OPEN CALL | 3 research residencies at Museo Reina Sofía Madri, Spain


Open call for 3 research residencies at MNCARS study centre 1 April 2020 — 30 March 2021.

Deadline: 31 March 2020


Connected to any of these three central ideas:

  • Research or the critical activation of archives linked to artistic and/or activist practices carried out in the 1990s.
  • Research or artistic production related to critical culture articulated inside and outside Europe at the heart of the 1990s, taking as its framework dimensions such as the AIDS crisis, processes of transition and historical memory, post-‘89 activist practices and globalisation, configurations of the post-internet world, etc.
  • An exploration of performance practices in the 1990s, and processes of contemporary archiving, transmission and activation.


The common goal of such Residencies is to foster research and participation in a process of reflection by making available MNCARS’ bibliographical and documentary resources, in addition to participation in research hubs linked to the project “Our Many Europes” and in research communities organised around the MNCARS Study Centre.




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