Raša Todosijević​: Was Ist Kunst, Patricia Hennings?, 1976; Was Ist Kunst, Marinela Koželj?, 1978

Raša Todosijević​

(1945 Beograd / Belgrade, Yugoslavia, now Serbia)


Was Ist Kunst, Patricia Hennings? 1976

video, 30'


Was Ist Kunst, Marinela Koželj? 1978

video, 16' 20''


In a serial of performances under the title Was ist Kunst? (between 1976 and 1981 in various cities, settings and situations) Raša Todosijević incessantly repeated the above mentioned question to a feminine model in an authoritarian tone of voice parodying the repressive manner of the police interrogation until his voice failed him. The literal meaning of the question was confronted with the absence of its impact in performance (there is no answer) by way of repetition, indefinite recurrence of the same question which in Todosijević’s despotic speech stood for a (elocutionary) verbal act related to the question which, however, exceeded its limits.

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