likovna umetnost


        TEKST i grad : tekst u hrvatskoj urbanoj fotografiji od 1930-ih do danas = Text and the city : text in Croatian urban photography from the 1930s to the present : [No Galerija, [Zagreb], 7. listopada - 30. listopada 2015] / [tekst] Ofra Amihay ; [prijevod Ivana Ostojčić]. - Zagreb : Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, 2015. - 121 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Vzpor. hrv. in angl. besedilo. - Bibliografija: str. 108, 109

ISBN 978-953-7615-86-4
a) No Galerija (Zagreb) - 7.-30. 10. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi b) hrvaška fotografija c) urbani prostor d) mesto e) besedilo na fotografiji f) 1930-2012 g) skupinske razstave


        TIME and photography / edited by Jan Baetens, Alexander Streitberger and Hilde Van Gelder. - Leuven : Leuven University Press, 2010. - XII, 187 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (Lieven Gevaert series)

"Despite our stereotypical ideas on photographic images as a snapshots (slices of time), photography is fundamentally a time-based medium. The relationships between photography and time are manifold: time can be directly represented within the image, it can be its theme and philosophical horizon, but it can also represent the global framework in which photographic practices develop and change through time. It is the ambition of this book to bring together the various aspect of time in photography as well as of photography in time, and to illustrate them in a series of case studies that focus on seminal authors (e.g. Fox Talbot, Victor Burgin, Robert Morris) and genres (e.g. spirit photography, montage photobooks and tableau photography), with examples ranging from the very first photographic pictures to the most recent cross-medial uses of photography in and outside art." --> na ov. - Bibliografija pri posameznih prispevkih

ISBN 978-90-5867-793-8
a) fotografija b) čas v fotografiji c) čas v umetnosti d) teorija fotografije

COBISS.SI-ID 20607797

        Vstop v intermedijsko umetnost / Polona Tratnik. - Ljubljana : Inštitut Nove revije, zavod za humanistiko, 2016 ([Ljubljana] : Primitus). - 62 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Tiskano po naročilu. - Bibliografija: str. 61-62

ISBN 978-961-93810-6-9
a) Intermedijska umetnost b) multimedijska umetnost c) video umetnost d) interaktivna umetnost e) intervencije v prostor f) družbena angažiranost g) tehnologija h) body art

COBISS.SI-ID 283751168

        TRUTH is concrete : a handbook for artistic strategies in real politics / edited by Steirischer Herbst and Florian Malzacher ; coedited by Anne Faucheret ... [et al.]. - 2nd ed. - Berlin : Sternberg Press ; Graz : Steirischer Herbst, 2015. - 335 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Bibliografija: str. 332-334

ISBN 978-3-943365-84-9 (trda vezava)
a) Neue Slowenische Kunst (umetniška skupina) b) Janša Janša Janša (umetniška skupina) c) aktivizem d) umetniški aktivizem e) politični vidik f) politični protesti g) globalna ekonomska kriza h) simpoziji i) 2012

COBISS.SI-ID 4047195

VESEL, Fran, 1884-1944
        Fran Vesel : Fran Vesel, kronist življenja z začetka 20. stoletja : hommage Franu Veselu / [besedila Bojana Rogelj Škafar ... [et al.] ; prevod Jasna Levanič ; fotografija Oddelek za dokumentacijo SEM ... et al.]. - Ljubljana : SEM : ZDSLU, 2015 ([Grosuplje] : Partnergraf). - 87 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Slov. besedilo in delni prevod v angl. - Katalog izšel ob razstavi v Slovenskem etnografskem muzeju, Ljubljana, 11. 6. - 4. 10. 2015 in Galeriji ZDSLU, Ljubljana, 4. 6. - 11. 7. 2015. - 500 izv.

ISBN 978-961-6388-45-0 (SEM)
a) Vesel, Fran (1884-1944) b) Wang, Huiqin (1955-) c) Jarc, Evgenija (1977-) d) Jurkovšek, Anže (1983-) e) Jurkovšek, Barbara (1981-) f) Vidrgar, Alenka (1958-) g) Zlokarnik, Mojca (1969-) h) Slovenski etnografski muzej (Ljubljana) - 11. 6.-4. 10. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi i) Galerija Zveze društev likovnih umetnikov (Ljubljana) - 11. 6.-11. 7. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi j) slovenska fotografija k) muzejske zbirke l) fotografske zapuščine m) dokumentarna fotografija n) osebne razstave o) p) vplivi na mlajše umetnike

77.04(497.4):929Vesel F.
COBISS.SI-ID 280150016

        Voiles, cordes, filets, parasols : [Nantes, Musée des beaux-arts, Chapelle de l'Oratoire, du 27 février au 17 mai 2015] / Claude Viallat ; [commissariat Blandine Chavanne ... et al.]. - Lyon : Fage, 2015. - 62 str. : ilustr. ; 31 cm

"Artiste majeur de la scène artistique française, Claude Viallat (né à Nîmes en 1936) adopte en 1966 un procédé à base d'empreintes qui l'inscrit dans une critique radicale de l'abstraction lyrique et géométrique. Une forme neutre, ni naturelle ni géométrique, est répétée sur une toile libre, sans châssis, déterminant la composition de l'oeuvre. En 1969, il est membre fondateur du groupe Supports/Surfaces qui positionne sa pratique artistique en questionnant le médium de la peinture, et tout particulièrement la couleur, dans toutes ses composantes. Le musée des beaux-arts de Nantes, qui conserve deux peintures de Viallat dans ses collections, a choisi de réunir autour du thème de la mer une trentaine d'oeuvres couvrant cinquante années de création (1965-2015). Depuis 1988, Viallat n'a cessé d'utiliser toutes sortes de toiles à sa disposition (voiles et tauds de bateau, tentes, parasols, etc) mais aussi des filets, des cordages et des noeuds marins... En se limitant au thème de la mer, l'exposition entend montrer la richesse, la variété et l'incroyable renouvellement du travail de Viallat." --> na ov.

ISBN 978-2-84975-358-3 (trda vezava)
a) Viallat, Claude (1936-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Chapelle de l'Oratoire (Nantes) - 27. 2.-17. 5. 2015 c) francosko slikarstvo d) postavitve razstav e) postavitve v prostoru f) tekstil g) intervjuji h) besedila umetnikov i) osebne razstave

75(44):929Viallat C.

VIDMAR, Polona, 1971-
        Umetnostna galerija Maribor v palači Goedel-Lannoy / Polona Vidmar. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, 2015 (Ljubljana : Collegium graphicum). - 91 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm. - (Umetnine v žepu, ISSN 2232-3775 ; 11)

400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 89-91

ISBN 978-961-254-856-8
a) Maribor - Umetnostna galerija - Umetnostni vodniki b) kulturna dediščina c) palače d) e) obnove stavb f) Slovenija g) slovenske galerije h) zgodovina arhitekture

COBISS.SI-ID 282677248

ZNANSTVENI skup Iso Kršnjavi - veliki utemeljitelj (2012 ; Zagreb)
        Iso Kršnjavi - veliki utemeljitelj : zbornik radova znanstvenog skupa, Zagreb, Zlatna dvorana Hrvatskog instituta za povijest, 21. - 23. studenoga 2012 / uredili Ivana Mance i Zlatko Matijević ; [prijevod sažetaka na engleski Tanja Trška]. - Zagreb : Institut za povijest umjetnosti : Hrvatski institut za povijest, 2015. - 575 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Avtorji besedil: Branko Ostajmer, Marko Vukičević, Arijana Kolak Bošnjak, Zlatko Matijević, Stjepan Matković, Ivan Bulić, Jure Krišto, Vlasta Švoger, Zoran Grijak, Josipa Alviž, Jasmina Nestić, Ljerka Dulibić, Iva Pasini Tržec, Magdalena Getaldić, Lidija Butković Mićin, Irena Kraševac, Dunja Seiter-Šverko, Vesna Golubović, Dragan Damjanović, Sanja Lončar, Žarko Španiček, Tihana Petrović Leš, Libuše Jirsak, Petar Prelog, Krešimir Galović, Sandi Bulimbašić, Dalibor Prančević, Mislav Gregl, Tamara Tvrtković, Ivan Mirnik, Enes Quien, Zlatko Jurić, Marko Špikić, Franko Ćorić, Marija Barović, Katarina Lukavečki, Sanja Žaja Vrbica, Ivana Rončević Elezović, Dajana Vlaisavljević, Marina Bregovac Pisk, Marija Tonković, Katica Čorkalo Jemrić, Darija Alujević, Andreja Der-Hazarijan Vukić, Jasenka Ferber Bogdan, Dubravka Peić Čaldarović, Daniel Patafta, Silvija Lučevnjak. - Summaries. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-953-7875-18-3 (Institut za povijest umjetnosti)
ISBN 978-953-7840-46-4 (Hrvatski institut za povijest)
a) Kršnjavi, Isidor (1845-1927) - Kongresi b) kulturna zgodovina c) Hrvaška d) umetnostni zgodovinarji e) likovni kritiki f) hrvaško slikarstvo g) h) i) zborniki j) kongresi

7.072Kršnjavi I.