27 November 2018 — 09 December 2018
With this exhibition, we are bringing together a collection of the best new VR and 360° experiences in author animated film: some of these international works are waiting to be explored, while others encourage guests to actively participate in the virtual world. On top of that, we will present also some groundbraking computer generated interactive games.

COMMENTARY #10 | Robert Marin, Matjaž Rušt​ The Most Beautiful City in the World

27 November 2018 — 17 March 2019
Cities look increasingly alike. This homogenization is reflected in the geography of economic pressures, tourist destinations, rivalry for territory, and also in the vulnerability of urban authenticity.

EXHIBITION | Sites of Sustainability. Pavilions, Manifestos, and Crypts

15 November 2018 — 17 February 2019
The display foregrounds alternative models of artistic production, such as they developed in Eastern Europe in socialist times, in particular in the territory of former Yugoslavia. Between the 1950s and the 1990s, artists in Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, and GDR devised various alternative models of artistic production, in particular as a performative aspect of their art.

DRAUGHT | Rok Vevar & Snježana Premuš: Choreographic statements

09 October 2018 — 25 November 2018
Choreographic statements are part of the Temporary Slovene Dance Archive’s exhibition programme hosted by +MSUM's Draught Series series. With them we introduce to the documentation and archiving process such kind of use of time in dance work that inventories the individual phases of the relevant choreographic process and its developmental logic.

EXHIBITION | Stojan Kerbler: A Retrospective

25 September 2018 — 13 January 2019
Stojan Kerbler has been one of the central figures in Slovene photography over the past 50 years, and Moderna galerija has decided to celebrate his 80th birthday this year by staging a retrospective exhibition.

EXHIBITION PROGRAM | Heavenly Beings: Neither Human Nor Animal

10 July 2018 — 04 November 2018
A program of performances, guided tours, lectures, workshops and discussions following Heavenly Beings: Neither Human Nor Animal.

EXHIBITION | Heavenly Beings: Neither Human nor Animal

10 July 2018 — 04 November 2018
The exhibition opposes any form of essentialism, any reference to the pure nature of humans or animals, and it reminds us that both people and animals are the product of a long history of various kinds of resistance and attempts to escape the given circumstances.

EXHIBITION | From the Studio of… Duba Sambolec: Uneasiness in Time

16 June 2018 — 10 September 2018
Duba Sambolec, who is featured in the permanent display 20th Century. Continuities and Ruptures with one of her best-known works Without Body (1984), will feature a selection of works in a variety of media addressing issues that have constituted the focus of the artist’s interest over the past two years.

EXHIBITION | Monument – Drago Tršar | Moderna galerija

15 June 2018 — 30 September 2018
Following Tršar’s survey exhibition in the Gallery of the Prešeren Awards Winners for Fine Arts in Kranj (2017) and the exhibition of works on Japanese paper in the Gallery Murska Sobota (2018), the interinstitutional project MONUMENT – DRAGO TRŠAR continues with a survey exhibition of Drago Tršar’s monumental sculpture at the Moderna galerija in Ljubljana. The subtitle of the exhibition is Monumentality and Multitude.


07 June 2018 — 08 September 2018
At the core of the duo P L A T E AU R E S I D U E’s installation is an ice mass, or more precisely, a stalactite brought by the artists from an ice cave to the museum and kept there as a museum exhibit. This is a reminder of the rapid disappearance of ice as a consequence of global warming, which has affected ice deposits in Slovenia as well; at the same time, the artists were guided by their fascination with ice and its optical properties, which led them to experiment and identify creative potential in a block of ice.

COMMENTARY #9 | Matej Stupica: You Are Here

25 May 2018 — 09 September 2018
Matej Stupica You Are Here Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova   Open the museums! Open the museums! Europe is haunted By spectral i...

Sites of Sustainability: Pavilions, Manifestos and Crypts in Berlin

27 April 2018 — 26 August 2018
On April 27, the exhibition Hello World is opening at the Hamburger Bahnhof- Museum für Gegenwart, part of the Berlin Nationalgalerie. It runs until August 26, 2018. Moderna galerija is participating in this exhibition (mostly) with works from its Arteast 2000+ collection.


25 April 2018 — 11 June 2018
The exhibition prepared by the Department for Restoration of the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (UL ALUO) and the Department for Conservation-Restoration of the Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MG+MSUM) entitled Marij Pregelj Up Close is the final part of a several-year-long project, the aim of which was to investigate the methods of creating and conserving-restoring the works of art of this great Slovenian painter.

EXHIBITION | Folder Group: Italian Limes

24 April 2018 — 24 May 2018
Italian Limes explores the modern notion of the border within the context of the most recent advancement of the technologies for spatial representation and the massive consequences of climate change that hit the Alpine ecosystem over the last decade.

DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITION | 70+7: What's in a Number? A Chronicle of Exhibitions at Moderna galerija

On view also in the 2019
This year, Moderna galerija is celebrating its 70th anniversary and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, a part of Moderna galerija, its 7th anniversary.

The Temporary Slovenian Dance Archives, Rok Vevar

Temporary artwork, open for public every Friday | 10.00—18.00
Rok Vevar, the founder of the Temporary Slovene Dance Archive (2012) has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to creating an historical overview of the development of dance in Slovenia, in the process compiling his own documentary and audiovisual archive. Most of the material concerns contemporary scenic arts, dance and theater of the non-institutional scene over the past 20 years.

EXHIBITION | Waves: 50 years of Milenko Matanovič art

29 March 2018 — 24 June 2018
Following the survey exhibitions of Marko Pogačnik in 2012 and Andraž Šalamun in 2017, both held in the Moderna galerija, we are now presenting the third founding member of the OHO group, one of the most outstanding art phenomena in Slovenia. The exhibition is dedicated to the year 1968.

EXHIBITION | Tomaž Grom: iMstrument

19 March 2018 — 25 March 2018 | Seminar, +MSUM
iMstrument   Tomaž Grom: concept Ana Čigon: recording and video editing Vasja Progar: processing, coding Tilen Sepič: interface design and prod...

COMMENTARY #8 | Simona Semenič and Nada Žgank | Note to an Entirety

05 March 2018 — 20 May 2018
Note to an Entirety Triptych of photographs Artists: Simona Semenič, Nada Žgank Number of prints: 1 / 3 + 2AP Year of production: 2009 Year of ...


01 March 2018
Slovenia and Yugoslavia Through the Prism of Events, Exhibitions and Discourses

DRAUGHT | Robertina Šebjanič: Piscis ludicrous / Transfixed Gaze (Lygophilia)

15 February 2018 — 15 April 2018
In her video essay the artist showcases the non-human subject, the Mexican salamander axolotl as a cultural heritage in the biopolitical (decolonial) conditions, displaying the connection between mythology and the contemporary world. Piscis ludicrous / Transfixed Gaze presents the subject through different narratives: either as a species facing extinction in its natural environment; or as a subject of scientific research.

EXHIBITION | From The Studio of ... DUŠAN KIRBIŠ

08 February 2018 — 08 April 2018
The series of small-scale exhibitions entitled From the Studio of… presents cross-section views of recent production by artists whose works are included in the Moderna galerija’s permanent exhibition 20th Century. Continuities and Ruptures. This year the series continues with a presentation of Dušan Kirbiš, who is featured in the permanent display in the section dedicated to the art of the 1980s with Truth Beyond the Visible (1988, acrylic on canvas).

SELECTION FROM THE COLLECTIONS of Moderna galerija | Arteast 2000+ and National Collections

05 February 2018 — 17 March 2019
The current exhibition gives prominence to works showing how artists drew attention to their repressive environments by torturing or disciplining their bodies, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. The other section explores the topic of living conditions, more specifically, dwellings. A part of the exhibition is also the special project The Lives of Monuments.

HEGEL’S BEGRIFF | Bara Kolenc, Mirt Komel, Atej Tutta

11 January 2018 — 28 January 2018
Hegel’s Begriff is an installation that questions the possibility of a multisensory (visible-tactile-aural) and at the same time intellectual experience of Hegel’s concept of Begriff. Hegel’s Begriff refers both to an abstract concept and a quite concrete grip; the meaning of Begriff includes a duality that traverses conceptuality as such: on the one hand, there is the tendency towards mental abstraction and, on the other, the tendency towards sensuous concretisation.


January — December 2018
MG+MSUM PROGRAM for 2018   Museum of Modern Art, MG+ Marij Pregelj (1913 – 1967): A Retrospective Curator: Martina Vovk 14 Decemb...
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