2005-2015 | Andrej Škufca: 236743
Video, 2014, 27:14 mi

Andrej Škufca: 236743

Video, 2014, 27:14 min


The exhibited work of Andrej Škufca uses video as a medium to explore and deconstruct conventions of moving image and associated problems of identity. The artist himself acts out a person with a high level of attention deficit disorder. The video screen appears like a flickering surface for surfing through a never ending stream of information. Each impersonation of the artists, appears as a split in the personality, a displaced identity formed by the dictates of the online stream.



Andrej Škufca studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, and graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Besides his own artistic practice, he has been involved in collective projects, such as: Project BOKS, an autonomous student platform for contemporary art (2009–2010); Branje del (Reading Works), a series of public seminars dedicated to the topic of documenting the ephemeral in museums of Eastern European Art (2012–2013); Neteorit, a program of lectures and seminars on art theory and philosophy, that took place in MSUM (2013–2015); and Šum, a journal for contemporary art criticism and theory (co editor, 2013–present). His work has been presented in several shows in Slovenia. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

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