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AGAMBEN, Giorgio
        The highest poverty : monastic rules and form-of-life / Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Adam Kotsko. - Stanford : Stanford University Press, 2013. - XIII, 157 str. ; 22 cm. - (Meridian : crossing aesthetics)

Prevod dela: Altissima povertà: regole monastiche e forma di vita. - "What is a rule, if it appears to become confused with life? And what is a human life, if, in every one of its gestures, of its words, and of its silences, it cannot be distinguished from the rule? It is to these questions that Agamben's new book turns by means of an impassioned reading of the fascinating and massive phenomenon of Western monasticism from Pachomius to St. Francis. The book reconstructs in detail the life of the monks with their obsessive attention to temporal articulation and to the Rule, to ascetic techniques and to liturgy. But Agamben's thesis is that the true novelty of monasticism lies not in the confusion between life and norm, but in the discovery of a new dimension, in which "life" as such, perhaps for the first time, is affirmed in its autonomy, and in which the claim of the "highest poverty" and "use" challenges the law in ways that we must still grapple with today.How can we think a form-of-life, that is, a human life released from the grip of law, and a use of bodies and of the world that never becomes an appropriation? How can we think life as something not subject to ownership but only for common use?" --> z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 147-157

ISBN 978-0-8047-8405-4 (trda vezava)
ISBN 978-0-8047-8406-1 (broš.)
a) Redovništvo - Evropa - Srednji vek b) samostanski red c) redovniška pravila d) meništvo e) askeza f) frančiškani g) cerkvena zgodovina

COBISS.SI-ID 1104588126

AGAMBEN, Giorgio
        The use of bodies : Homo sacer IV, 2 / Giorgio Agamben ; [translated by Adam Kotsko]. - Standford : Standford University Press, 2016. - XXI, 291 str. ; 23 cm. - (Meridian : crossing aesthetics)

Prevod dela: Lʼuso dei corpi. - "Giorgio Agamben's Homo Sacer was one of the seminal works of political philosophy in recent decades. It was also the beginning of a series of interconnected investigations of staggering ambition and scope, investigating the deepest foundations of Western politics and thought. The Use of Bodies represents the ninth and final volume in this twenty-year undertaking, breaking considerable new ground while clarifying the stakes and implications of the project as a whole. It comprises three major sections. The first uses Aristotle's discussion of slavery as a starting point for radically rethinking notions of selfhood; the second calls for a complete reworking of Western ontology; and the third explores the enigmatic concept of "form-of-life," which is in many ways the motivating force behind the entire Homo Sacer project. Interwoven between these major sections are shorter reflections on individual thinkers (Debord, Foucault, and Heidegger), while the epilogue pushes toward a new approach to political life that breaks with the destructive deadlocks of Western thought. The Use of Bodies represents a true masterwork by one of our greatest living philosophers." --> na ov. - Bibliografija: str. 281-291

ISBN 978-0-8047-9840-2 (trda vezava)
ISBN 978-0-8047-9234-9 (broš.)
a) Heidegger, Martin (1889-1976) b) Foucault, Michel (1926-1984) c) Debord, Guy (1931-1994) d) filozofija e) filozofska antropologija f) ontologija g) sebstvo h) človeško telo i) suženjstvo j) Homo sacer

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AKADEMIJA za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje (Ljubljana)
        Oblikovanje je povsod okoli nas = Design is all around us : 30 let oblikovanja na ALUO = 30 years of design at ALUO : [1984-2014] / uredili, edited by Petra Černe Oven, Barbara Predan ; [besedila Boštjan Botas Kenda ... [et al.] ; prevod v angleščino Borut Praper in Boris Benko (seznami) ; fotografije avtorji izbranih del ... et al.]. - 1. ponatis = 1st reprint. - Ljubljana : Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje = Academy of Fine Arts and Design, 2015 ([Ljubljana] : Matformat). - 175 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Drugi dodatek k nasl. na ov. in na str. 3. - Vzpor. slov. besedilo in prevod v angl. - Istoimenska razstava Oblikovanje je povsod okoli nas: 30 let oblikovanja na ALUO: izbor oblikovalcev in oblikovalk šolanih na oddelkih za oblikovanje, Kongresni trg, Ljubljana, 4.-24. 10. 2014. --> na hrbtni str. nasl. str. - 500 izv. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-93514-3-7
a) Kongresni trg (Ljubljana) - 4.-24. 10. 2014 b) Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje (Ljubljana) - Zborniki c) Design - Študij - 1984-2014 - Zborniki d) umetniške akademije e) visokošolski študij f) jubilejni zborniki g) oblikovanje h) grafično oblikovanje i) industrijsko oblikovanje j) fotografija k) intervjuji l) študenti

COBISS.SI-ID 279754240

        Umetniški ustroj Noordung : filozofija in njen dvojnik / Bojan Anđelković ; [imensko kazalo Marko Plahuta, Maja Murnik, pojmovno kazalo ZavodYugoTranslate]. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2016 ([Kranj] : Gorenjski tisk). - 454 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Opus Dragana Živadinova: str. 438-443. - 500 izv. - Recenzenta: Bojana Kunst, Mladen Dolar. - Bibliografija: str. 444-454. - Kazala

ISBN 978-961-254-934-3
a) Živadinov, Dragan (1960-) b) Sodobna umetnost - Performans - Slovenija c) Umetnost - Scenske umetnosti d) Gledališče - Igralska umetnost

792(497.4):929Živadinov D.
7.038.531:929Živadinov D.
COBISS.SI-ID 286248448

        The ARCHIVE as a productive space of conflict / [edited by Markus Miessen and Yann Chateigné ; with Dagmar Füchtjohann, Johanna Hoth, and Laurent Schmid]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2016. - 728 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

Avtorji navedeni na ov. - "What are the processes that enable archives to become productive? Conventional archives tend to be defined through the content-specific accumulation of material, which conforms to an existing order or narrative. They rarely transform their structure. In contrast to this model of archival practice and preservation, the conflictual archive has an open framework in which it actively transforms itself, allowing for the creation of new and surprising relationships. Illustrating how spaces of knowledge can be devised, developed, and designed, this archive reveals itself as a space in which documents and testimonies open up a stage for productive dispute and struggle. Exploring nontraditional archives, such as those of Harald Szeemann, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Sitterwerk, and the publishing house Merve, The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict offers new perspectives on archival practice, interrogating whether archives need spatial permanence, and, if so, which design framework should be applied for the archive to take on more than a singular form of existence. The research project is a collaboration between the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design and the Geneva School of Art and Design." --> z ovoja. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-1-934105-86-3
a) arhivi b) arhivi umetnikov c) arhivi umetnosti d) znanje e) muzejske knjižnice f) muzeji g) umetniške intervencije h) dokumentiranje umetniške ustvarjalnosti i) intervjuji j) zborniki


        The dialectic of duration / Gaston Bachelard ; translated and annotated by Mary McAllester Jones ; introduction by Cristina Chimisso. - London ; New York : Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. - XVI, 145 str. ; 22 cm. - (Groundworks)

Prevod dela: La dialectique de la durée. - "In The Dialectic of Duration Gaston Bachelard addresses the nature of time in response to the writings of his great contemporary, Henri Bergson. The work is motivated by a refutation of Bergson's notion of duration - "lived time", experienced as continuous. For Bachelard, experienced time is irreducibly fractured and interrupted, as indeed are material events. At stake is an entire conception of the physical world, an entire approach to the philosophy of science. It was in this work that Bachelard first marshalled all the components of his visionary philosophy of science, with its steady insistence on the human context and subtle encompassing of the irrational within the rational. The Dialectic of Duration reaches far beyond local arguments over the nature of the physical world to gesture toward the building of an entirely new form of philosophy." --> na ov. - Bibliografija pri posameznih poglavjih. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78660-059-2 (broš.)
ISBN 978-1-78660-058-5 (trda vezava)
a) Bergson, Henri (1859-1941) b) francoska filozofija c) d) čas e) filozofija časa f) teorija umetnosti g) prostor in čas h) percepcija časa


        Lynda Benglis : beyond process / [text] Susan Richmond. - London ; New York : I. B. Tauris, 2015. - XIV, 190 str., [16] str. pril. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

"In four decades of abstract art practice, Lynda Benglis has not merely challenged the status quo. She has tied it in knots, melted it down and poured it across the floor, cast it in glass, clay and bronze. Daring and sometimes outrageous, her intense and provocative practice has produced some of the most iconic pieces of art from the late twentieth century. Richmond gives serious critical attention to work often dismissed as trivial and rootless, recovering the themes that link the different phases of the artist's quest to capture the 'frozen gesture'. Whether challenging popular tastes and definitions of art with her 1970s abstract knotwork or mocking puritanical aesthetics of gender with her colourful latex pourings and their allusions to corporeal topographies, Benglis never failed to provoke. Her sculptures commemorate and celebrate the processes of creation themselves, combining architectonic abstraction and feminized sensuality in a haunting, visceral theme of the strangeness of the body that runs through all her experiments in glass, video, metals, ceramics, gold leaf, paper and plastics. Lynda Benglis: Beyond Process examines in depth the work and critical neglect of an artist who, perhaps more than any of her contemporaries, changed the face of American art in the 1960s and 1970s, and continues to fetishise, provoke and demand your attention." --> z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 176-184. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78453-436-3 (broš.)
a) Benglis, Lynda (1941-) b) ameriško kiparstvo c) kiparske instalacije d) sodobno kiparstvo e) umetniki in njihovi sodobniki f) vosek g) lateks h) umetne mase i) video umetnost j) ženske umetnice

730.071(73):929Benglis L.

        Kognitarci in semiokapital / Franco Berardi - Bifo ; prevedla Polona Petek ; [spremna beseda Nikolai Jeffs]. - Ljubljana : Maska, 2016 ([Begunje] : Cicero). - 321 str. ; 20 cm. - (Zbirka Mediakcije ; knj. št.16)

Revolucionarni dolg, odlog in Berardijeva stava / Nikolai Jeffs: str. 95-155. - 500 izv. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Vsebuje tudi izvirnik: Cognitarians and semiocapital

ISBN 978-961-6572-45-3
a) Kapitalizem b) Postindustrijska družba c) Družbena gibanja d) kapitalistična družba e) informacijska tehnologija f) vloga medijev v družbi g) postfordizem h) prekarno delo

COBISS.SI-ID 287211520

        CUBISM, constructivism, form art : [Belvedere, Vienna, from March 10 to June 19, 2016] / edited by Agnes Husslein-Arco and Alexander Klee ; [translations from German Andrew Horsfield ... et al.]. - Munich ; London ; New York : Prestel, cop. 2016. - 311 str. : ilustr. ; 29 cm

Dodatek k nasl. v kolofonu. - Biografije umetnikov: str. 296-305. - "From the 14th Vienna Secession exhibition in 1902 to the development of Constructivism in the 1920s, art in Austria- Hungary underwent a seismic change that challenged preconceptions, and broke the rules to shake up European Art. Tracing the evolution of art during this time period, this book makes valuable connections between the seemingly disparate Formkunst of Vienna, Cubism in Prague, and Hungarian Constructivism. Focusing on the works of artists such as Josef Hoffmann, Gustav Klimt, Josef Čapek, Koloman Moser, Egon Schiele, František Kupka, Lajos Kassak, and Laszlo Moholy- Nagy, and drawing from the latest scholarly research, this book presents a fundamental reinterpretation of turn-of-the-century art as it flourished in the Habsburg Empire." --> s spletne str. založnika. - Bibliografija z opombami pri posameznih prispevkih. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-3-7913-5547-4 (English trade edition)
ISBN 978-3-7913-5546-7 (German trade edition)
ISBN 978-3-903114-00-5 (German museum edition)
ISBN 978-3-903114-01-2 (English museum edition)
a) Belvedere (Vienna) - 10. 3.-19. 6. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi b) Avstro-Ogrska c) 1902-1920 d) kulturna zgodovina e) dunajska secesija f) Wiener Werkstätte g) konstruktivizem h) kinetična umetnost i) kubizem j) češka umetnost k) madžarska umetnost l) avstrijska umetnost m) skupinske razstave


        Decolonizing nature : contemporary art and the politics of ecology / T. J. Demos. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2016. - 296 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

"While ecology has received little systematic attention within art history, its visibility and significance has grown in relation to the threats of climate change and environmental destruction. By engaging artists- widespread aesthetic and political engagement with environmental conditions and processes around the globe-and looking at cutting-edge theoretical, political, and cultural developments in the Global South and North-Decolonizing Nature offers a significant, original contribution to the intersecting fields of art history, ecology, visual culture, geography, and environmental politics. Art historian T. J. Demos, author of Return to the Postcolony: Specters of Colonialism in Contemporary Art (2013), considers the creative proposals of artists and activists for ways of life that bring together ecological sustainability, climate justice, and radical democracy, at a time when such creative proposals are urgently needed." --> s spletne str. založnika. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-3-95679-094-2
a) Potrč, Marjetica (1953-) b) sodobna umetnost c) klimatske spremembe d) ekološki vidik e) politični vidik f) politična ekologija g) okoljevarstveni aktivizem h) umetniške prakse i) trajnostni razvoj j) Documenta


        Ideologija postavke Muzeja savremene umetnosti : jugoslovenski umetnički prostor / Ješa Denegri ; [[razgovore vodile] Vesna Perić, Milena Marjanović, Marija Đorđević]. - Beograd : J. Denegri, 2011 (Beograd : Hektor print). - 66 str. ; 20 cm

300 izv.

ISBN 978-86-914491-0-0
a) Muzej savremene umetnosti (Beograd) - Razstave b) jugoslovanska umetnost c) Beograd d) srbski muzeji e) postavitve stalnih zbirk f) muzejske zbirke g) 1900-1991 h) ideologija in likovna umetnost i) intervjuji j)


        Modernizam / avangarda : ogledi o međuratnom modernizmu i istorijskim avangardama na jugoslovenskom umetničkom prostoru / Ješa Denegri. - Beograd : Službeni glasnik, 2012 (Beograd : Glasnik). - 271 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Biblioteka Umetnost i kultura. Kolekcija Umetnost u istoriji)

500 izv. - Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu str.

ISBN 978-86-519-1302-3
a) jugoslovanska umetnost b) avantgardna umetnost c) zgodovinske avantgarde d) modernizem e) medvojno obdobje f) 1918-1941 g) nova stvarnost h) ekspresionizem i) nadrealizem

COBISS.SI-ID 193930252

        Posleratni modernizam / neoavantgarde / postmodernizam : ogledi o jugoslovenskom umetničkom prostoru : 1950-1990 / Ješa Denegri. - Beograd : Službeni glasnik, 2016. - 270 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm. - (Biblioteka Umetnost i kultura. Kolekcija Umetnost u istoriji)

"Tekstovi sabrani u ovoj knjizi odnose se na umetnička zbivanja u drugoj polovini XX veka, u društvenom i kulturnom kontekstu, koji se može obeležiti pojmom "jugoslovenski umetnički prostor". On podrazumeva činjenicu da je u vreme postojanja države Jugoslavije postojao i funkcionisao zajednički i decentralizovani prostor odvijanja umetničkog života, u kojem su svojim doprinosima u različitim stilskim i medijskim područjima učestvovali pripadnici više generacija umetnika, koji su ostvarili svoje, uvažavanja vredne, opuse (Ivan Tabaković, Petar Lubarda, Gabrijel Stupica, Marij Pregelj, Vojin Bakić, Olga Jevrić, Dušan Džamonja, Vjenceslav Rihter, Mića Popović, Miodrag B. Protić, Julije Knifer, Leonid Šejka, Damnjan, Marina Abramović, Braco Dimitrijević, Raša Todosijević, Neša Paripović, kao i grupe EXAT-51, Gorgona, Mediala, Bosch + Bosch, OHO, Irwin i druge)." --> na ov. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-86-519-1986-5 (broš.)
a) jugoslovanska umetnost b) 1950-1990 c) modernizem d) postmodernizem e) neoavantgardna umetnost f) ponatisi starejših besedil


        Prilozi za drugu liniju 3 / Ješa Denegri. - Zagreb : Agroinova : Institut za istraživanja avangarde, 2015. - 451 str. ; 23 cm. - (Edicija Artinova)

Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-953-58675-0-0
a) hrvaška umetnost b) neoavantgardna umetnost c) postmodernizem d) konceptualizem e) 1950-1980 f) EXAT 51 g) Nove tendencije h) Gorgona


        FANTASIES of the library / edited by Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin. - Revised and 2nd ed. - Cambridge (Mass.) : The MIT Press, 2016. - VII, 147 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

"Fantasies of the Library lets readers experience the library anew. The book imagines, and enacts, the library as both keeper of books and curator of ideas--as a platform of the future. One essay occupies the right-hand page of a two-page spread while interviews scrolls independently on the left. Bibliophilic artworks intersect both throughout the book-as-exhibition. A photo essay, "Reading Rooms Reading Machines" further interrupts the book in order to display images of libraries (old and new, real and imagined), and readers (human and machine) and features work by artists including Kader Atta, Wafaa Bilal, Mark Dion, Rodney Graham, Katie Paterson, Veronika Spierenburg, and others. The book includes an essay on the institutional ordering principles of book collections; a conversation with the proprietors of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco; reflections on the role of cultural memory and the archive; and a dialogue with a new media theorist about experiments at the intersection of curatorial practice and open source ebooks. The reader emerges from this book-as-exhibition with the growing conviction that the library is not only a curatorial space but a bibliological imaginary, ripe for the exploration of consequential paginated affairs." --> s spletne str. založnika. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-0-262-03520-0 (trda vezava)
a) knjižnice b) filozofski vidik c) intervjuji d) knjižnične zbirke e) ureditev knjižnic f) muzejske knjižnice g) knjižnične zbirke h) umetniški projekti i) knjižnice umetnikov j) knjige umetnikov


GROYS, Boris
        Particular cases / Boris Groys. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2016. - 291 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm

"This collection of essays does not aim to illustrate a prefabricated theory of art, but rather follows the impulses given by artworks themselves. Philosopher and art critic Boris Groys writes about significant works and artists over the last century that have pushed his thinking in new directions. His compelling arguments do not try to replace the singular content or message of an artwork. Instead, his writings are inspired by art as a mind-changing practice as if contemporary artists, completely secularized, can still produce a kind of conversion within the spectator. Particular Cases is an original exploration of pivotal concerns related to the development of contemporary art-originality and repetition, the valuation of artworks, materiality and production, historical and personal archives, and the language of power." --> z ov. - "Essays on Paweł Althamer, Francis Alÿs, Yael Bartana, Paul Chan, Olga Chernysheva, Marcel Duchamp, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Martin Honert, Rebecca Horn, IRWIN, Wassily Kandinsky, Piero Manzoni, Anri Sala, Thomas Schütte, Mladen Stilinović, Inga Svala Thorsdottir and Wu Shanzhuan, Jeff Wall, Andy Warhol." --> z ov. - Bibliografija z opombami pri posameznih poglavjih

ISBN 978-3-95679-221-2 (broš.)
a) eseji o sodobni umetnosti b) ponatisi že objavljenih besedil


KELLY, Mary, 1941-
        Mary Kelly / edited by Mignon Nixon ; esasys and interviews by Mary Kelly ... [et al.]. - Cambridge (Mass.) ; London : The MIT Press, 2016. - X, 196 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (October files ; 20)

"When Mary Kelly's best-known work, Post-Partum Document (1973--1979), was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London in 1976, it caused a sensation--an unexpected response to an intellectually demanding and aesthetically restrained installation of conceptual art. The reception signaled resistance to the work's interrogation of feminine identity and the cultural mythologizing of motherhood. This volume of essays and interviews begins with this foundational work, offering an early statement by the artist, a subsequent interview, and an essay situating the work within a broader broader discourse of art and social purpose in the early 1970s. Throughout, the collection addresses such themes as labor, war, trauma, and the politics of care, while emphasizing the artist's sustained engagement with histories of feminism and generations of feminists. The contributions also consider such specific works as Kelly's Interim (1984--1989), the subject of a special issue of October; Gloria Patri (1992), an installation conceived in response to the first Gulf War; The Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi (2001), an extensive project including a 200-foot narrative executed in the medium of compressed lint and the performance of a musical score by Michael Nyman; and two recent works, Love Songs (2005-2007), which explores the role of memory in feminist politics, and Mimus (2012), a triptych that parodies the House Un-American Activities Committee's 1962 investigation of the pacifist group, Women Strike for Peace. Essays and Interviews by Parveen Adams, Emily Apter, Rosalyn Deutsche, Hal Foster, Margaret Iversen, Mary Kelly, Helen Molesworth, Laura Mulvey, Mignon Nixon, Griselda Pollock, Paul Smith." --> z ovoja. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-0-262-03478-4 (trda vezava)
ISBN 978-0-262-52932-7 (broš.)
a) Kelly, Mary (1941-) b) ameriška umetnost c) konceptualizem d) feminizem in likovna umetnost e) ženske umetnice f) intervjuji g) besedila umetnikov h) umetniki o umetnosti

7.036/.038(73):929Kelly M.

        George Kiesewalter : insider : [Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 12 June - August 23, 2015] / [editors Sasha Obukhova, Ruth Addison ; texts Anton Belov, Kate Fowle, George Kiesewalter, Sasha Obukhova ; translators Tobin Auber ... et al.]. - Moscow : Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, cop. 2016. - 383 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

"One of the key contributors to the Moscow underground art scene of the 1970s and 1980s, George Kiesewalter is known as a member of Collective Actions group and the Avant-Garde Club, as well as for exhibiting his works at the legendary APTART gallery. What is less known is that he was also a prolific photographer of the scene in which he participated, gradually building an archive that includes documentation of Collective Actions' happenings, apartment exhibitions, portraits of fellow nonconformist artists and interiors of their studios, as well as scenes from their everyday life. Offering rare glimpses into an otherwise closed community, the artist's photographs capture the energy of the Moscow underground in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, his archive is an important record of the unofficial artists that were such a vital part of the Russian art scene in the Soviet period. The photographs are now part of Garage Archive Collection, which is the first public resource of its kind in the country. Consisting of an extensive holding of documentary materials relating to the development of contemporary art in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities within Russia, the Collection records artists practices from the mid-1950s through to the present. Insider was the title of the first comprehensive survey of George Kiesewalter's documentary archive photographs. It took place at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art from June 12 to August 23, 2015, curated by the Garage Archive Collection curator, Sasha Obukhova, and marking the opening of Garage's first permanent home. This book, edited by Sasha Obukhova and Ruth Addison, is a curated journey through Kiesewalter's archive, providing a glimpse into the worlds he witnessed. It is testimony to his vision in years past to take it upon himself to make a record of the artists and their circumstances during a period that, in many ways, has become lost to the history of Russian contemporary art." --> iz uvoda. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-5-9905612-3-6
a) Kiesewalter, George (1955-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow) - 12. 6.-23. 8. 2015 c) ruska fotografija d) dokumentarna fotografija e) fotografsko dokumentarno gradivo f) fotografski portreti umetnikov g) Moskva h) umetniška scena i) sedemdeseta leta j) osemdeseta leta k) Collective Actions l) moskovski konceptualizem m) umetniški ateljeji n) ruski muzeji o) muzejske zbirke p) fotografske zbirke q) arhivi umetnikov r) intervjuji

77-051(47):929Kiesewalter G.

KIESLER, Frederick, 1890-1965
        Function follows vision, vision follows reality : [Kunsthalle Wien, 27. Mai - 23. August 2015] / Frederick Kiesler ; [Herausgeber Luca Lo Pinto, Vanessa Joan Müller and the Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2015. - XV, 113 str. : ilustr. ; 18 cm + 22 kartic

Nem. in angl. besedilo. - "This collection of unpublished or rare texts by Frederick Kiesler written between 1927 and 1957 is published on the occasion of the exhibition "Function Follows Vision, Vision Follows Reality" at Kunsthalle Wien (May 27-August 23, 2015), curated by Luca Lo Pinto and Vanessa Joan Müller . The exhibition, developed in cooperation with the Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation, focuses on Kiesler's ideas on display, and juxtaposes works of contemporary artists with a number of original drawings by Kiesler. Views of the exhibition are included in the pages of this publication." --> z ov. - Dodatek k nasl. v kolofonu. - Umetniki na razstavi: Leonor Antunes, Olga Balema, Céline Condorelli, Morton Feldman, Annette Kelm, Friedrich Kiesler, Charlotte Moth, Francesco Pedraglio, Luca Trevisani, Nicole Wermers.

ISBN 978-3-95679-170-3
a) Kiesler, Frederick (1890-1965) - Razstavni katalogi b) Kunsthalle (Wien) - 27. 5.-23. 8. 2015 c) arhitektura d) oblikovanje e) besedila arhitektov f) 1927-1957 g) razstave h) oblikovanje razstav i) postavitve razstav j) načrtovanje razstav k) razstavne tehnike l) gledališka scenografija m) gledališke kulise n) oblikovanje pohištva


        Ragnar Kjartansson : to music = an die Musik : [Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, November 2012-January 2013] / [editor Heike Munder]. - 2. ponatis. - Zürich : JRP Ringier : Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, cop. 2015. - 219 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

"In his performances--which often extend over several weeks or months--the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson (born 1976) explores not only his own physical and psychological limits and the themes of early performance art, but also the artist's status and the different images of his role. For his installation "The Schumann Machine" (2008), created for Manifesta 7, he spent several hours every day for two weeks singing the 1840 song cycle Dichterliebe by Robert Schumann. A characteristic feature of his performances are the many melancholy but also absurdly comical moments. This book, now in its second printing, unites for the first time all of Kjartansson's works related to music from 2001 to 2012. It includes contributions by Philip Auslander, Heike Munder, Markus Andresson and a conversation between Edek Bartz and Ragnar Kjartansson." --> s spletne str. založnika

ISBN 978-3-03764-423-2 (trda vezava)
a) Kjartansson, Ragnar (1976-) - Razstavni katalogi b) Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst (Zürich) - nov. 2012-jan. 2013 c) islandska umetnost d) performance art e) glasba f) intervjuji g) 2001-2012 h) osebne razstave


        MADE in YU 2015 / Dino Bauk ... [et al.] ; [urednika Tanja Petrović in Jernej Mlekuž ; fotografije Sandi Abram ... et al.]. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2016 ([Žirovnica] : Medium). - 214 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm + 2 zganj. plakata. - (Zbirka Kulturni spomin, ISSN 2232-3872 ; knj. 4)

Dostopno tudi na: - Nasl. str. raztegnjena čez dve str. - Fotogr. na spojnih listih. - 400 izv. - O avtorjih: str. 207-211. - Opombe z bibliografijo pri vseh prispevkih

ISBN 978-961-254-876-6
a) Sociologija kulture b) Jugoslavija c) družbene razmere d) potrošniška družba e) socializem f) politični vidik g) postjugoslovanski prostor h) potrošniški izdelki i) blagovne znamke j) industrijsko oblikovanje k) druga polovica

COBISS.SI-ID 283752192

        [NON-aligned modernity : Eastern-European art and archives from the Marinko Sudac collection : FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, Milano, October 16 - December 23 2016 = Modernità non allineata : arte e archivi dell'Est Europa dalla collezione Marinko Sudac : FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, Milano, 26 ottobre 23 dicembre 2016] / [a cura di, curated by Marco Scotini ; testi, texts, Ivana Janković, Dorotea Fotivec ; traduzioni, translations Dorotea Fotivec ... et al.]. - Milano : FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, [2016?]. - 31 str. : ilustr. ; 38 cm

Dostopno tudi na: - Nasl. v kolofonu
a) OHO (umetniška skupina) b) FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea (Milano) - 26. 10.-23. 12. 2016 - Razstavni katalogi c) jugoslovanska umetnost d) zasebne zbirke e) skupinske razstave f) internjuji g) srednjeevropska umetnost h) vzhodnoevropska umetnost


        OBLIKOVATELJI sjećanja : fotografi i dizajneri Dubrovačkih ljetnih igara : Atrij Palače Sponza [i] Multimedijalni centar Visia, [Dubrovnik], 11. srpnja - 19. kolovoza 2014 = Memory creators : Dubrovnik summer festival's photographers and designers : Sponza Palace Atrium [i] Visia Multimedia Centre, [Dubrovnik], 11th July - 19th August 2014 / [autorica izložbe i predgovora, author of exhibition and text of the catalogue [i] urednik, editors Marija Tonković ; prijevod na engleski, English translation Jasmina Knežević Killen, Dubravka Knežević]. - Dubrovnik : Dubrovačke ljetne igre = Dubrovnik Summer Festival ; Zagreb : Muzej za umjetnost i obrt = Museum of Arts and Crafts, cop. 2014. - 88 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Hrv. besedilo in prevod v angl. - Biografije umetnikov: str. 21-29, 50-57. - Bibliografija: str. 85-86

ISBN 978-953-56284-4-6
a) plakat b) gledališki plakat c) hrvaško grafično oblikovanje d) gledališka fotografija e) gledališka kostumografija f) festivali g) Hrvaška


        OSIJEK Kniferu / [urednici Hrvoje Duvnjak, Karmela Puljiz ; prijevod na engleski jezik Jurica Novaković ; prijevod na francuski jezik Nada Jovanović]. - Zagreb : Meandar media ; Osijek : Umjetnička akademija u Osijeku, 2016. - 291 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Hrv. besedilo in prevod v angl. in franc. - Avtorji besedil: Branko Čegec, Željko Senečić, Karmela Puljiz, Zvonko Maković, Ješa Denegri, Vlastimir Kusik, Leonida Kovač, Blaženka Perica, Sonja Briski Uzelac, Zlatko Kozina, Igor Loinjak, Igor Gajin, Miroslav Mićanović, Krešimir Bagić, Josip Cvenić, Anđelko Mrkonjić, Tea Gikić, Goran Rem, Ivana Buljubašić, Sanja Heraković, Izabela Bagarić. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-953-334-113-2
a) Knifer, Julije (1924-2004) b) hrvaško slikarstvo c) Gorgona d) Nove tendencije e) f) likovna kritika g) odzivi na razstave h) spominski zborniki

75.071(497.5):929Knifer J.

        Fičko po Jugoslaviji : zvezda domačega avtomobilizma med cestami in spomini / Martin Pogačar ; [posamezni prispevki Zdravko Duša, Hannah Marshall in Tanja Radež ; fotografije Tomaž Alauf ... et al.]. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2016 ([Žirovnica] : Medium). - 236 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm + 2 zganj. plakata. - (Zbirka Kulturni spomin, ISSN 2232-3872 ; knj. 5)

Dostopno tudi na: - Fotogr. na spojnih listih. - 400 izv. - Recenzenti Jure Gombač, Oto Luthar, Peter Stanković. - Bibliografija: str. 225-229. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-254-916-9
a) Avtomobili - Jugoslavija b) Tehniška dediščina - Jugoslavija c) Sociologija kulture - Avtomobilska industrija - Jugoslavija d) Zastava (Avtomobili) - Zastava 750 (Avtomobil) - Jugoslavija e) zgodovina industrije f) materialna kultura g) kulturna zgodovina

COBISS.SI-ID 285012224

        PUBLISHING as artistic practice / ed. Annette Gilbert ; [texts Hannes Bajohr ... [et al.] ; translations Shane Anderson ... et al.]. - 2. izd. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2016. - 304 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

"What does it mean to publish today? In the face of a changing media landscape, institutional upheavals, and discursive shifts in the legal, artistic, and political fields, concepts of ownership, authorship, work, accessibility, and publicity are being renegotiated. The field of publishing not only stands at the intersection of these developments but is also introducing new ruptures. How the traditional publishing framework has been cast adrift, and which opportunities are surfacing in its stead, is discussed here by artists, publishers, and scholars through the examination of recent publishing concepts emerging from the experimental literature and art scene, where publishing is often part of an encompassing artistic practice. The number and diversity of projects among the artists, writers, and publishers concerned with these matters show that it is time to move the question of publishing from the margin to the center of aesthetic and academic discourse." --> s spletne str. založnika. - Avtorji besedil: Hannes Bajohr, Paul Benzon, K. Antranik Cassem, Bernhard Cella, Annette Gilbert, Hanna Kuusela, Antoine Lefebvre, Matt Longabucco, Alessandro Ludovico, Lucas W. Melkane, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Aurélie Noury, Valentina Parisi, Michalis Pichler, Anna-Sophie Springer, Alexander Starre, Nick Thurston, Rachel Valinsky, Eva Weinmayr, Vadim Zakharov. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-3-95679-177-2
a) Pogačar, Tadej (1960-) b) založništvo c) založniška dejavnost d) založniški koncepti e) avtorske pravice f) elektronsko založništvo g) elektronske knjige h) samozaložništvo i) publikacije j) oblikovanje publikacij k) knjige umetnikov l) umetniške prakse m) knjige n) knjižnice


QUARANTA, Domenico
        Onkraj novomedijske umetnosti / Domenico Quaranta ; [prevod Polona Petek]. - Ljubljana : Aksioma - Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, 2014. - 200 str. : ilustr. ; 21 cm

Prevod dela: Beyond new media art. - Podatki o prevajalki v kolofonu. - "Kaj je umetnost novih medijev oziroma novomedijska umetnost? Kaj v resnici opisuje ta izraz? Kaj je povzročilo razkol med tem izrazom in umetnostno sceno, ki naj bi jo opisoval? In končno, kaj lahko pojasni omejeno navzočnost te umetniške prakse - za katero se zdi, da ima vse, kar je potrebno, da bi veljala za reprezentativno prakso obdobja, v katerem digitalni mediji odločno spreminjajo politično, ekonomsko, družbeno in kulturno organiziranost sveta, v katerem živimo - v kritiških razpravah? Onkraj novomedijske umetnosti je poskus analize trenutnega umeščanja tako imenovane novomedijske umetnosti v širše polje sodobnih umetnosti in poskus raziskave zgodovinskih, socioloških in konceptualnih razlogov za njen obroben položaj in omejeno prepoznavnost v sodobni umetnostni zgodovini. Po drugi strani je ta knjiga tudi poskus uvedbe novih kritiških in kuratorskih strategij, ki bi to marginalizacijo potisnile v preteklost, in osvetlitve aktualnosti umetnosti, ki se loteva medijev in problematike informacijske dobe." --> na ov. - Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu str.

ISBN 978-1-312-09435-2
a) novomedijska umetnost b) novi mediji c) multimedijska umetnost d) sodobna umetnost e) svetovni splet f) internet g) spletna umetnost h) vloga kustosov i) terminologija

COBISS.SI-ID 3566843

RAZAC, Olivier
        Politična zgodovina bodeče žice / Olivier Razac ; prevedla Sonja Dular ; [spremna beseda Boštjan Nedoh]. - Ljubljana : Maska, 2016 ([Begunje] : Cicero). - 181 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm. - (Zbirka Mediakcije ; knj. št. 15)

Prevod dela: Histoire politique du barbelé. - Predgovor / Alain Brossat: str. 9-18. - Rezilna žica: novo poglavje v politični zgodovini bodeče žice / Boštjan Nedoh: str. 161-181. - 400 izv. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

ISBN 978-961-6572-44-6
a) prva svetovna vojna b) druga svetovna vojna c) nasilje d) politični vidik e) politična zgodovina f) taborišča g) bodeča žica h) politično nasilje

COBISS.SI-ID 287185664

SAUNDERS, Frances Stonor
        The cultural cold war : the CIA and the world of arts and letters / Frances Stonor Saunders. - London ; New York : The New Press, 2013. - XVII, 427 str., [8] str. pril. : ilustr. ; 20 cm

"During the Cold War, freedom of expression was vaunted as liberal democracy's most cherished possession--but such freedom was put in service of a hidden agenda. In "The Cultural Cold War," Frances Stonor Saunders reveals the extraordinary efforts of a secret campaign in which some of the most vocal exponents of intellectual freedom in the West were working for or subsidized by the CIA--whether they knew it or not. Called "the most comprehensive account yet of the [CIA's] activities between 1947 and 1967" by the "New York Times," the book presents shocking evidence of the CIA's undercover program of cultural interventions in Western Europe and at home, drawing together declassified documents and exclusive interviews to expose the CIA's astonishing campaign to deploy the likes of Hannah Arendt, Isaiah Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Robert Lowell, George Orwell, and Jackson Pollock as weapons in the Cold War. Translated into ten languages, this classic work--now with a new preface by the author--is "a real contribution to popular understanding of the postwar period" ("The Wall Street Journal"), and its story of covert cultural efforts to win hearts and minds continues to be relevant today." --> na ov. - "Originally published: Who paid the piper? London : Granta Books, 1999" --> v kolofonu. - Selected bibliography: str. 401-404. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-59558-914-9 (broš.)
a) United States. Central Intelligence Agency - Vplivi b) Hladna vojna c) Varnostno-obveščevalne službe - Združene države Amerike d) Umetnost - Politični vidik e) Cenzura - Združene države Amerike f) Svoboda govora - Združene države Amerike g) Združene države Amerike - Kulturna politika h) kulturna politika i) Amerika j) Evropa k) politika in kultura l) umetniška svoboda m) abstraktni ekspresionizem n) kulturna propaganda o) 1947-1967


SCOTT, Felicity Dale Elliston
        Disorientation : Bernard Rudofsky in the empire of signs / Felicity D. Scott. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, cop. 2016. - 121 str. : ilustr. ; 15 cm. - (Critical spatial practice ; 7)

"Viennese emigre architect Bernard Rudofsky (1905-1988) is most frequently recalled for curating 'Architecture without Architects,' the famous 1964 photography exhibition of vernacular, preindustrial structures at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Far from simply a romantic or nostalgic invocation of cultures lost to industrial modernity, Rudofsky's exhibition drew on decades of speculations about modern architecture and urbanism, particularly their semantic, technological, institutional, commercial, and geopolitical influences." --> iz uv. - Bibliografija z opombami: 103-116

ISBN 978-3-95679-187-1
a) Rudofsky, Bernard (1905-1988) b) vernakularna arhitektura c) ljudska arhitektura d) arhitekturne razstave e) petdeseta leta f) šestdeseta leta g) Museum of Modern Art New York


SMITH, Terry, 1944-
        The contemporary composition / Terry Smith. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2016. - 86 str. ; 19 cm. - (The contemporary condition ; 2)

"Can we speak of composition when we are in a state of unfathomable decomposition? Art being made today defies coherent categorization, and the world presents itself, day after day, as spinning into confused chaos, structural disintegration, and violent disorder. Revising his well-known histories of contemporary art, Terry Smith argues that we must respond to the compelling need for coeval composition at a time defined by the contemporaneity of divisive difference. This book traces how%despite many obstacles%visual artists across the globe are rising to this challenge." --> z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 77-85

ISBN 978-3-95679-283-0
a) eseji o sodobni umetnosti b) sodobnost


STAFF, Craig
        Monochrome : darkness and light in contemporary art / Craig Staff. - New York ; London : I. B. Tauris, 2015. - XIII, 193 str., [30] str. pril. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

"Monochrome: Darkness and Light in Contemporary Art is the first account of the monochrome s lively role in contemporary art. Liberated from the burden of representation, the monochrome first stood for emancipation: an ideological and artistic impulse that characterised the avant-garde of the early twentieth century. Historically, the monochrome embodied the most extreme form of abstraction and pure materiality. Yet more recently, adaptations of the art form have focused on a broader range of cultural and interpretive contexts. Provocative, innovative and timely, this book argues that the latest artistic strategies go beyond stylistic concerns and instead seek to re-engage with ideas around authorship, process and the conditions of the visible as they are given and understood through both light and darkness. Discussing works by artists such as Katie Paterson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Tom Friedman, Bruno Jakob, Sherrie Levine and Ceal Floyer, the book shows that the debates around an artwork s form and its possibility for meaning that the monochrome first engendered remain very much alive in contemporary visual culture." --> z ov. - Bibliografija: str. 177-190. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78453-049-5 (broš.)
ISBN 978-1-78453-048-8 (trda vezava)
a) sodobna umetnost b) abstraktna umetnost c) monokromno slikarstvo d) monokromno kiparstvo e) bele slike f) črne slike


        STREETS and neighbourhoods : Vladimir Braco Mušič and large scale architecture : [exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design, 17 May-20 November 2016] / [texts Matevž Čelik ... et al.] ; Luka Skansi, editor ; [bibliography Neli Grafenauer ; photographs Miran Kambič ; English translations Andreja Šalamon Verbič]. - Ljubljana : The Museum of Architecture and Design, 2016 ([Velden am Wörthersee] : GPS Group). - 237 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Drugi dodatek k nasl. naveden v kolofonu. - Izv. stv. nasl.: Soseske in ulice. - 400 izv. - Streets and neighbourhoods / Matevž Čelik: str. 9. - Biografija arhitekta: str. 199-219. - Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-6669-41-2
a) Mušič, Vladimir Braco (1930-2014) - Razstavni katalogi b) Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje (Ljubljana) - 17. 5.-20. 11. 2016 c) slovenski arhitekti d) urbanizem e) urbanistično načrtovanje f) stanovanjska naselja g) arhitekturni projekti h) osebne razstave

711(497.4):929Mušič V.B.
COBISS.SI-ID 284931840

TERRANOVA, Charissa N.
        Art as organism : biology and the evolution of the digital image / Charissa N. Terranova. - London ; New York : I. B. Tauris, 2016. - XIX, 315 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm. - (International library of modern and contemporary art ; 32)

"In this groundbreaking book, Charissa Terranova unearths a forgotten narrative of modernism, which charts the influence that biology, General Systems Theory and cybernetics had on art in the twentieth century. From kinetic and interactive art to early computer art and installations spanning an entire city, she shows that the digital image was a rich and expansive artistic medium of modernism. This book links the emergence of the digital image to the dispersion of biocentric aesthetic philosophies developed by Bauhaus pedagogue Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, from 1920s Berlin to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970s. It uncovers seminal but overlooked references to biology, the organism, feedback loops, emotions and the Gestalt, along with an intricate genealogy of related thinkers across disciplines. Terranova interprets anew major art movements such as the Bauhaus, Op Art and Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), by referencing contemporary insights from architects, embryologists, electrical engineers and computer scientists, among others.This book reveals the complex connections between visual culture, science and technology that comprise the deep history of twentieth-century art." --> na ov. - Glossary: str. 249-255. - Bibliografija: str. 293-308. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-1-78453-430-1 (trda vezava)
a) Moholy-Nagy, László (1895-1946) b) Kepes, György (1901-2001) c) Lynch, Kevin (1918-1984) d) Bauhaus e) biologija f) biomorfne oblike g) biocentrizem h) organska arhitektura i) organske oblike j) Gestalt k) digitalna umetnost l) znanost in umetnost m) tehologija in umetnost n) urbani prostor o) mesto p) op art q) Nove tendencije r)


VIDLER, Anthony
        Zgodovine neposredne sedanjosti : invencije arhitekturnega modernizma / Anthony Vidler ; prevod Maja Lovrenov in Monika Jerič ; urednica in spremna študija Petra Čeferin. - 1. izd., 1. natis. - Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2016 (Begunje : Cicero). - 255 str. : ilustr. ; 20 cm. - (Teoretska praksa arhitekture : TPA)

Prevod dela: Histories of the immediate present. - Vez zgodovine in sedanjosti / Petra Čeferin: str. 239-247. - "Knjiga obravnava delo štirih zgodovinarjev arhitekturnega modernizma in načine, na katere so njihove zgodovine bile konstruirane kot bolj ali manj očitna programska navodila za teorijo in prakso projektiranja v kontekstu njene takratne sodobnosti. Avtor knjige Anthony Vidler podrobno proučuje zgodovinske pristope Emila Kaufmana, Colina Rowa, Manfreda Tafurija in Reynerja Banhama, in specifične verzije modernizma, ki so jih uveljavljaje njihove pripovedi zgodovine. Knjiga nazorno pokaže na kompleksne in tesne povezave med vsakokratno sodobno prakso projektiranja in zgodovino arhitekture, ki prežemajo celotni moderni arhitekturni diskurz in ki so omogočile nekatere najbolj zanimive arhitekturne eksperimente povojnega obdobja." --> s spletne str. založnika. - 300 izv. - Opombe z bibliografijo na dnu str. - Kazalo

ISBN 978-961-254-895-7
a) Arhitektura - Modernizem b) teorija arhitekture

COBISS.SI-ID 285297408

        WHAT ever happened to new institutionalism? / [editor James Voorhies ; contributors Martin Beck ... et al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press ; Cambridge (Mass.) : Carpenter Center for Visaual Arts, cop. 2016. - 192 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

"Contributions by Martin Beck, Nina Beier, Silvia Benedito, Ulla von Brandenburg, Katarina Burin, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Jonas Ekeberg, Alex Farquharson, Fernanda Fragateiro, Simon Fujiwara, James Goggin, Tone Hansen, Owen Hatherley, Henriette Huldisch, Damon Krukowski, Maria Lind, Markus Miessen, Eline Mugaas, Elise Storsveen, Gloria Sutton, James Voorhies, Naomi Yang, Amy Yoes." --> v kolofonu. - "New Institutionalism, a mode of curating that originated in Europe in the 1990s, evolved from the legacy of international curator Harald Szeemann, the relational art advanced by French critic and theorist Nicolas Bourriaud, and other influential factors of the time. New Institutionalism's dispersed and varied approaches to curating sought to reconfigure the art institution from within, reshaping it into an active, democratic, open, and egalitarian public sphere. These approaches posed other possibilities and futures for institutions and exhibitions, challenging the consensual conception, production, and distribution of art. Practitioners engaged the art institution with renewed confidence by imbuing it with the potential for new aesthetic experiences and different relationships among artists, institutions, and spectators beyond engrained modernist ideologies. Working in these new modes, the art institution could become a site of fluidity, unpredictability, and risk. What Ever Happened to New Institutionalism? reflects upon the aspirations of these curatorial strategies and assesses their critical efficacy today within the landscape of contemporary art and globalized culture. The first in a series of readers examining changing characteristics of art institutions, this publication thinks through New Institutionalism by bringing together facsimiles of seminal texts, new critical essays, a history of trends and practices, and commissioned artist projects and contributions. These are complemented by documentation from the inaugural year of programming at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University focused on reimagining CCVA as a twenty-first-century institution." --> s spletne strani založnika. - Bibliografija: str. 186-189

ISBN 978-3-95679-234-2 (trda vezava)
a) institucije umetnosti b) intervjuji c) neinstitucionalni prostori d) nova vloga muzejev v družbi e) kritika institucij f) študije primerov g) postavitve razstav h) načrtovanje razstav i) muzejski obiskovalci j) razstavni programi muzejev