2005-2015 | Maja Smrekar: Repeating Coincidence
Video loop, 2009, 3:42 min

Maja Smrekar: Repeating Coincidence

Video loop, 2009, 3:42 min

Composer: Borut Savski


The main character of the video is a dance performer situated in a media environment with splashing saturated colours, like a woman enclosed by the media wall. The speed and braking of the image represent the dancer’s nervous movements in the space that create an emotional tension. The sound composed by Borut Savski intensifies the fragmented and nervous motions and determines visual coordinates. The main focus of the video is the usage of low-resolution video language, which produces a strong emotional impulse and a critique of media reality. Therefore, the video depicts an emotional voyage into the state of distress, acute anxiety and panic attacks. A layer of an image is taken from the movie Flash Dance, manipulated and cut numerous times, then reused VJ software and rendered through graphic filters, edited, filtered and re-edited many times around. The major part of artist’s media artwork dwells into complex cultural anthropologic situations and living systems while in her video works she most often refers to pop images that she reinterprets to reveal their inane constructions.



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