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AMERI, Amir H.
        The architecture of the illusive distance / Amir H. Ameri. - Farnham ; Burlington (VT) : Ashgate, 2015. - X, 199 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

"Focusing on three secular, institutional building types: libraries, museums and cinemas, this book explores the intricate interplay between culture and architecture. It explores the cultural imperatives which have seen to the formation of these institutions, the development of their architecture, and their transformations over time. The relationship between culture and architecture is often perceived as a monologic relationship, that is: architecture is seen to embody, represent and/or reflect the values, the beliefs and the aesthetic ideals of a culture. Ameri argues that this is at best a partial and restrictive view, and that if architecture is a cultural statement, it is a performative one, which does not merely represent culture, but constructs, reifies, and imposes it as the unalterable shape of reality. Whereas the concept and the study of cultural performatives have had an important critical impact on cultural studies and related disciplines, the role of architecture as a cultural performative has not received the necessary scholarly attention and, in part, this book aims to fill this gap. Also, aside from Pevsner's pioneering "A History Of Building-types," compiled albeit from a formal perspective in the 1970s, the study of building-types has been relegated to elucidating how to best design a given building-type based on a number of historic and contemporary precedents. On the other hand, studies from the field of the humanities that analytically and critically engage the secular institutions, their history and agenda, generally cast a blind or perfunctory glance at the performative complicity of their architecture. This book aims to address the omissions in both these approaches. The library, the museum and the movie-theater have been selected for close critical study because, this book argues, each has been instituted to house, 'domesticate' and restrain a specific form of representation, with the aim in each being to protect and promulgate the "metaphysics of presence," as Jacques Derrida expounds the concept. This book proposes that it is against the dangers of unbridled cohabitation and the exposure of the insoluble contradictions in any rigorous distinction between reality and representation that the library, the museum, and the movie-theater have been instituted as safeguards. Each has accomplished its assigned performative task by uniquely domesticating and curtailing the specific deconstructive effect of the representation it is given to administer. This is accomplished through distinct formal and spatial strategies that constitute and characterize each type. In its own unique way, each type has rendered the hierarchic distinction between reality and representation reified and experiential, as the inherent contradictions of this distinction is all but suppressed, if only to return in the figure of the uncanny." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 185-194. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-4724-3318-3 (trda vezava)
a) javna arhitektura b) arhitektura in družba c) arhitekturni prostor d) muzejska arhitektura e) gledališka arhitektura f) arhitektura knjižnic g) kinodvorane


BECKMANN, Max, 1884-1950
        Max Beckmann und Berlin : [Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin, 20. 11. 2015-15. 02 2016] / herausgegeben von Thomas Köhler und Stefanie Heckmann ; [Übersetzung Kurt Rehkopf, Barbara Copeland Buenger]. - Bielefeld : Kerber ; Berlin : Berlinische Galerie, cop. 2015. - 279 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm. - (Kerber art)

Biografija: str. 256-258. - Bibliografija: str. 266-274

ISBN 978-3-7356-0142-1 (Kerber)
ISBN 978-3-940208-39-2 (Museum)
a) Beckmann, Max (1884-1950) - Razstavni katalogi b) Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur (Berlin) - 20. 11. 2015-15. 2. 2016 c) nemško slikarstvo d) nemška grafika e) ekspresionistično slikarstvo f) ekspresionizem g) berlinska secesija h) Berlin i) umetniki in njihovi sodobniki j) likovna kritika k) odzivi na razstave l) 1906-1937 m) osebne razstave

75.071(430):929Beckmann M.

        Portraits : John Berger on artists / John Berger ; edited by Tom Overton. - London ; New York : Verso, 2015. - XXII, 512 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu nekaterih str.

ISBN 978-1-78478-176-7 (trda vezava)
a) eseji o likovni umetnosti b) opisi umetnin c) ponatisi starejših besedil d) likovni kritiki


        BERLINISCHE Galerie : Museum für Moderne Kunst / [Konzeption Anne Bitterwolf ... et al.]. - München : Hirmer ; Berlin : Berlinische Galerie, cop. 2015. - 279 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Ov. nasl.

ISBN 978-3-940208-35-4 (Berlinische Galerie)
ISBN 978-3-7774-2460-6 (Hirmer)
a) Berlinische Galerie - Razstavni katalogi b) nemški muzeji c) stalne zbirke d) muzejske zbirke e) f) g) h) katalogi stalnih zbirk i) postavitve stalnih zbirk j) zgodovina muzejev k) kronologija


CONSTANT, 1920-2008
        Constant : new Babylon : [Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, October 20, 2015 - February 29, 2016] / [curators Doede Herdeman, Laura Stamps ; texts Laura Stamps, Willemijn Stokvis, Pedro G. Romero, Mark Wigley, Constant, Pascal Gielen, Rem Koolhaas, Trudy van der Horst]. - Madrid : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, cop. 2015. - 310 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Biografija: str. 284-301. - Bibliografija z opombami na koncu posameznega prispevka

ISBN 978-84-8026-523-2
a) Constant (1920-2008) - Razstavni katalogi b) Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) - 20. 10. 2015-29. 2. 2016 c) nizozemsko slikarstvo d) nizozemsko kiparstvo e) nizozemska arhitektura f) Cobra g) urbanistični razvoj h) utopična arhitektura i) prostorske konstrukcije j) arhitekturne makete k) 1956-1974 l) osebne razstave


        CURATING and politics : beyond the curator : initial reflections / edited by Heidi Bale Amundsen and Gerd Elise Mørland. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, cop. 2015. - 122 str. ; 22 cm

Bibliografija pri vseh prispevkih

ISBN 978-3-7757-4079-1
a) sodobna umetnost b) kuratorstvo c) politični vidik d) kuratorski koncepti e) kritika institucij f) kustos in razstavna dejavnost g) postavitve razstav


        CYBERARTS 2011 : international compendium Prix Ars Electronica / [editors] Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, cop. 2011. - 317 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3181-2
a) Ars Electronica Festival (Linz) - 2011 b) digitalna umetnost c) digitalni mediji d) Ars Electronica e) nagrade f) multimedijska umetnost g) digitalna glasba h) računalniške animacije i) hibridna umetnost j) digitalna družba k) interaktivna umetnost l) 2011


        CYBERARTS 2012 : international compendium Prix Ars Electronica / [editors] Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, cop. 2012. - 327 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3435-6
a) Ars Electronica Festival (Linz) - 2012 b) digitalna umetnost c) digitalni mediji d) Ars Electronica e) nagrade f) multimedijska umetnost g) digitalna glasba h) računalniške animacije i) hibridna umetnost j) digitalna družba k) interaktivna umetnost l) 2012


        CYBERARTS 2014 : international compendium Prix Ars Electronica / [editors] Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, cop. 2014. - 183 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3923-8
a) Ars Electronica Festival (Linz) - 2014 b) digitalna umetnost c) digitalni mediji d) Ars Electronica e) nagrade f) multimedijska umetnost g) digitalna glasba h) računalniške animacije i) digitalna družba j) interaktivna umetnost k) 2014


        The DIALOGIC city : Berlin wird Berlin / [Arno Brandlhuber, Florian Hertweck, Thomas Mayfried (hrsg.)]. - Köln : W. König, cop. 2015. - 672 str. : ilustr. ; 19 cm

Opombe z bibliografijo na koncu nekaterih prispevkov

ISBN 978-3-86335-825-9
a) nemška arhitektura b) Berlin c) mesto d) razvoj mesta e) družbeni vidik f) javna arhitektura g) stanovanjska arhitektura h) urbanistično načrtovanje i) intervjuji j) zborniki


        DIVISIONISM : mastery of color? effusion of color! : [Fondation Pierre Arnaud, Lens/Crans-Montana, 22 December 2013 - 22 April 2014] / [editing Christophe Flubacher, Deirdre Wandfluh-Colahan]. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz Verlag, cop. 2014. - 296 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Winter ; 1)

Biografije umetnikov: str. 276-284. - Bibliografija: str. 290-293

ISBN 978-3-7757-3579-7 (English)
ISBN 978-3-7757-3578-0 (German)
ISBN 978-3-7757-3580-3 (French)
a) Seurat, Georges b) Signac, Paul c) Fondation Pierre Arnaud (Lens/Crans Montana) - 22. 12. 2013-22. 4. 2014 - Razstavni katalogi d) divizionizem e) pointilizem f) neoimpresionizem g) francosko slikarstvo h) švicarsko slikarstvo i) belgijsko slikarstvo j) italijansko slikarstvo k) barva l) kronologija m) n) o) skupinske razstave


        DOKUMENTIRANJE in predstavljanje nesnovne kulturne dediščine s filmom = Documenting and presenting intangible cultural heritage on film / uredila Nadja Valentinčič Furlan ; [prevodi David Limon ... et al.]. - Ljubljana : Slovenski etnografski muzej, 2015 (Ljubljana : T2 studio). - 108, 108 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Angl. in slov. besedilo tiskano v obratni smeri. - Bibliografija pri posameznih prispevkih

ISBN 978-961-6388-60-3 (18,00 EUR)
a) Kulturna dediščina - Dokumentiranje - Zborniki - Slovenija b) nesnovna kulturna dediščina c) film d) etnografski film e) vizualna antroplogija f) dokumentacija g) digitalizacija kulturne dediščine

COBISS.SI-ID 283065600

GERM, Tine
        Smrt kraljuje povsod in bela Smrt triumfira : Valvasorjevo Prizorišče človeške smrti v evropskem kontekstu / Tine Germ ; [prevod povzetka Boštjan Kuljič]. - 1. izd. - Ljubljana : Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Birografika Bori). - 176 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Zbirka Razprave FF, ISSN 2335-3333)

300 izv. - O avtorju na zadnjem zavihku ov. - Bibliografija: str. 145-163. - Kazalo. - Povzetek ; Summary

ISBN 978-961-237-760-1
a) smrt b) ikonografija c) mrtvaški ples d) gravura e) grafika

76.045.5:929Valvasor J. V.
COBISS.SI-ID 280649728

HOBSBAWM, Eric John Ernest, 1917-2012
        Razbojniki / Eric Hobsbawm ; [prevod Zoja Skušek ; spremna beseda Lev Centrih]. - Ljubljana : Založba /*cf., 2015 ([Maribor] : Darima). - 257 str. ; 20 cm. - (Rdeča zbirka)

Prevod dela: The bandits. - 400 izv. - Denar ali življenje! : (z vidika razbojnika) / Lev Centrih: str. 237-255. - Nadaljnje branje: str. 216-226 in opombe z bibliografijo na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-257-070-5
a) Razbojništvo - Zgodovina b) socialna zgodovina c) razbojniki d) zgodovina razbojništva

COBISS.SI-ID 282027776

HOLLY, Michael Ann
        The melancholy art / Michael Ann Holly. - Princeton (N.J.) ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, cop. 2013. - XXV, 194 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Essays in the arts)

"Melancholy is not only about sadness, despair, and loss. As Renaissance artists and philosophers acknowledged long ago, it can engender a certain kind of creativity born from a deep awareness of the mutability of life and the inevitable cycle of birth and death. Drawing on psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the intellectual history of the history of art, The Melancholy Art explores the unique connections between melancholy and the art historian's craft. Though the objects art historians study are materially present in our world, the worlds from which they come are forever lost to time. In this eloquent and inspiring book, Michael Ann Holly traces how this disjunction courses through the history of art and shows how it can give rise to melancholic sentiments in historians who write about art. She confronts pivotal and vexing questions in her discipline: Why do art historians write in the first place? What kinds of psychic exchanges occur between art objects and those who write about them? What institutional and personal needs does art history serve? What is lost in historical writing about art? The Melancholy Art looks at how melancholy suffuses the work of some of the twentieth century's most powerful and poetic writers on the history of art, including Alois Riegl, Franz Wickhoff, Adrian Stokes, Michael Baxandall, Meyer Schapiro, and Jacques Derrida. A disarmingly personal meditation by one of our most distinguished art historians, this book explains why to write about art is to share in a kind of intertwined pleasure and loss that is the very essence of melancholy." --> na ščitnem ov. - Bibliografija: str. 165-181. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-691-13934-0 (trda vezava)
a) melanholija in likovna umetnost b) zgodovina umetnostne zgodovine c) psihoanaliza in likovna umetnost d) umetnostni zgodovinarji e) žalovanje


HOWARD, Jeremy
        Vladimir Markov and Russian primitivism : a charter for the avant-garde / Jeremy Howard, Irena Bužinska and Z. S. Strother. - Farnham ; Burlington (VT) : Ashgate, cop. 2015. - XV, 293 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Studies in art historiography)

"Hailed as a brilliant theoretician, Voldemars Matvejs (best known by his pen name Vladimir Markov) was a Latvian artist who spearheaded the Union of Youth, a dynamic group championing artistic change in Russia, 1910-1914. His work had a formative impact on Malevich, Tatlin, and the Constructivists before it was censored during the era of Soviet realism. This volume introduces Markov as an innovative and pioneering art photographer and assembles, for the first time, five of his most important essays. The translations of these hard-to-find texts are fresh, unabridged, and authentically poetic. Critical essays by Jeremy Howard and Irena Bužinska situate his work in the larger phenomenon of Russian a "primitivism", i.e. the search for the primal. This book challenges hardening narratives of primitivism by reexamining the enthusiasm for world art in the early modern period from the perspective of Russia rather than Western Europe. Markov composed what may be the first book on African art and Z.S. Strother analyzes both the text and its photographs for their unique interpretation of West African sculpture as a Kantian a "play of masses and weights". The book will appeal to students of modernism, orientalism, a "primitivism", historiography, African art, and the history of the photography of sculpture." --> na ščitnem ov. - Bibliografija: str. 271-281. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-4724-3974-1 (trda vezava)
a) ruska avantgarda b) vplivi primitivne umetnosti c) afriško kiparstvo d) azijsko kiparstvo e) primarna umetnost f) primitivna umetnost g) fotografija in kiparstvo h) 1910-1914


        100 artists' manifestos : [from the futurists to the stuckists] / [selected], edited with an introduction by Alex Danchev. - London [etc.] : Penguin Books, 2011. - XXXIII, 453 str. ; 20 cm. - (Penguin modern classics)

Dodatek k nasl. naveden na ov. - "In this one-of-a-kind volume, indispensable for students of art, architecture and film, Alex Danchev presents "100 Artists' Manifestos", each reproduced with an introduction on the author and the associated movement, in "Penguin Modern Classics". This remarkable collection of 100 manifestos from the last 100 years is cacophony of voices from such diverse movements as Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Feminism, Communism, Destructivism, Vorticism, Stridentism, Cannibalism and Stuckism, taking in along the way film, architecture, fashion, and cookery. Artists' manifestos are nothing if not revolutionary. They are outlandish, outrageous, and frequently offensive. They combine wit, wisdom, and world-shaking demands. This collection gathers together an international array of artists of every stripe, including Kandinsky, Mayakovsky, Rodchenko, Le Corbusier, Picabia, Dali, Oldenburg, Vertov, Baselitz, Kitaj, Murakami, Gilbert and George, together with their allies and collaborators - such figures as Marinetti, Apollinaire, Breton, Trotsky, Guy Debord and Rem Koolhaas." --> na ov. - Further reading: str. XXXI-XXXII

ISBN 978-0-141-19179-9 (broš.)
a) Likovna umetnost - Manifesti - b) manifesti c) besedila umetnikov d) umetniki o umetnosti e) umetniška gibanja f) g)

COBISS.SI-ID 35482157

MERSCH, Dieter
        Epistemology of aesthetics / Dieter Mersch ; translated by Laura Radosh. - 1st ed. - Zurich ; Berlin : Diaphanes, cop. 2015. - 176 str. : ilustr. ; 19 cm. - (Think art)

"The ideas of "art as research" and "research as art" have risen over the past two decades as important critical focuses for the philosophy of media, aesthetics, and art. Of particular interest is how the methodologies of art and science might be merged to create a better conceptual understanding of art-based research. In Epistemology of Aesthetics, Dieter Mersch deconstructs and displaces the terminology that typically accompanies the question of the relationship between art and scientific truth. Identifying artistic practices as modes of thought that do not make use of language in a way that can easily be translated into scientific discourse, Mersch advocates for an aesthetic mode of thought beyond the "linguistic turn," a way of thinking that cannot be substituted by any other disciplinary system. Features a sophisticated reflection on the epistemological status of the aesthetic by one of Germany's leading philosophers, Epistemology of Aesthetics will be of great interest within this growing field of study." --> na ov. - Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu nekaterih str.

ISBN 978-3-03734-521-4
a) filozofija in likovna umetnost b) znanost in likovna umetnost c) sodobna umetnost


        Užitek in nelagodje : ženska podoba in seksualno 20. stoletja / Slađana Mitrović. - Ljubljana : Studia humanitatis, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Studio Print). - 248 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm. - (Zbirka Apes)

400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 207-225

ISBN 978-961-6798-55-6
a) Akt (umetnost b) Ženski spolni organi - Umetnost c) Spolnost - Umetnost d) žensko telo e) pornografija f) seksualnost g) pogled h)

COBISS.SI-ID 281702656

        Il MONDO è là : arte moderna a Trieste 1910-1941 : [Trieste, Magazzino delle Idee, 1 novembre 2015 - 6 gennaio 2016] / [mostra a cura di Patrizia Fasolato, Enrico Lucchese, Lorenzo Nuovo]. - Trieste : Provincia di Trieste, 2015 (Cormons : Poligrafiche San Marco). - 207 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Opombe z bibliografijo na koncu posameznih prispevkov

ISBN 9788890827686 !
a) Pilon, Veno b) Černigoj, Avgust c) Magazzino delle Idee (Trieste) - 1. 11. 2015-6. 1. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi d) italijanska umetnost e) tržaški umetniki f) zamejski Slovenci g) Trst h) 1910-1941

COBISS.SI-ID 8568556

        PHOTOGRAPHY : a critical introduction / edited by Liz Wells. - 5th ed. - London ; New York : Routledge, 2015. - XXI, 419 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

"Photography: A Critical Introduction was the first introductory textbook to examine key debates in photographic theory and place them in their social and political contexts, and is now established as one of the leading textbooks in its field. Written especially for students in higher education and for introductory college courses, this fully revised edition provides a coherent introduction to the nature of photographic seeing. Individual chapters cover: * Key debates in photographic theory and history * Documentary photography and photojournalism * Personal and popular photography * Photography and the human body * Photography and commodity culture * Photography as art This revised and updated fifth edition includes: * New case studies on topics such as: materialism and embodiment, the commodification of human experience, and an extended discussion of landscape as genre. *98 photographs and images, featuring work from: Bill Brandt, Susan Derges, Rineke Dijkstra, Fran Herbello, Hannah Hoch, Karen Knorr, Dorothea Lange, Chrystel Lebas, Susan Meiselas, Lee Miller, Martin Parr, Ingrid Pollard, Jacob Riis, Alexander Rodchenko, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall. * Fully updated resource information, including guides to public archives and useful websites. * A full glossary of terms and a comprehensive bibliography." --> na ov. - Photography archives: str. 369-374. - Bibliografija: str. 375-399. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-415-85428-3 (trda vezava)
ISBN 978-0-415-85429-0 (broš.)
a) zgodovina fotografije b) fotografija c) teorija fotografije d) terminološki slovarji e) zborniki


        POLITICS in a glass case : feminism, exhibition cultures and curatorial transgressions / edited and with an introduction by Angela Dimitrakaki and Lara Perry. - Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2015. - XVI, 293 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Value, art, politics)

"What happens to art when feminism grips the curatorial imagination? How do sexual politics become realised as exhibits? Is the struggle against gender discrimination compatible with the aspirations of museums led by market values? Beginning with the feminist critique of the art exhibition in the 1970s and concluding with reflections on intersectional curating and globalisation after 2000, this pioneering collection offers an alternative narrative of feminism's impact on art. The essays provide rigorous accounts of developments in Scandinavia, Eastern and Southern Europe as well as the UK and US, framed by an introduction which offers a politically engaging navigation of historical and current positions. Delivered through essays, memoirs and interviews, discussion highlights include the Tate Modern hang, relational aesthetics, the global exhibition, feminism and technology in the museum, the rise of curatorial collectivism, and insights into major exhibitions such as Gender Check on Eastern Europe. Bringing together two generations of curators, artists and historians to rethink distinct and unresolved moments in the feminist re-modelling of art contexts, this volume dares to ask: is there a history of feminist art or one of feminist presentations of artworks?" --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 271-288. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78138-170-0
a) feminizem in likovna umetnost b) kustosinje c) ženske umetnice d) kuratorske prakse e) kustos in razstavna dejavnost f) intervjuji g) zborniki


        PRVOTNA akumulacija med zgodovino in konceptom / [uredil Simon Hajdini ; [besedila] Branko Bembič ... [et al.] ; prevedli Martin Hergouth ... [et al.] ; [naslovnico] ilustriral in oblikoval Vasja Ris Lebarič]. - Ljubljana : Inštitut za delavske študije, 2013. - 161 str. ; 22 cm

Bibliografija na dnu nekaterih str. - Povzetki člankov: str. 10-13

ISBN 978-961-93459-1-7
a) Marx, Karl (1818-1883) b) marksizem c) filozofski vidik d) ekonomski vidik

1Marx K.
COBISS.SI-ID 273000448

        RADIKAL modern : planen und bauen im Berlin der 1960er-Jahre : [Berlinische Galerie, 29.05. bis 26.10.2015] / hrsg. von Thomas Köhler und Ursula Müller ; mit Texten von Adrian von Buttlar ... [et al.]. - Berlin ; Tübingen : Wasmuth, cop. 2015. - 208 str. : ilustr. ; 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-8030-0792-6
a) Berlinische Galerie - 29. 5.-26. 10. 2015 - Razstavni katalogi b) nemška arhitektura c) Berlin d) 1960-1970 e) šestdeseta leta f) moderna arhitektura g) urbanistično načrtovanje h) javna arhitektura i) nebotičniki j) mesto


        SMUGGLING anthologies reader / [editor in chief Ana Peraica ; authors Ana Peraica ... [et al.] ; translations Petra Julia Ujawe ... et al.]. - Rijeka : Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2015. - 334 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Avtorji besedil navedeni v kolofonu. - Bibliografija: str. 316-326. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-953-6501-93-9
a) Janša Janša Janša (umetniška skupina) b) tihotapci c) tihotapstvo d) sociologija kulture e) kulturna sovplivanja f) kraja g) intervjuji h) zborniki

COBISS.SI-ID 57338210

        Frank Stella : a retrospective / [text] Michael Auping ; with essays by Jordan Kantor and Adam D. Weinberg, and an interview with Frank Stella by Laura Owens. - New Haven (Conn.) : Yale University Press ; New York : Whitney Museum of American Art ; Fort Worth : Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, cop. 2015. - XI, 238 str. : ilustr. ; 31 cm

"Published on the occasion of an exhibition organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, held at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, October 30, 2015 - March 7, 2016, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, April 17 - September 4, 2016, and de Young, San Francisco, November 5, 2016 - February 26, 2017." --> v kolofonu. - Chronology with selected bibliography and exhibitions: str 160-225. - Kazalo. - Vsebina: Foreword / Marla Price and Adam D. Weinberg ; The end depends upon the beginning / Adam D. Weinberg ; The phenomenology of Frank: "Materiality and Gesture Make Space" / Michael Auping ; Frank Painting: Some aspects of Stella's work / Jordan Kantor ; Plates ; The Pratt Lecture / Frank Stella ; Laura Owens in conversation with Frank Stella ; Chronology with selected bibliography and exhibitions / Leslie Murrell ; Exhibition checklist

ISBN 978-0-300-21544-1
a) Stella, Frank (1936-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Whitney Museum of American Art (New York) - 30. 10. 2015-7. 3. 2016 c) ameriško slikarstvo d) abstraktno slikarstvo e) ameriška grafika f) geometrijska abstrakcija g) slikarstvo barvnega polja h) slikarstvo ostrega roba i) oblikovano platno j) slikarski objekti k) besedila umetnikov l) umetniki o umetnosti m) intervjuji n) retrospektivne razstave

75(73)(083.824):929Stella F.
COBISS.SI-ID 3460462

        Hito Steyerl : duty-free art : [Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, 11 November 2015-21 March 2016] / [comisariado, curator João Fernandes ; traduccion, translations Emilia García-Romeu ... et al.]. - Madrid : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2015. - 173 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Vzpor. špan. in angl. besedilo

ISBN 978-84-8026-530-0
a) Steyerl, Hito (1966-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) - 11. 11. 2015-21. 3. 2016 c) nemška umetnost d) video umetnost e) multimedijska umetnost f) film g) digitalna umetnost h) spletna umetnost i) migracije j) kulturna globalizacija k) besedila umetnikov l) intervjuji m) osebne razstave

7.038.53:791(430):929Steyerl H.

        TEN fundamental questions of curating / edited by Jens Hoffmann. - Milan : Mousse Publishing : Fiorucci Art Trust, cop. 2013. - 144 str. ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-88-6749-053-0
a) sodobna umetnost b) kustos c) kustos in razstavna dejavnost d) kustos muzejskih zbirk e) postavitve razstav f) razstave g) kuratorske prakse h) znanstvenoraziskovalno delo


VOGRINC, Jože, 1953-
        Pojmovne prikazni : rešeto humanistike / Jože Vogrinc. - Ljubljana : Studia humanitatis, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Studio Print). - 178 str. ; 20 cm. - (Zbirka Apes)

400 izv. - Bibliografija: str. 171-177

ISBN 978-961-6798-56-3
a) Humanistične vede - Terminologija - Slovenščina b) Družbene vede - Terminologija - Slovenščina c) raba jezika d) leksikologija

COBISS.SI-ID 281800960

WILSON, Stephen Robert, 1944-
        Art + science now / Stephen Wilson. - 1st pbk. ed. - London : Thames & Hudson, 2012. - 208 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Dodatek k nasl. na ov.: How scientific research and technological innovation are becoming key to 21st-century aesthetics. - "Art + Science Now is a groundbreaking overview of the art being made at the cutting edge of scientific research. The first illustrated book in its field, it shows how some of the world's most dynamic art is being produced not in museums, galleries and studios but in the laboratory, where artists probe cultural, philosophical and social questions connected with scientific and technological advances. Featuring the work of around 250 artists from the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Japan and elsewhere, it presents a broad range of projects, from body art to bioengineering of plants and insects, from music, dance and computer-controlled video performances to large-scale visual and sound installations. This comprehensive guide to contemporary art inspired or driven by scientific innovation points to intriguing new directions for the visual arts and traces a key strand in 21st-century aesthetics." --> na zavihku. - Bibliografija: str. 202-204. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-500-28995-2 (broš.)
a) sodobna umetnost b) tehnologija in likovna umetnost c) znanost in likovna umetnost d) interaktivne multimedijske instalacije e) mikrobiologija f) informacijska tehnologija g) bioinženiring h) kinetika i) robotika j) virtualna realnost k) video performance l) umetna inteligenca m) zvočne instalacije n) 2000-2012


        WOMEN, the arts and globalization : eccentric experience / edited by Marsha Meskimmon and Dorothy Rowe. - Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2015. - IX, 278 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Rethinking art's histories)

"This title is the first anthology to bring transnational feminist theory and criticism together with women's art practices to discuss the connections between aesthetics, gender and identity in a global world. The essays demonstrate that women in the arts are rarely positioned at the centre of the art market, and the movement of women globally (as travelers or migrants, empowered artists/scholars or exiled practitioners), rarely corresponds with the dominant models of global exchange. rather, contemporary women's art practices provide a fascinating instance of women's eccentric experiences of the myriad effects of globalization. Bringing scholarly essays on gender, art and globalization together with interviews and autobiographical accounts of personal experiences, the diversity of the book is relevant to artists, art historians, feminist theorists and humanities scholars interested in the impact of globalization on culture in the broadest sense." --> na ov. - Opombe z bibliografijo na koncu posameznega prispevka. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-7190-9671-6 (broš.)
a) sodobna umetnost b) feminizem c) globalizacija in likovna umetnost d) ženske umetnice e) umetniške prakse f) vloga žensk v umetnosti g) intervjuji


        Andrzej Wróblewski : recto/verso : [Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, from November 18, 2015, to February 28, 2016] / [curators Éric de Chassey, Marta Dziewańska]. - Madrid : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, cop. 2015. - 179, XXIV str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Kronologija: str. 165-172. - Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu

ISBN 978-84-8026-528-7
a) Wróblewski, Andrzej (1927-1957) - Razstavni katalogi b) Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) - 18. 11. 2015-28. 2. 2016 c) poljsko slikarstvo d) figuralno slikarstvo e) abstraktno slikarstvo f) zadnja stran slike g) besedila umetnikov h) i) kronologija j) osebne razstave

75.071(438):929Wróblewski A.

        When attitudes become the norm : the contemporary curator and institutional art / Beti Žerovc ; [translators Rawley Grau, David Limon, and Polona Petek]. - Ljubljana : Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory ; Berlin : Archive Books, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Fotoprospekt). - 276 str. ; 21 cm

800 izv. - Some notes on curation, translation, institutionalisation, politicalisation, and transformation / Mary Anne Staniszewski: str. 247-262. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-3-943620-39-9 (Archive Books)
a) Restany, Pierre b) Kržišnik, Zoran c) Szeemann, Harald d) Buren, Daniel e) Kuratorstvo - Vloga f) Umetnost g) sodobna umetnost h) kuratorstvo i) vloga kustosov v družbi j) kustos in razstavna dejavnost k) postavitve razstav l) vloga muzejev v družbi m) institucije umetnosti n) status umetnine o) intervjuji

COBISS.SI-ID 281995008