DRAUGHT | Veli & Amos: Style Wars 2
08 February 2015 — 01 March 2015

Veli & Amos

Style Wars 2

dokumentarni film, Switzerland 2013, 68'


Often unfolding in public spaces, Veli & Amos's interventions range from graffiti to billboards, conceptual street art actions, rap, and animated films. Their documentary art road movie Style Wars 2 is an example of a work meshing all of the above. A few years ago, the artists saw posted on the Internet the graffiti "Style Wars 2" painted on a subway car, and decided to try and track down the author. Their five-year exploration of today's graffiti and street art took them on a journey from Europe to the United States and the Middle East, from galleries to war zones. Marked by pop culture iconography and characteristic artistic distance, the film is an extremely communicative present-day reference to the cult documentary Style Wars (1983), in which Tony Silver zoomed in on the New York breakdance and graffiti scene of his time.


Veli & Amos is a Swiss-Slovenian artist duo working between Ljubljana and Zürich. Veli Silver was born in 1983 in Banja Luka, and Amos Angeles in 1986 in Zürich.


The Draught exhibitions series is curated by Igor Španjol.

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